Top 5 Apps of the Week: AI, insects and mobile games

Like clockwork each week, NextPit has five hot app tips for you for both Android and iOS platforms. This week, we have a trio of mobile games, an AI image generator, and just in time for spring, an app that allows you to identify insects via the camera in your smartphone.

We have tested all five apps out for you, so you can be sure that there are no lemons here that only want your data or drive you to financial ruin with in-app purchases. Speaking of which, you can find our free app recommendations of the week, packed with tools and games for Android and iOS that would normally cost a pretty penny.

Without much further ado, here we go with our five recommended apps of the week for Android and iOS:

Dragon City Mobile (Android & iOS)

Do you still remember Game of Thrones? Okay, we don’t want to talk about the finale, but we do miss the dragons immensely. Not the least of which is Thomas, who suggested the following game. Do you feel the same way as well? If so, we have a great recommendation for you. It’s the app known as Dragon City Mobile. In Dragon City Mobile, you build your own city with a variety of dragons, each playing a specific role.

Your mission is to breed dragons and let them compete against other players in the Dragon City Arena. To be best prepared for the battles, you will need to train, feed, and improve/upgrade your dragons.

  • Price: Free / Ads: None / In-App Purchases: Yes / Account : Not required
Dragon City Mobile
In Dragon City Mobile, you have to upgrade your dragons so that they do not fall in battle. / © NextPit

Dragon City Mobile is a great way to kill time with a simple control mechanism. Your task is to fulfill objectives that will provide you with important resources. In addition, you will also be rewarded on a daily basis with rewards for your efforts.

Besides that, you’ll have the option to use in-app purchases to speed up your progress. Basically, the more you pay, the faster you progress. However, this is not a must, because with a little bit of patience and perseverance, you can achieve your goals without sinking in additional investment.

Dragon City Mobile map
You can see dragons that you can unlock during the course of the game on the map. / © NextPit

Imagine: AI Art Creator (Android & iOS).

Since Casi is currently fond of trying out AI, he decided to use an app that creates images using artificial intelligence today. The generated artwork looked fantastic at times with this app, but there is always a catch. First of all, what does the app do? It allows you to enter prompts, which are then used to generate images via AI. Sometimes, the result can look rather mediocre, but there are other times when it hits the ball out of the park.

If you prefer, you can also choose from a pool of images and modify them via AI. Alternatively, upload your own photos at have a field day with it. You can also generate prompts or choose certain styles. Heck, you can even upscale these images to a decent resolution and save them afterwards or share the results with your friends directly.

  • Price: Free / Ads: Hell, yeah! / In-App Purchases: Yes / Account : Not required
AI Art Creator
Some results turned out really well, while some were complete failures. / © NextPit

Let’s get down to the bare essentials: if you use the app for free, you’ll have to endure an indecent amount of advertising – including 30-second videos before each picture is generated and for subsequent edits. There’s also a watermark that you can only remove with the paid version.

That would be okay for me if the prices were fair, but they are pretty steep in this case: there is an annual $44.99 asking price, with an equally outrageous $5.99 weekly subscription if you want to use it for a shorter period of time. Alternatively, you can pay a one-time fee of $109.99.

Imagine: AI Art Creator
You can never have enough fingers! / © NextPit

Titan Quest Standard Edition (Android & iOS)

Dustin picked an exciting game for you again this week. This time, Titan Quest is set to keep you entertained. Some of you might still know about this RPG from the past because it is a port of the popular PC game. Unfortunately, many fans are still waiting for the non-existent sequel today.

  • Price: $0.99 (discounted from $9.99) / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account: Optional for cloud storage
Titan Quest Mobile HD
In Titan Quest, explore the vast world of ancient Greece and take on different kinds of mythical beasts. / © NextPit

The goal of the game is to explore ancient Greece and save the world from the Titans who have broken out of Tartarus. As a warrior of the gods, you’ll have to slay various beasts and put a stop to the demonic onslaught. Not only do you go around collecting countless equipment, but you can also strengthen your hero with the relatively simple but adequate skill system (which was avant-garde during the original game’s era).

The controls are also quite simple and suitable even for beginners to the genre. Right now, you can get the standard version of the game for 99 cents, instead of the usual 9.99 Euros in the App Store of your choice.

Car Eats Car 5 – Battle Arena (Android & iOS)

Spending this weekend under brilliant sunshine, my colleague MaTT is dedicated to a battle arena racing game that stands out due to its cute 3D graphics and easy-to-understand gameplay. You take a seat in a sports car and set yourself to fulfill one task: destroy (eat) as many cars as possible.

The controls offer you a joystick on the left which you steer your racing car with, while the right has useful features like dynamite or a turbo. The latter allows you to easily outrun your opponents while the former dents their aspirations to escape.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: yes (between games) / In-app purchases: yes ($0.49 to $39.99) / Account : None
Car Eats Car 5 - Battle Arena Screenshot
Defeat your rivals in mission-based racing battles and show the invaders that you are the true racing champion and master of the grid. / © SMOKOKO LTD

But the action doesn’t stop at pure destruction: in the fifth episode of the “Car Eats Car” series, you also have a mission to embark upon. The objective? To save Beetlee’s friends and the entire planet from a dangerous alien threat. To be prepared for boss battles, you can always go to your garage between races and see what upgrades are available for you and install them.

Car Eats Car 5 – Battle Arena offers a total of 10 different racing cars and an infinite number of lovingly designed 3D battle arenas, set in unique locations. Download the racing game for your Android or iOS smartphone for free today.

PictureInsect (Android & iOS)

If you ask yourself regularly, “What’s crawling?” then PictureInsect provides the answer. You simply take a photo of an insect with the app and in a matter of seconds, it will let you know the name of that tiny critter. You’ll also get details on whether the said insect is poisonous to humans or pets, or whether it will attack your clothes or food supplies in the foreseeable future.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account: Not required


PictureInsect Screenshots
With PictureInsect you can find out what is currently crawling around your apartment, balcony or in your garden. / © NextPit

Even if it doesn’t look like it at first glance, the app is completely free to use. You can simply decline the 7-day trial period the first time you launch the app, and then close the buy dialog by clicking “Cancel” in the upper right corner every time you boot it up.

This makes PictureInsect the WinRAR among insect detectors, or somewhere close. By the way, there is a somewhat similar app that is also available for plants and another for fungi, going under the monikers “PictureThis” and “PictureMushroom”.

Which app did you like best? Do you have any other hot app recommendations for us? We look forward to your recommendations in the comments!

Glassbox Named Top 100 Software Product by G2

Glassbox Named Top 100 Software Product by G2

Top 10 App Development Companies for Your Next Project

Developing a mobile app takes time, expertise, and various resources. It usually makes more sense to outsource app development work, rather than trying to handle it in-house, and plenty of companies on the market can help with this. But who should you choose?

We’ve explored many app development companies and found ten of our favorites based on skills, price, and client reviews.

1. eFlair WebTech


As a company offering professional services that go far beyond its accessible price tag, eFlair makes the top spot on this list. From app development to UI/UX design, eFlair can complete projects that meet complex needs, all while offering the benefits of a close-knit team.

The talented professionals at eFlair boast a wide range of web and app development skills. This ranges from working with WordPress to create basic websites, to using complex databases and server systems like AWS to build robust web-ready apps.

Alongside designing and building your app, eFlair can also help you to launch your project. Hosting and server systems will be handled for you, and you can use one of eFlair’s sister companies to handle your marketing and other important aspects of your launch.

eFlair has offices in both the USA and India, making this agency truly international, while also ensuring that clients can always get support when they need it. All three of eFlair’s core teams utilize smart workflows that enable every team member to stay in the loop, no matter where they are working from.

All of this is not reflected by the company’s price tag. Working with eFlair will set you back as little as $25 per hour, and, as you will see from the rest of the items on this list, this price is near-unbeatable in the world of app development.

2. App Maisters Inc.


App Maisters Inc. is a Texas-based digital consultant with a huge range of app developers. The company can handle web and software development, blockchain technology, customer experience and design, and even digital security. Of course, though, mobile app development is one of its key areas of expertise.

Having worked with a variety of high-profile companies, App Maisters Inc. is well-placed to provide professional development services for just about any app. Pricing starts at $50 per hour, making it more affordable than many development companies, though not affordable enough to take the number one spot.

3. Messapps

messapps app development

Like many mobile app development companies, Messapps also specializes in website design and web app development. This means that this company can produce consistent projects that fit the brand you have already worked incredibly hard to create. Messapps is based in New York, but you can use its services from anywhere.

Pricing with Messapps starts at $100 per hour, making this one of the most costly options on this list, but you do get a lot of your money. This company works tirelessly to ensure that each of the apps it produces is well-designed, tested, and ready for launch as soon as the day comes.

4. The Websuasion Group

websuasion development

Founded in 2007, The Websuasion Group has been making complex websites and apps for more than 20 years. Today, mobile app development is this Georgia-based company’s key service, but full-stack web development is still on the cards for those who need more advanced features for their website or app.

Building an app with The Websuasion Group will cost you at least $150 per hour. While this price is high, it can be worth the cost for projects that require website and mobile applications that are developed by the same company. The Websuasion Group has excellent reviews across various review platforms.

5. Cosmico Studios

cosmico app development

Based in Florida, Cosmico Studios is a web and mobile app development agency with a heavy focus on e-commerce. This app developers work with popular CMS and sales tools like Shopify and WordPress and can work on e-commerce projects that include both web and mobile platforms. This is ideal for existing online stores looking to break into the mobile world.

The founder of Cosmico holds a wide range of personal skills in information technology and marketing, and this extends to the team that works beneath him. You will have to pay at least $50 per hour to take advantage of these skills, making this one of the more affordable companies on this list.

6. Mobulous Technologies

mobulous mobile app dev

Like many app development companies, Mobulous Technologies specializes in a range of fields that the company has worked with in the past. This includes taxi apps, event apps, and real estate apps, but it can also cover new fields. You can view the different apps this company has produced on the portfolio section of its website.

Building an app with Mobulous Technologies will set you back at least $25 per month, placing it in the same price bracket as our number one company. You can take a look at the companies this studio has worked with on its website, and it’s worth reading some reviews before you make your choice.

7. AppsChopper

appschopper development

Opening its doors in 2011, AppsChopper has offices based in New York, Walpole, and Boston, giving the company a wide reach across the USA. This company has a strong focus on scalability with its apps, making it a good choice for projects that are likely to grow in the future. Alongside iOS and Android app development, AppsChopper can also make apps for wearables and other niche platforms.

AppChopper’s services start at $50 per hour for app development, placing this company in a good position for those with a relatively high budget. This company has worked with brands like Motorola, HP, Unilever, and Philips.

8. Umbrella IT

umbrella it services

Umbrella IT is predominantly an IT service provider, offering consulting, development, and IT software/hardware solutions. Creating mobile apps falls well into this remit, making this studio great for companies that want more than just a mobile application. For example, Umbrella can help with customer development once you have an app up and running.

Umbrella IT is another relatively expensive service, with options starting at around $100 per hour. This will set the bar too high for a lot of projects, but it also assures a high level of professionalism and resources when your project is underway.

9. Fueled

fueled web app dev

As you can see from the Fueled website, this is a company that takes modern website and application design seriously. Fueled can develop apps for iOS, Android, React, and Flutter, while also offering web development, design, and marketing services. Web3 technologies like blockchain are also in this company’s ballpark.

Offering top-notch design and incredibly versatile development services, it’s easy to see why Fueled would command a high price tag. You can expect to pay at least $150 per hour working with this studio, but this will cover a wide range of services that make the cost worth it for many companies.

10. Rootstrap

rootstrap development

Rootstrap stands unique in the world of app development, offering additional services like machine learning and data science development. This enables this company to occupy a niche that many others can’t match, especially for clients that want to make the most of the information they collect.

This company has more than 300 employees around the world, ensuring that projects are handled quickly and professionally, while also giving you peace of mind that you will always have support. Like any other service, though, you have to pay for this, and prices start at $100 per hour.

Picking the Best Mobile App Development Company

Picking the best mobile app development company for your next app project can be a challenge. Not only do you have to look at the services on offer, but you also have to think about reviews and pricing. It’s always worth doing your own research when you choose to work with a service like this.

GUEST COMMENT Top five strategies to benefit from m-commerce’s meteoric rise in 2023

In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in mobile commerce. This is largely due to the increasing adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices. It is estimated that 6.6 billion people now own a smartphone. That’s over 83% of the world’s population. In 2016, that number was at only 49%. So, with the explosive rise of smartphone ownership, the generation of sales & growth via this device have also emerged for retailers.

Younger generations, who frequently feel more at ease using their phones to make transactions than older generations, are particularly fond of m-commerce. So, whether you’ve already grasped the benefits of m-commerce or you’re just getting acquainted with the topic, here are five strategies to benefit from m-commerce’s meteoric rise in 2023.

1. Ensure a coherent omnichannel experience

Retailers must make sure they are providing a truly uniform and flawless omnichannel experience to their customers. This entails providing the same quality of customer experience across all sales channels, whether they are physical or digital. All platforms should have access to consumer data and purchase history, and customers should be able to switch between them without any difficulty. As more and more clients switch from traditional desktop computers to mobile devices for their shopping, this is becoming more and more crucial. By creating a coherent omnichannel experience, retailers can give their customers the best possible experience across all sales channels and maximize the potential of m-commerce to meet all of their needs. 

2. Quickly adapt to new trends

M-commerce is a fantastic tool for keeping up with current trends. This is crucial in the retail industry because social media promotes new trends almost every day. Mobile commerce has made it easier for retailers to reach new customers, as they can advertise and sell their products and services quickly, easily, and to younger generations. Retailers can now grow their businesses without the need for a large investment. And headless commerce is the secret to building a mobile commerce platform that is incredibly adaptable.

Headless commerce is an ecommerce architecture in which the front-end and the back-end are separated, allowing the front-end to be changed or updated without affecting the back-end. This will make it possible for your marketing staff to update your website when fresh trends are introduced, maintaining information on both your desktop and mobile websites. By understanding and utilizing the power of mobile commerce combined with headless commerce, retailers can stay ahead of the competition and keep their customers happy..

3. Deliver an exceptional mobile shopping experience

Providing a faultless online buying experience is essential in retail. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly should be a top priority because consumers want to be able to shop on their mobile devices while they are on the go. Additionally, because they are so over-solicited, consumers have very high expectations. For them to stay on your mobile website for more than a few seconds, it must be responsive, quick to load, and easy to read. It is strongly advised to use a PWA to assist with this.

A PWA, or progressive web app, is a kind of software that gives consumers an experience similar to one found in an application right in their browser. All platforms, browsers, and connected devices can use these web apps. PWAs are responsive, quick-loading websites that emulate the functionality of native applications by offering full-screen mode, push notifications, and other features. PWAs are the way to go in order to provide the greatest mobile shopping experience possible.

4. Adapt your architecture to this constantly evolving commerce model

If you’re looking into developing an m-commerce strategy, you want to ensure that your ecommerce architecture can handle the additional traffic and capabilities that are required. You must make sure that your backend can continue to function despite changes to the frontend and that regular updates to the frontend by marketing teams can be made without having a detrimental influence on the backend. The certain method to accomplish this is? Transform your monolithic ecommerce architecture into a headless one.

With Headless commerce, as the front-end and back-end are separated, engineers and creative teams (UX and UI) can innovate and create without stomping on each other’s toes. Teams have total creative flexibility because there are few restrictions from the back end. And this is essential when it comes to adapting an ecommerce website to be responsive and mobile-friendly for m-commerce purposes. It is also key to be able to scale your business.

5. Meet customers’ environmental expectations with a reduced carbon footprint

Mobile commerce is one of the most convenient and fastest-growing methods of shopping, but it also has a large carbon footprint. In order to meet expectations and be more environmentally friendly, mobile commerce businesses should focus on reducing their carbon footprint. There are several ways to achieve this, including using renewable energy to power your servers and carbon emission offsets.

Changing to a PWA is an additional option. A PWA can be up to 90% smaller than native mobile applications, did you know that? A smaller website also uses less data and energy, which significantly reduces its carbon footprint. So, when you choose a PWA, you are aware that the environment will gain from it as well as your business. But however you decide to do it, being conscious of your carbon footprint is essential to meeting your customers’ environmental expectations.

Laurent Lacaze is chief executive of Front-Commerce

Top 10 best calendar apps to organize your life in 2023

We’ve compiled a short list of the top 10 calendar apps for mobile devices so you can plan your year on both your smartphone and a web browser. Although we will concentrate on mobile calendars, many of them also have accessible web versions.

Although we have listed a few specific ones for particular needs, the list contains largely generic calendar software. Some of them are paid or have paid premium features but the majority of them are free. The idea is to have a strong selection from which to choose, and then you get to decide which one to use.

These are just our recommendations. If you think we’ve missed any essential apps, please share them in the comments area so that everyone may benefit. This will enable all readers who discover the article to take benefit from the expertise of our readers as well.

The best calendar apps in 2023

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

One of the most feature-rich calendar-making tools available to you is Google calendar. In fact, you can create layers in Google Calendar that resemble several calendars, such as your work or vacation calendar, and then activate or deactivate the ones you want to view concurrently.

By centralizing your data through your Google account, this calendar enables simultaneous use on numerous devices. Additionally, since it’s a Google account, if you use Gmail or Android, you can add your appointments and notes, set reminders, and finally organize yourself to your preferences. The calendar supports third party applications to add extra capabilities.

Links: WebGoogle PlayApp Store

Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar

Apple’s calendar is the default on iPhones and Macs, much as Google’s calendar is on many Android phones. You can access this calendar for free by simply creating an Apple ID, and you can use it on any Apple device or online to keep it up to date.

You may use this calendar to take notes, save appointments that your phone reminds you about, and perform all the other standard calendar tasks. Additionally, it incorporates the birthdays of your friends, but most significantly, it adds dates of events discovered in the mail app or in iMessage automatically. This builds an internal Apple ecosystem that enables you to recognize appointments and add them automatically to the calendar.

Links: WebApp Store

Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft calendar is one of the features of Outlook, Microsoft’s email service, in which you can add events manually or from emails you receive. It is a useful calendar where you may record whatever you like and get alerts when your appointments are approaching.

Although the Microsoft calendar is one of the most comprehensive you will find as a calendar, it may be unsettling for you since it does not have its own app and is merely a tab within the application. Your Microsoft account serves as a central repository for all the data, making it accessible from any device.

Links: WebGoogle PlayApp Store

A professional calendar software is ideal for users looking for a feature-rich but streamlined experience. To use it, you must first register an account that enables it to function as a device and synchronizes your data across all of the devices on which it is installed.

The software includes all the features you’d anticipate from a calendar app, as well as day, week, month, and year views to view and arrange your assignments. It is also integrated into some services like Zoom and Zapier. It has a simple design and you may use it for free, though there are payment plans available to add more possibilities.

Links: WebGoogle PlayApp Store Calendar

The popular task and note-taking app also provides its users with a calendar app. Its concept is unique since it combines a calendar application and a notes application into one single application. Although there are fewer options than in other applications, it nevertheless has extra features for arranging the content as if it were a notes app.

Although the application is free, a paid version is available with more features, like a quick shortcut for the shopping list. Additionally, it is compatible with Google and Microsoft calendars, allowing to show the content from these accounts uniformly.

Gizchina News of the week

Links: WebGoogle PlayApp Store


With social features like the ability to leave comments and likes, it is an application made to let you share calendars with other people. Holidays in 13 nations are included, and you may make notes with or without dates, appointments, and reminders.

This app is feature rich, but you cannot synchronize them with the native calendar on your mobile device. The modifications you make won’t be synchronized with the primary calendar on the device. But you can upload the mobile calendar to TimeTree to use it in the app.

Links: WebGoogle PlayApp Store


Fantastical is one of the best calendars you can find that is only available to users of the Apple ecosystem. Although it can be installed and used on iPadOS, iOS, and even watchOS, the app is primarily intended for macOS users. As a result, you can access it from anywhere.

Although it includes several features that are only accessible with one of its two premium subscriptions, its basic version is free. You can synchronize other external calendars in addition to adding any appointment, reminder, or note to the calendar. Along with many other features. It also has a fantastic design and the ability to make intelligent suggestions or use concentration filters.

Links: WebApp Store


calendar apps

We have another exclusive iOS application. It is developed by the paper notepad and diary firm Moleskine, which has recently expanded into mobile apps. Your calendar app, TimePage, provides quick access to your events. The drawback is that it is only free during the trial time. After that, a subscription fee of a few dollars a month must be paid.

The app’s basic and clear design enables you to synchronize multiple calendars, switch between views with instant access to the data, and use features like ephemeris, intelligent weather suggestions, and Siri compatibility.


calendar apps

aCalendar app is exclusively available on Android phones and does not have any intentions to support iOS. An exclusive section for calendars, an annual view to show all the events and appointments for the year, and a design using Google’s Material Design language are all features of this calendar.

This application’s ability to be customized in a variety of ways. So that you may make it fit your preferences is one of its primary selling points. There are some negative aspects as well. Including needing to pay $0.99 to add holidays or $3.99 for the complete version.

Links: Google Play


calendar apps

This is a brand-new, totally free calendar application that offers a wide range of choices to assist you with time management. It enables you to sync your Microsoft or Google calendars. Giving you the ability to plan meetings, create events, and set up work locations.

Nook works with Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams for meetings so you may use the platform of your choice. It is primarily made for workgroups. Because it can identify if each member works onsite or remotely and expedites the scheduling of meetings.

Top 10 Innovations in Mobile App Development

These days, we can’t imagine our lives without our mobile phones. The use of mobile apps has increased over the last decade and sped up after the pandemic. According to Statista, there were 7 billion mobile users around the globe in 2021. And it is predicted that this number will grow as people can access technology more easily these days.

Developers are continuously trying hard to create more advancements as the world has moved to mobile-first digital services. Now, each and every industry looks to integrate the latest mobile application development innovations into their business and expand their business to reach the optimum targeted audience.

Let’s see how mobile apps are redefining businesses and what mobile app advancements are in trend in 2023!

How Mobile Applications Are Transforming Businesses

Nowadays, the smartphone is the thing that unlocks digital media success. Basically, it changes operating models, business models, and marketplaces wonderfully. According to Statista, mobile app market revenue is predicted to reach $469 billion by 2022.

Mobile phones provide user-friendly services for both business and personal uses. With the advancement of different technologies, multi-camera support, and quicker, multithreaded processors, businesses have started to depend on mobile applications.

Moreover, users choose Android and iOS-based marketplaces nowadays. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a common theme seen in the mobile app marketplace. It makes workflows more seamless.

Mobile applications help businesses enhance their client service. For example, you can retain more clients and increase loyalty by offering your clients a feasible way of accessing data about your products or services, scheduling appointments, or tracking their order status.

Furthermore, mobile apps let you cross-sell and upsell your products or services by giving clients pertinent details and offers when needed. So another significant benefit of mobile app development is that you can gather essential client information.

You get to know about your clients’ choices and requirements by tracking their use of your app. This information will further help enhance your marketing strategy and better promote your products or services.

Now that you know how mobile apps are transforming different businesses, let’s discuss the latest innovations in the mobile app development sector!

10 Major Innovations in Mobile Application Development

Although many new innovations in mobile app development are evolving this year, we chose these ten major ones after conducting a comprehensive, fact-based study.

1. Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, PhonePe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are in vogue. According to the latest report, mobile wallet transactions are predicted to reach $13.98 billion in 2022. Hence, we expect the mobile wallet market to double this year.

Smartphone users are gradually choosing mobile transactions. Moreover, they are dependent on app functions for payments on connected wearables. Therefore, every mobile app will have to depend on a mobile wallet in the coming years.

Wallet integration must be an essential feature of app development in 2022. This is because we expect that mobile wallet transactions will increase considerably in the future.

2. Beacon Technology

According to Statista, there were more than 230 billion mobile app users in 2021, which is predicted to increase in the future. Since many people use apps daily, businesses desperately seek to create their own apps. However, it isn’t easy to know where to begin, as there are many options available.

Beacon technology is one of the most innovative technologies in mobile app development. It enables businesses to convey essential notifications and messages to clients depending on locations. For instance, a retail shop can use this technology to notify nearby clients about the latest deals and discounts.

Beacon technology is a vital tool. Businesses that can reap its benefits are expected to be in a strong position in the future. As per the Statista report, the beacon technology market is growing at a compound annual development rate of 59.8%. The predicted market value will reach $56.6 billion by 2026.

3. Predictive Analytics

It is another innovation in the mobile app development sector. By supporting technology for data mining, artificial intelligence, and modeling, predictive analytics can predict events using data. Netflix has been one of the tech giants supporting predictive analytics for years.

Predictive analytics is being applied at a more mainstream level this year for many mobile applications. The main reason is to improve an app’s UI/UX. In addition, OTT and eCommerce platforms leverage it because they use current client data to provide information about their preferences, dislikes, habits, etc. Moreover, this technology helps tailor product recommendations.

Predictive analytics can help organizations benefit from customer data to measure their activities, identify notifications with a great response to tailor the user experience, and recognize pages with the lowest client retention rate.

A statistical report says that 80% of clients can purchase from an online shop that customizes their experience using predictive analytics. Moreover, this technology has helped many online platforms increase their sales by 35%.

4. Super Apps

The approach of one app and one purpose has been changed for mobile app development companies. Now organizations are moving from single-purpose apps to multi-purpose apps. Such applications are known as “Super apps.”

We have seen how Facebook has expanded beyond being a social network. Currently, it provides marketplaces where you can sell or purchase products. Likewise, now you can make payments and pay bills from Amazon aside from online shopping.

Since everybody looks for convenience, super apps are one of the best innovations in the mobile app development industry that we must look forward to this year.

5. P2P Mobile Apps

P2P mobile apps are another innovation in the mobile app development industry. As per eMarketer’s prediction, the projected value of P2P mobile payment transactions will reach $612.23 billion by 2023. Therefore, there is enormous scope for these apps.

P2P mobile apps are becoming popular among individuals and businesses due to their convenience. Buyers can pay fast, and sellers can get paid directly into their accounts. The types of P2P mobile apps that you can see this year are:

  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Social hubs with in-built payment features
  • P2P applications that include banks as payment parties
  • Self-reliant providers that are providing their payment systems
  • Mobile operating systems with in-built payment systems, such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

6. Instant Apps

You may have seen the arrival of instant apps a few years ago. However, you will see an increase in the use and development of Android Instant Apps this year. Android Studio enables developers to create instant apps to enhance their app discovery. Therefore, users can just click on the “try now” button to try the app without installing it.

Due to their size restriction, instant applications will not be a complete app version. However, we expect that these restrictions could change in the future.

Since app users expect a better experience, allowing them to try an app without even installing it is a great approach. If you are building Android apps this year, you must have an instant version.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Last year, AI (Artificial Intelligence) brought many exciting things. We have seen the fantastic success of FaceApp and MyHeritageApp. The realistic animations of these apps brought them ground-breaking success.

Apart from these apps, we found Google introducing new features to Google Maps that use AI to boost the user experience. Live View is one feature that provides users with AR navigation in huge indoor areas. Google also uses artificial intelligence to recommend less carbon-intensive paths for reduced fuel consumption by optimizing directions.

Both AI and ML (Machine Learning) have been one of the topmost innovations for some years. But these technologies are going to see a rise this year and beyond.

Since they provide many perks to help businesses enhance their operations and better serve their clients, businesses must include AI and ML in their mobile app development plans for this year and beyond.

8. 5G Technology

5G technology is one of the latest innovations in the mobile app development sector. This wireless network is highly popular in all industries. 5G is the rise of excellent connectivity practices that provide mobile apps with some valuable features and purposes without hampering their functionalities. Using this technology properly enhances your app development process.

This next-gen wireless technology provides 100 times faster speed than 4G LTE. Therefore, it brings some great possibilities for the app development sector. Also, 5G enables businesses to create more engaging AR and VR experiences, provide clients with real-time data and analytics, and build new efficacy in their functions.

Since 5G technology is becoming more popular this year, we expect to see more transformative and innovative 5G-enabled apps. Therefore, keeping updated on this latest technology trend will be more critical for businesses that need to progress this year and ahead.

9. Wearables

Wearable technology has been a trend for many years. We cannot call it a breakthrough, as we have already seen fitness bands, trackers, and smartwatches. However, wearables are going to get more possibilities for achievement this year.

The constant growth of wearables shows that this innovation will change the way of mobile application development. For example, Apple declared something great about the app and wearable integration at WWDC 2019.

WatchOS 6 has brought the App Store to the Apple Watch. As a result, independent applications are being developed, particularly for these gadgets. This has opened a great scope for content creators and app resellers.

This year, we expect to see more mobile applications built with wearables. Users will get the scope to download many apps straight from their smartwatches, fitness bands, or trackers.

10. Blockchain Technology

During the boom of cryptocurrency, we came to know about blockchain technology. However, now this technology has emerged a lot, and you can apply it in several areas. It is developing significantly, and we can predict it will generate $20 billion in revenue by 2024.

Blockchain has an essential role in mobile app development. Decentralized applications are in demand these days. There are more than 80 million blockchain wallet users, and mobile wallets are the most popular.

We can also see the use of blockchain technology in currency converters for securing digital identity, tracking digital assets, and keeping track of loyalty programs.

This innovation is becoming more popular with anti-piracy software, tools to moderate elections, BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platforms, and intelligent contracts in 2022 and beyond. Also, we can use this technology in mobile payment and mobile commerce applications to prevent fraud.

Future of Mobile App Development

Technological advancements are continuously evolving and hitting the shelves every year. An extensive array of technologies like AI, ML, 5G, AR, VR, Wearables, Beacon, IoT, Blockchain, Super Apps, Instant Apps, etc., is revolutionizing the mobile app development industry. Moreover, they are bringing plenty of new stipulations for app developers.

Therefore, keeping up with the latest mobile app development innovations is necessary to deliver feature-rich, innovative apps. It is rather essential for a successful mobile app launch. Also, search for a reliable mobile app development partner to make your app idea real.

Featured Image Credit: Provided by the Author; Thank you!

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO and co-founder of Mindinventory, a software development company that provide web and mobile app development services from startup to enterprise level company. His role involves heading the operations related to business and delivery with strategic planning and defining road-map for the future.

Apple Music launches new Replay experience; reveals 2022’s Top Charts

Top Things to Consider for a Profitable App Development

Follow these five helpful tips if you want to make successful mobile apps:

Determine Your Target Audience

It will help you determine if your app idea can make money (market need), how to reach your target users (marketing message), and where to get them.

Look for statistics and insights, study trends, ask questions on forums, make a poll, or make an MVP version of your mobile app and collect all user feedback.

Check Out All The Places You Can To Learn More

You can learn much about your users, like their gender, age, and location. You can also learn about their habits and what drives them. Then, tell people you trust about your idea.

Narrow down your target audience. The bigger the group, the more potential there is for your product, but your app idea will likely fail. It is easier to make a new notion fit a specific market.

Provide Worth

A good idea for making an app solves a problem pointed out by a particular group of potential users. For example, even the simplest forms of entertainment, like the Candy Crush game, can help you relieve stress and pass the time while you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in line.

The application development should benefit the user, motivating him to download and use it.

Unique value can be the price of a service, how it can send fast information, how an app works, or access to features or services that it can’t get through any other channel.

A perfect Build Mobile App combines consumer needs, business objectives, and technological solutions.

Select The Appropriate Technology

How a mobile app works is as important as how it works. It is essential to select the right technology before you begin to develop an application. Three main options are available.

Platform-Specific Native App

Apps developed for Android Development or iOS Development platforms are called native apps. This is because the operating systems of these platforms are the only ones that can run the programming language used to make these apps. A native app can make a big difference in how your smartphone works and what it can do. In addition, it improves the user experience.

Native App for Many Platforms

Apps made this way use Software Development Kits (SDKs) that share, but they still run. For example, react Native and Flutter are two well-known cross-platform frameworks for building native apps.

On a tight budget, this is still the most cost-effective way to design, optimize, and style an app for more than one type of device.

App Hybrid

Hybrid app development works on all devices and all operating systems. The hybrid app development approach is popular because it is cost-effective, easy to move around, and can deliver results.

But remember that you lose some of the app’s user experience because you don’t get the benefits of native components and native interaction patterns.

But if you use this method to make a successful app, you won’t have to write a different code for each platform. You can instead make one that it can use on more than one platform.

Select Your Design And Development Team

Your app development team’s skill, talent, and work make your project good. You can hire a development team or a whole stack consulting partner to help you learn about the technical side of things and do well in the market.

Ensure the person you hire to help you make a mobile app has skills, gets along well with others, and understands the project.

It can make a simple app in a few weeks, but a more complicated one can take months. Testing, back-end development, and front-end development come after that. It takes about 1100 hours to build a mobile app like Uber, but it can take up to 880 hours to make an app like Calm.

Define The Scope Of Features

You’ve spent some time considering the concept for your app. You’ve already imagined all the great things it can do and the modifications that could boost its usefulness. For example, social sharing, notifications, payments, and integrations appear necessary.

They may all be valuable features, but it’s best to ignore them for the time being. You will either lose time or quality if you focus on the wrong end of the mobile app development process.

Top 12 Real Money Online Casino Apps for iOS & Android

If you want to play casino games on your mobile but feel tired of low-quality graphics and constant lag preventing you from having a good time, hear us out. 

We’ve created a list of the best casino apps available right now that you can use to play real money mobile games on your iOS or Android device.

We’ve rated each online casino app based on its game selection, customer support, payout speed, and overall fairness. 

Our top pick is Red Dog Casino — a beautiful mixture of massive bonuses, online slots, and a reputation for reliability and solid customer service.

Let’s dive in and see how it compares against other top-rated online casinos.

Best Casino Apps

1. Red Dog — Best Casino App Overall




  • 240% match bonus + 40 free spins
  • Tons of massive bonus codes
  • Over 150 quality casino games
  • Great live dealer casino
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Limited selection of progressive jackpot slots

Red Dog Casino is a fairly small casino app compared to some of the others on our list, with only 150ish games in their library — but this dog will not roll over and play dead. 

With tons of promotions available, a great selection of RTG games, and a solid live dealer casino (which is hidden from players until after account creation), there’s more than enough play to appease even the pickiest of gamblers.

Mobile Gaming – 4.5/5

Red Dog takes the minimalist approach to mobile casino games, partnering with just two game providers. RTG supplies all of Red Dog’s slots, keno, video poker, and table games, while the live dealer tables are handled by the excellent Visionary iGaming.

And honestly? We’re not mad about it. RTG games are known for looking and playing fantastic on just about any mobile device, whether you’re looking to play real money blackjack or online slots. And the selection available at Red Dog is great. 

Fans of classics will love Vegas XL and Neon Wheel 7s — both of which are excellent recent additions to Red Dog’s slots lineup — but players looking for something a little more exciting still have access to adventure and fantasy mobile slots like Desert Raider or Doragon’s Gems. 

And if you’re looking for that human element to your gaming, Visionary iGaming offers live dealer games like American and European roulette games, baccarat, super 6, and a number of blackjack tables of varying table limits.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4.8/5

If you’re looking for true value, take advantage of Red Dog’s fantastic warm welcome with the “ADORABLE” bonus code when you make your first deposit.

This code will get you a 240% match bonus plus 40 free spins on the absurdly cute Spring Wilds slot game. A perfect way to lighten your mood and help you kick-start your casino adventure. Both the spin winnings and the bonus are subject to a reasonable 35x wagering requirement.

Overall Reliability – 4.8/5

Red Dog Casino is fully licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority and only uses trusted gaming providers, so you can feel confident that every spin of those slot machine reels is as fair as can be. 

Top that off with end-to-end SSL encryption and top-tier customer support, and you can clearly see why Red Dog is one of our favorite real money gambling apps.

Use the “ADORABLE” promo code to get a 240% match bonus plus 40 free spins at Red Dog!

2. Ignition — Best Online Casino App for Poker




  • Double 100% match welcome bonus (150% for crypto)
  • 250+ online casino games
  • Amazing casino app for poker
  • Robust live dealer casino


  • Does not accept e-wallets

Ignition Casino has been rocking the mobile poker scene since 2016… and we do mean rocking it. It has one of the most comprehensive mobile poker apps we’ve found anywhere, as well as a ton of promotions and tournaments for the card sharp on the go.

Mobile Gaming – 4.6/5

Ignition Casino has a solid library of over 250 mobile games from over a dozen top software providers. 

Not only will you find popular slot games like 777 Deluxe, A Night With Cleo, and Golden Buffalo, but you’ll find plenty of great table games. Ignition has a great selection of video poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack (both single and multi-deck games) as well.

The Ignition live casino is similarly well-developed. While it leans heavily towards blackjack with over 20 tables of varying limits available — including two early payout tables — you’ll also find American and European roulette games, baccarat, and super 6.

And then there’s the poker. Ignition Casino’s mobile poker app makes playing real money poker against other players slick and exciting, and the fully-anonymous tables take all the worry out of the game. 

You won’t have to be concerned about whether or not your opponent is using a UI to track the way you play over the course of a few games in order to pick out your weaknesses… they never know who you are or even whether it’s you they are playing against.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4.8/5 

Ignition has no shortage of promotions for everything from their 200% “Tell a Friend” bonus to the $2,500 free roll tournaments available to Chrome-level rewards players.

But where Ignition really knocks it out of the park is its double-fisted welcome bonus. New players can sign up and get not one but two 100% match bonuses up to $1,000. You read that right.

The first bonus is usable only on Ignition’s great selection of popular casino games. This bonus comes with a very nice 25x wagering requirement and is a perfect way to get rolling on some slots.

Your second bonus is for the poker app and is unlocked by earning Ignition Reward Points by betting (and hopefully winning) real money on poker games and tournaments.

If you’re going to use cryptocurrencies to play at this online casino app, you can claim 2x increased bonuses of 150% up to $1,500 for poker and casino each.

Overall Reliability – 4.8/5

Since 2016, Ignition Casino has made it clear that its reputation matters. From their Curacao gaming license down to their anonymous tables in the poker app, everything is built to ensure a fair and fun experience for you, the end user.

Sign up with Ignition and claim your twin 100% match bonuses for casino and poker games!

3. — Best Mobile Casino App for Hot-Drop Jackpots




  • Up to $5,000 welcome package
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 250+ mobile games
  • Tons of progressive jackpot options


  • Limited promos for regular users
  • Live dealer casino could be improved is a solid mobile slots casino jam-packed with your favorite casino games. While navigating their website can be a bit of a chore on PC, the experience is a lot better via their web-based online casino app. 

With almost a full decade of experience, they’ve proven themselves to be a solid casino site, and their jackpot slots make them a shoo-in for our top five.

Mobile Gaming – 4.7/5

You’ll find a nice selection of games from some of the industry’s most popular providers like RTG, Rival, Patagonia, and BetSoft Gaming — this gives a wide enough array of both slot and table games.

Where we feel really excels, however, is in its massive selection of over 40 jackpot games. And we’re not just talking about jackpot slot titles, as you’ll also find a few jackpot video poker games tucked away in there, which is always a nice touch.

Plus, fans of progressive jackpots are going to be ecstatic to see that plays host to five exciting Hot Drop Jackpot games. Hot Drop Jackpots are a type of progressive jackpot modification you’ll find on some of your favorite slot titles. 

In this case, has chosen Lady’s Magic Charms, Reels of Fortune, Golden Buffalo, 777 Deluxe, and A Night With Cleo as its main Hot Drop Jackpot games — all of which have 3 exciting jackpots. 

The first two jackpots are timed and must drop within an hour for one and within a day for the other. The third jackpot is the Super Jackpot which will be triggered before it reaches $250,000. 

We’re big fans of this system and love that it gives us another excuse to play some of our favorite mobile slots.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4.6/5

New players can take advantage of a phenomenal 200% welcome bonus up to $1,000 on their first deposit as well as a 100% match on their next 8 deposits up to $500. This means you can get up to $5,000 in bonus money with 35x wagering requirements. 

Even better is that if you are a crypto gambler, you can get a 300% match bonus of up to $1,500 on your first deposit and a 150% match of up to $750 on each of your next 8 deposits. This totals out to a whopping $7,500 in real money bonuses, all with the same 35x rollover.

Overall Reliability – 4.7/5 is fully licensed by the Curacao gaming commission, which means it’s regulated by the same trusted organization as the other casino mobile apps on our list. 

They also have proper end-to-end encryption, 24/7 customer support, and use some of the most loved and trusted game providers in the gambling industry, so you should feel plenty safe here.

If you’re ready for $5,000 in bonuses – or $7,500 if you’re a blockchain buddy – click here and claim your massive first deposit match bonus!

4. SuperSlots — Best Blackjack Variety of All Online Casino Apps




  • 250% on first deposit up to $1,000
  • Over 400 games
  • Great selection of live dealers and online blackjack
  • Lots of weekly reload bonuses


  • High rollover on some promos
  • Doesn’t have as many jackpot games

SuperSlots is a fairly new mobile casino app, having only been around since 2020, but they’ve made great strides into establishing themselves as a great place to game. 

With a ton of promotions on tap and an almost obscene amount of accepted crypto deposit options, they’ve been climbing the mobile casino ladder swiftly.

Mobile Gaming – 4.5/5

SuperSlots doesn’t have the biggest selection of games, marking somewhere around 400 last we checked, but they have partnered with some absolutely solid providers, making it easy to not just find your current favorites like BetSoft’s Rags to Witches or Alkemor’s Elements, but perhaps something new and exciting as well. 

We had to put this casino app in our top five almost exclusively for the fantastic selection of blackjack. Not only does SuperSlots have 13 online blackjack tables — including Multi-Hand, Single Deck, Blackjack 11, Ultra One Hand Blackjack, Pirate 21, and more — but their live dealer blackjack offering is similarly robust.

You see, SuperSlots has not one but two live dealer online casinos. Both casinos have online roulette, baccarat, super 6, and a nice selection of live dealer blackjack games. 

The “Red” live casino has a variety of blackjack formats and stake levels, making it easy to find a game you’re comfortable with, while the “Black” casino has an equally competent staff, but you might find other varieties of blackjack like Latin, Russian, and Baltic rulesets.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4.3/5

New SuperSlots players can take advantage of a massive $6,000 welcome package by starting off with the “SS250” promo code. This promo code will get you a 250% match bonus of up to $1,000 on your first deposit with a 35x wagering requirement.

But that’s not all.

Once you’ve spent your first bonus, you’ll be able to use “SS100” on your next 5 deposits to get a 100% match up to $1,000 on each of those deposits – all with the same 35x wagering requirements. This is a solid bonus, and a diligent gambler will make short work of that rollover.

There’s also a crypto bonus you can get by using the CRYPTO400 bonus code (400% up to $4,000), but the rollover for this one jumps to a rather high 48x wagering requirement.

Overall Reliability – 4.5/5

A change from our other online casinos on this list, SuperSlots is licensed and regulated by the Panama Gaming Authority, which we have full confidence in as well. This means you can rest assured that, like the other mobile casinos we’re reviewing today, you can expect a safe and secure gambling experience.

Click here and use the “SS250” bonus code to get a whopping 250% match bonus up to $1,000!

5. BitStarz — Best Online Casino App for Crypto Users




  • 125% match up to 1 BTC first deposit bonus
  • 4,000+ games
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Exciting table game and slot tournaments


  • Heavily geo-restricted
  • No real deposit bonuses for longtime players

Rounding out our top five list of the best casino apps is BitStarz. A fantastic online crypto casino with award-winning customer service, a solid welcome bonus, and a huge selection of mobile games.

Mobile Gaming – 4.6/5

With 4,000 games from literally dozens of providers, it’s almost impossible to imagine getting bored on the BitStarz mobile site. 

Whether you’re looking for massive jackpot slots like the exclusive Master of Starz title, or you just want a cozy game of blackjack (of which you’ll find 10 fantastic varieties), BitStarz has you covered.

Honestly, our biggest complaint would be that with over 4,000 games – of which they have almost 45 table games – the one thing we found lacking was the video poker selection. 

Compared to everything else, it was comically light. Barring that, though, this is a fantastic place to play everything from Sic Bo to Minesweeper with a little stop in some real money Plinko and crypto slots.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4/5

New players can get a 125% match bonus on their first deposit of up to 1 BTC and 180 free spins. The free spins are broken up into 20 per day for 9 days, the first batch of which is credited to your account immediately after your deposit clears.

Both the free spin winnings and the bonus are subject to stiff but fair 40x rollover. And while the rollover is pretty standard and only attached to your bonus, the time of 7 days you get to meet is too short.

Overall Reliability – 4.5/5

We absolutely consider BitStarz a reliable online casino. 

Not only do they use a ton of well-respected game providers, but they have several games that are Provably Fair (meaning that part of the RNG happens on your personal machine, making it impossible for the game to use non-random numbers to calculate wins) and have literally won awards for their customer service.

If you would like to be spoiled for choice, click here and claim your 125% first deposit bonus up to 1 BTC and a whopping 180 free spins at Bitstarz.

How We Evaluated the Best Online Casino Apps

Mobile Gaming

It’s important that you only have the best mobile gaming experience when playing real money casino games. We made sure every casino app on our list has mobile games that play as well as they look… and plenty of them.

Of course, the rest of the casino should look and feel good on mobile, so we made sure to test all of its features on our Android and iOS devices. Even better, none of our top picks require you to download software before playing — you simply need to access their web-based casino app through your mobile browser.

Bonuses and Promotions

All of the real money online casinos for mobile devices on our list are chock full of massive welcome bonuses, reload offers, and free spins that you can claim straight via your Android or iOS mobile device.

Overall Reliability

We have also made sure that every casino on our list is fully licensed and regulated, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the outcome is rigged against you. Every casino app you find here is 100% transparent and fair.

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Guide to Using Real Money Casino Apps

Are there casino apps that pay real money?

Yes, there are a lot of casino apps that pay real money. We recommend any of the mobile online casinos outlined in this article as we’ve found them to offer fair winning odds and competitive casino bonuses, in addition to a great variety of mobile games for real money. Red Dog Casino is our top pick.

What are the best online casino apps to win real money?

Some of the best casino apps that pay out real money include:

Do casino apps let you win at first?

No. Casino apps do not let you win at first. This is a common misconception gamblers have to justify a run of poor luck. Modern iOS and Android casino apps using games from reputable providers offer consistent odds no matter whether you’re new or not.

What is the best casino app?

We feel that Red Dog Casino is the best online casino app available right now. With tons of bonus codes, a website that looks amazing on mobile, and a great selection of live dealer and online casino games, it suits us just perfectly.

Red Dog is also one of the best free casino apps, as it allows you to give each game a test drive before you bet real money.

Comparison of the Top 5 Casino Apps

Red Dog: This little casino is no underdog. Red Dog claimed our top slot thanks to a fantastic array of deposit bonus codes, a solid selection of mobile-ready RTG slots, and amazing customer support. Remember to use the “ADORABLE” code to get a 240% match bonus plus 40 free spins when you sign-up at Red Dog.

Ignition: The perfect pick for the card player on the go, Ignition Casino offers what is hands-down the best poker app we’ve found anywhere. They also sport a robust variety of slot and table games that only serve to complement the excellent poker. Sign up today to claim your 100% match bonuses for both casino games and online poker or 150% for crypto deposits. An easy pick for our top five thanks to a massive collection of progressive jackpot games as well as a few exciting Hot Drop Jackpot slots (one of our favorite ways to play, if we’re being honest). Sign up to get a 200% match on your first deposit of up to $1,000.

SuperSlots: While Super Slots has a great selection of slots with some very unusual themes, we had to put them on our list due to the sheer wealth of mobile blackjack options. With tons of online blackjack and two live dealer casinos, there are just so many ways to play. Use the “SS250” promo code to get a 250% match up to $1,000 when you’re ready to deposit.

BitStarz: Last but certainly not least is our pick for the best crypto casino app. BitStarz brings the heat with over 4,000 online casino games and a solid crypto welcome bonus. Sign up today and get a 125% match bonus of up to 1 BTC plus 180 free spins on some great slots.

How to Get Started with Real Money Casino Apps

If you’re ready to take all the excitement of Las Vegas into the palm of your hand, get started by signing up for our pick for the overall best casino app: Red Dog Casino.

Step 1: Visit Red Dog

Follow this link to navigate to the Red Dog Casino landing page and click the red GET BONUS button.

Step 2: Enter the Required Details

Create your username and password (remember to create a password that is different from any of your other accounts for the sake of security). Provide a valid email address and click “Next Step” to proceed.

Step 3: Create Your Account

Provide all your personal details like your name, date of birth, et cetera. Proceed to the next step and enter your address and other contact information before finalizing the registration process.

Step 4: Deposit & Play

Once you’ve validated your account and logged in, head over to the Cashier and enter the promo code “ADORABLE” to claim your 240% welcome bonus with 40 free spins at Red Dog.

So, Have You Found the Best Casino App for You?

Hopefully, we’ve provided enough information to help you choose which mobile casino app is best for you. 

To recap, Red Dog Casino topped our list of best online casino apps thanks to its massive selection of welcome bonuses, great library of live and online casino games, and sterling reputation. 

But any one of these mobile casinos would do in a pinch, and they all do something extremely well… so maybe it’s best to sign up for a few of them.

Just remember that casino apps should be fun, and you should always gamble responsibly.

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DISCLAIMER: 18+ only. Online gambling comes with many risks. Players are advised to gamble responsibly and only use funds they can afford to lose. Remember, gambling is only intended for entertainment purposes and is not a solution to any financial difficulties.

Gambling laws and policies vary from one region to another. Some casino sites mentioned in this review may not be accessible in your area. Always do your due diligence and check your local gambling policies. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you suspect you’re becoming addicted to gambling, seek help immediately by contacting the National Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700.

The following resources may be helpful as well: