From SBI, HDFC, PNB To Axis, Indian Banks That Provide WhatsApp Banking Services

Technological advancement has enabled banks to provide their clients with fast, secure, and efficient year-round services. Besides banking services through their respective easy-to-use mobile apps, several major banks have also started offering the facilities through platforms like WhatsApp, providing customers with a range of options and ease while banking with them.

The following are some Indian banks that offer WhatsApp banking services:

State Bank of India (SBI)

India’s largest public sector bank has recently started offering pension slips through WhatsApp for the convenience of senior citizens . The bank said the customers could activate the service simply by sending a “hi” message to the bank’s designated WhatsApp number.

It also offers WhatsApp services for balance inquiries, mini statements, etc. “Your bank is now on WhatsApp. Get to know your account balance and view the mini statement on the go,” SBI Tweeted in August 2022.

Punjab National Bank (PNB)

On October 3, state-owned Punjab National Bank (PNB ) announced that it would provide WhatsApp banking services to clients to make them more accessible. Customers can activate the services by sending a “hi” message to PNB’s WhatsApp number 91+9264092640.


HDFC Bank also offers WhatsApp banking services, where customers can chat on the platform to avail of “90 plus services 24×7”.

According to the bank, it is “an end-to-end encrypted & secure service” on WhatsApp. However, customers must register their mobile phones with the bank to avail of the service.

The process is the same as other banks. Customers need to send a “hi” message to the bank’s WhatsApp number, 91+7070022222.

Bank of Baroda (BOB)

In October 2022, BOB announced the launch of its WhatsApp banking service. BoB’s services are available in Hindi and English for Indian and overseas customers.

Axis Bank

Axis Bank also offers WhatsApp banking services. The process is the same as other banks. Customers need to send a “hi” message to the bank’s WhatsApp number 91+7036165000 to activate the service. Customers can access various services and products, from account opening, cheque book facilities, and credit cards to term deposits and loans.

Govt launches Indian Sign Language mobile app ‘Sign Learn’ with 1,000 words

The Centre on Friday launched an Indian Sign Language (ISL) dictionary mobile application called ‘Sign Learn’ containing 10,000 words.

The app was launched by Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Pratima Bhoumik.

Sign Learn is based on the Indian sign language dictionary of the Indian Sign Language Research And Training Centre (ISLRTC) which contains 10,000 words.

The app is available in Android as well as iOS versions, and all the words in the ISL dictionary can be searched through Hindi or English medium, officials said.

The sign videos of the app can also be shared on social media.

“The app has been developed to make the ISL dictionary easily available and to make it more accessible for the public at large,” a senior official said.

Notably, ISLRTC had recently signed an MoU with the Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) on October 6, 2020 for converting NCERT textbooks from classes 1 to 12 into the Indian Sign Language (digital format) to make the textbooks accessible to children with hearing disabilities.

This year, ISL e-content of NCERT textbooks of class 6 was launched, the official added.

Under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the Centre had launched ISL versions of selected books of Book Trust’s ‘Veergatha’ series.

With the joint effort of ISLRTC and NCERT, 500 academic words in Indian Sign Language were launched. These academic words are used at the secondary level which are often used in history, science, political science and mathematics, the official added.

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Gang of four operating illegal loan apps held- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: Four members of a gang from Maharashtra were arrested for their involvement in operating two illegal mobile loan applications and harassing people to clear debts, police said on Saturday. The accused have been identified as Nilesh Vilas Gorade (prime accused), Amit Sunil Gavli, Sarfaraj Azeej Shaik and Ramdas Dattatreya Daradas, all from Sinnar in Maharashtra. They were reportedly operating the businesses of Well Credit and FF Loan App. 

Krishna district SP Palle Jashuva said another accused Omkar Shankar Mule is in jail, while Jaiveer— a gang member — is absconding. Explaining their modus operandi, Jashuva said Gorade along with Jaiveer formed a team and posted some links related to loans on Facebook. 

“If anyone in need of money clicked the link, an app will be installed in their phones. It will seek permission to access data related to photos, contacts and location from the applicant and store it. The accused would use the data and create fake videos to threaten borrowers and extort money,” the SP said. 

Police initiated probe after two women lodged separate complaints against the apps with Penamaluru and Atkuru police. They came across a weblink on Facebook and clicked on it as the advertisement claimed to issue loans at low interest without the need for submitting income proofs. 

“The women, in dire need of money, clicked on the link and were redirected to the app’s download page. The accused extended loan of Rs 7,000 to one woman and Rs 3,360 to the other, while they forced to repay Rs 16,270 and Rs 7,000, respectively, in a week. When they failed to pay the money on time, the accused reportedly sent the morphed photographs and videos of the women to their friends and families, threatening them to make a payment through a link they had sent,” the SP said. 

“We traced the accounts the money was credited into and the phone numbers they used to call the women. They have been operating from two places — Kolkata in West Bengal and Sinnar in Maharashtra. A hunt is on to arrest Jaiveer,” the SP said.

Dial 1930 to report cybercrime
Jashuva appealed to the public not to borrow money from unregistered loan apps and urged them to report harassment by dialling cybercrime reporting number: 1930 or AP Cyber Mithra number: 9121211100 or 100

Tamil Nadu Medical Council to doctors- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

CHENNAI:  The Tamil Nadu Medical Council (TNMC) has warned doctors not to hold press meetings on the completion of any surgery and disclose patients’ identities to the media or face action, said Dr K Senthil, president of TNMC, on Friday. 

In the past year, show cause notices were issued to five doctors in the State for violating provisions of the Tamil Nadu Medical Registration Act, 1914 and the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. “Doctors should not reveal the name and identity of patients. But, many hospitals, including private and government hospitals, have been repeatedly doing this.

This will be considered an advertisement for the doctors who performed the surgery. The hospital can inform the press that such a surgery was performed without giving out any details of the patient. But the surgeons sitting and giving interviews will be viewed seriously,” said Dr Senthil, addressing the media.

Dr Senthil added that names and photographs of doctors should not be published in any mobile applications. The websites of private hospitals should not have any details about doctors’ work. They can only mention names and certifications.

To curb patients ending up with quacks, the TNMC will launch Doctor Search, a mobile application. It will be helpful for those who are travelling as well. Patients can search the doctors using the pincode of the area they are in and also search according to their medical needs, he added.

The Tamil Nadu Medical Council will also launch two other apps, digital records software and a certificate app. The former will be helpful for doctors to save the medical records of the patients for up to five years. This will help them retrieve the records, Dr Senthil said.

The certificate application will allow the doctors to save the medical certificates, which are issued to claim permission for leave at work, educational institutions and in court appearances for people. The applications will be launched on Sunday. The Tamil Nadu Medical Council also announced Tamil Nadu Medical Council Award-2022 for doctors.

Why the PUBG Mobile Indian version needs to ensure compliant user data and privacy policies before releasing officially?

PUBG Mobile has established itself as one of the most prominent battle royale titles on the mobile platform. The game has a massive playerbase and has attracted millions of users worldwide. Also, it has found a special place in India.

However, the Indian fans and players were in dismay as the move by the Government of India to suspend the application came in as a bolt from the blue. Ever since then, users have been waiting for the renowned BR game’s comeback in the country and have followed every development related to the game.

The Press Release by PUBG Corporation had eased players as the company announced an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile for the Indian users. Post this, several teasers were released, and a website was set up.

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PUBG Mobile Indian version should ensure compliant user data and privacy policies before the official release

Around 118 applications were suspended by the Ministry of Electronics and Information over data security and privacy reasons. 

Earlier, there were also reports that the government may not allow the game’s return unless the concerns have been addressed. 

For the game’s comeback in the country, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile must ensure that it complies with all the requirements of the Government of India. This primarily includes the user data security and privacy, which have been the key reasons for the ban.

The South Korean company has been working on complying with all the requirements of data privacy and security. A few days ago, Krafton had inked a deal with Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service. 

As a part of the deal, Krafton and its subsidiaries, including PUBG Corporation, will be using the services of the Microsoft owned company for its products, including PUBG Mobile. This will ensure the safety and security of the data. With this deal, PUBG Corporation has put the seal on privacy as their top priority.

Apart from the announcement, the press release also stated about the company’s plans to establish a subsidiary in the country. A few days ago, PUBG India was registered as a private limited company.

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Published 29 Nov 2020, 17:46 IST

PUBG Mobile personalities share opinions about Indian version announcement

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned PUBG Mobile along with 117 other mobile applications, on 2nd September.

Yesterday, an official announcement made on PUBG Mobile India’s social media handles said that the game will be coming back soon. However, according to some reports, the government did not allow PUBG Mobile’s return unless some concerns over the game are settled.

But the game is still expected to drop soon as an advertisement featuring esports personalities like Dynamo, Kronten and Jonathan also premiered today.

Here is what Ajay Assudani found out after talking to prominent eSports personalities including players, content creators, managers, team owners, and casters.

Lokesh “Goldy” Jain ( 8bit, Co-Owner)

PUBG unban news came in as the best Diwali gift to the millions of fans, all the creators and players who were waiting eagerly for something like this to happen. 

From a business perspective, yes PUBG unban will attract more brands towards our creators because of the massive numbers which PUBG used to pull for them.

On personal grounsd, I am very excited because of two facts. I get to again cheer for my boys and those adrenaline rushes during tournaments will be back. And secondly, my inventory will be back to me which again is an investment coming back so ya it’s a happy and a win-win situation.

Government restriction is something I feel is a protocol of security and main factor which led to the ban last time. Maybe government wants to address all concerns before giving any relaxation and I feel it’s fine , maybe it will take bit of time but the outcome will be permanent and secure.

Ketan “K18” Patel (Professional PUBGM Caster)

PUBGM unban will affect me in a very positive way because if we all can create content like before PUBGM got banned then it will be easier for us as content creators to create new things. Restriction from govt. should not be there like if we compare sports with esports then why does only esports have to have restrictions. All the while, sports authories get good amount of support from govt. itself. Hopefully esports era changes in India and govt should get involved in this and create a better environment for esports players too.

Abhishek “Zgod” Chaudhary (Professional PUBGM Player for TSM Entity)

well, definitely unban of PUBG mobile in India is going to have a positive impact on my life personally, being an esports player. As we know, PUBG was banned by Indian government for almost 2 months due to some data and privacy security reasons. PUBG corporation has been making best efforts for a comeback keeping in mind the legal boundations by indian government. Now, PUBG mobile officials have been giving hints for the return of PUBG mobile in India and, as the name suggests, it will be custom built for India. It will have more number of tournaments for the Indian community and higher will be the prize pools and more will be the opportunities for players to enhance their skills and earn money for themselves. So it is really going to be tough in coming days because the competition will be tough. It will open the door for investors and players in the indian market. Esports market in india is definitely going to witness growth.

Himanshu “Bababunny” Chandnani (Esports Consultant – Sportskeeda, Co-Founder TGW Gaming)

I was expecting it to be back on 13th of November, was unsure how it is happening but all the players were sure as an event was also scheduled to be on 13th around 4PM. But due to some government interference launch has been delayed a bit. I am quite sure game will be on app store within a few days. All good things take time so we just need to wait a little bit more.

Once it’s back, I am sure Indian esports will be back on track & we will be seeing new milestones in terms of viewership. The comeback is already so hyped. I just can’t wait for it to be back again.

Yogesh “Roxx” Yadav (Professional PUBGM Player for Galaxy Racer)

I’m happy and delighted by the news. We’ll get to represent our nation again. We’ll get to compete again very soon. PUBG Unban will be a win for Indian esports, helping the ever growing industry to flourish again in the country. Hope everything falls in place. Let the grind begin.

Manoj “Sentinel” Kasyap (Velocity Gaming, Owner)

PUBG was the game that gave all indians a look into esports industry, so PUBG coming back is always a good thing and healthy for the whole industry. 

Yes , we would see some impact on the numbers per say as after the ban most of the audience, influencers, players shifted to valorant which gave that game a huge audience boost but I expect them to return to PUBG. 

Being a citizen of India I respect the govt decision and I believe they know more than i do when it comes to nation’s security so its upto govt to decide and take a call on when they would allow the game back.

Dhruv “Sangwan” Sangwan (Professional PUBGM Player for Team Soul)

Obviously PUBGM unban is great news, because the whole community was clueless for about two months about which game to play or which game to go for competition or which game to stream and create content for. But now since the game is coming back, it will be a great opportunity for the new players to come out as well.

As everybody was on a break for two months, everyone will start the grind together on the same page. I think this time the competitive scenario will be better. As the game is focused on India, we might get more opportunites to represent at a Global level. I am also excited to play the game after two long moths.

If all the concerns are addressed by PUBG Corporation, then I don’t think government will have any problem in bringing the game back. On the other hand, it was also important for the government to impose restrictions earlier as nothing comes before national security.

We have waited for two long months, few more days and everything will be back on track

Pratik “Aurum” Mehra (Professional PUBGM Coach for Fnatic)

The PUBG Mobile relaunch will definitely bring a ray of hope to the indian esports scene which is booming currently and it will be a life saver for many esports professionals out there like me. I don’t know what new restrictions the indian government has put on PUBG but i am sure Bluehole will find a way to convince our government and follow all the measures required by the ministry.

Rahul “eminence” Hinduja (Global Esports, COO)

PUBG Mobile’s return will elevate the already booming ecosystem by providing athletes, influencers & even esports organizations more opportunities. Considering how much the ecosystem flourished before the ban and the hype around its return now, it’s expected to shatter viewership all across the board.

As far as government restrictions are concerned, since the ministry had taken the decision to ban the game, it is natural that the unban will take some time while they evaluate the security concerns and ensure it’s safe for us all before making any announcements. Our country’s security & sovereignty should rightly precede every other action. With that said, we urge everybody to stay optimistic and keep the gaming spirit alive! That’s what’s most important!

Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur (PUBGM Content Creator)

PUBG unban means, better enjoyment in stadium during PMCO, PMPL and other major tournaments.

It will help me join an org in the future to gain more recognition. This game has a huge fan base in younger generations compared to other games so unbanning it might help us get more and more audience for YouTube and other social media

Shivam Rao (Trinity Gaming, Co-Founder)

Since we are basically into Talent Mangement & influencer marketing, our major talent base is from PUBGM Community. The best thing after the unban will be the reach of the creators will again boost.

Since we used to work with PUBG Mobile before for their influencer related activites & some special events, we would ideate and help them execute it smoothly. Hopefully doing that again with the new team which will be in place soon.

The unban will open a lot of opportunites for our talent to collab with brands. The recent unban advertisement teaser featuring Dynamo, Kronten and Jonathan released earlier today was also assisted by us.

Government restriction is something which none of us can really comment on. If they have some concerns over the game, it is related to our privacy. If the guidelines are not being followed then obviously they should take more time and fix it.

It is better that the game takes time to come back after addressing all the concerns rather than repetitive restriction by the government

Kammaljeet Singh (Enigma Gaming, Manager)

Getting PUBGM back is gonna create lots of job opportunities in the Indian market and Indian version is like the cherry on the cake.

Published 14 Nov 2020, 18:30 IST

Indian army bans 89 apps including Facebook, PUBG, Insta, Zoom, Tinder

Messaging apps

We Chat, Helo, Share Chat, Viber, IMO, Hike, QQ, Kik, Viber, Share Chat, Qzone, To Tok, Snow, Nimbuzz, ooVoo, Line

Video Hosting

Tik Tok. Likee, Samosa, Kwali

Content Sharing

ShareIt, Zender, Zapya

Web Browsers

UC Browser, UC Browser Mini

Video and Live Streaming 

Zoom, LiveMe, BigoLive, Fast Films, Vmate, Uplive, Vigo Video

Utility Apps

CamScanner, Beauty Plus, True Caller

Gaming Apps

PUBG, Clash of Kings, All Tencent gaming Apps, Mobile Legends


AliExpress, Club Factory, Shein, Romwe, Modility, Chinabrands, Gearbest, Banggood, MiniInTheBox, TinyDeal, Dhhgate, LightinTheBox, DX, EricDress, Zaful, Tbdress, Rosegal

Dating Apps

Tinder, TrulyMadly, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, Hinge, Bumble, Tantan, Woo, Azar, Happn, Aisle


360 Security


Facebook, Instagram, Baidu, SnapChat, Ello

News Apps

Daily Hunt, News Dog

Online Book Reading Apps


Health Apps

Heal of Y

Lifestyle Apps


Knowledge Apps


Music Apps


Micro Blogging

Tumblr, Reddit, FriendsFeed, Private Blogs, Yelp

What is Replace IT app: Indian app recommends users with alternative mobile apps

Amidst heightened border tensions between India and China, there has been a rise in anti-China sentiments among many Indians across the country. In the wake of the incident, many citizens have been calling for a ban on Chinese products, especially the much popular Chinese apps that are found on every handset. As a result, a number of Indian apps have started to gain traction recently with most of them being touted as alternatives to these Chinese applications. To capitalise on the situation, ThinkBIX Technologies, an Indian-based app developer, has come up with an app called “Replace IT”.

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What is Replace IT app?

Replace IT is a new productivity app available on the Google Play Store which claims to specifically support Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Aatmnirbhar Bharat (making India a self-reliant nation). The app details that a user can also scan a product’s barcode to know the origin country of the product.

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How does Replace IT app work?

With the help of Replace IT, a user can get information about the origin country of any mobile application. The app will essentially help Indians recognize the Chinese apps installed on their devices by running a quick system scan. It will then recommend the user with alternative apps within the same category that they can choose to install.

Within a week of its launch, the Replace It app has already seen more than ten thousand downloads on the Play Store and has a user rating of 4.8 stars, as of this writing.

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Recently, a similar app called ‘Remove China Apps’ had gained popularity in India after making its way to the Google Play Store. The app helped users detect and delete all the Chinese mobile applications from their devices, although, it was soon removed by Google from the Play Store. It was able to garner more than 5 million installations since late May. However, the app had to be pulled from Android’s marquee app store for reportedly violating the company’s Deceptive Behavior Policy.

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Image credits: ThinkBIX Technologies | Google Play

SCR launches BZA.COM to help staff- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA:   The South Central Railway’s (SCR’s) Commercial Department (Vijayawada Division) has developed mobile app BZA.COM to guide and provide information to the staff of the department. Its trial version was launched by SCR General Manager Gajanan Mallya on December 4 and it is now officially available on Google Play for download. 

Elaborating the features of the app, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager P Bhaskar Reddy on Friday said BZA. COM was a unique move towards digitisation and paperless working, and advised all department staff to download and avail its services. He further said BZA.COM provided details on railway manuals, circulars, and rail bulletins, rail enquiry, etc.

“At present, there are multiple web and mobile applications by the Indian Railways to access all these information. BZA.COM now provides an easy accessibility to the entire information under one platform.” 
The DCM commended efforts of Reservation Supervisor KV Subba Rao in developing the user-friendly and informative app and motivating the staff through his innovative ideas. 

Divisional Railway Manager P Srinivas lauded the efforts of Bhaskar Reddy and his staff for developing  BZA.COM and said that such applications should be developed by all the departments to encourage the process of digitisation, transparency and simplify the routine manual work.