Predatory loan apps found in Google and Apple stores • The Register

Almost 300 apps, downloaded by around 15 million users, have been pulled from the Google Play and Apple App stores over claims they promised quick loans at reasonable rates but then used extortion and other predatory schemes against borrowers.

The loans came with hidden fees and high interest rates that drove up the payments and the apps asked for sensitive information on their mobile devices. This included SMS messages, photos, phone history and contact lists that was then used against victims, according to researchers with cybersecurity vendor Lookout.

In some instances, the data exfiltrated from the device was used to extort borrowers by threatening to disclose the data or information about the debt to their contacts, the researchers wrote in a report.

In total, more than 251 Android apps were found in the Google Play souk – and collectively, downloaded more than 15 million times – and 35 iOS apps in the Apple Store that were found to be among the top 100 financial apps in regional stores.

Lookout contacted Google and Apple about the apps and said Wednesday that none of them were still available for download.

“what’s been identified is a tiny drop in the bucket overall,” Chris Clements, vice president of solutions architecture for Cerberus Sentinel, told The Register, adding that “anything over zero shouldn’t be acceptable.”

There were almost 4 million apps in the Apple Store and more than 2.6 million in Google Play, according to Statista –

Such predatory lending apps have been a problem before. As we reported earlier this month, India’s Home Ministry instructed state governments to come down hard on illegal lending apps that it said led to multiple suicides by borrowers who had been harassed and blackmailed for repayments.

In the first half of the year, Google reportedly removed 2,000 loan apps from its Play Store in India.

Lookout researchers wrote in their report that there were likely dozens of independent operators behind the apps, with only some of them sharing code bases. However, all the apps followed a similar pattern in tricking victims into unfair loan terms and then threatening borrowers for repayments.

They couldn’t tell where the scammers were from, but the apps targeted users in developing regions, including Africa, Southeast Asia, India, Colombia, and Mexico. Such countries tend have looser financial regulations and a lack of enforcement, as well as people with lower incomes and easy access to mobile apps.

“The focus on developing countries may also explain why we found more loan scam apps on Android than on iOS,” the researchers wrote. “Outside the US, Android is much more popular, with more than 70 percent of the market, partly because of the availability of extremely low-cost Android devices.”

After users downloaded the app, they were required to give information typical for such a loan, like name, address, and employment history. However, they also were told to grant permissions to data on the device. Many of the apps began exfiltrating contact information as soon as the permissions are given.

The victims would receive some of the loan they applied for – unlike similar scams – but it would come with fees that amounted to up a third of the amount borrowed. After that, extremely high interest rates were applied and the borrowers were told to repay the loan within days, much of which was contrary to the lending details the load app promised.

“This approach has the advantage of a veil of legitimacy where the perpetrators can hide behind complex and unethical contract terms,” Clements said. “This potentially offsets liability, both from potentially convincing victims that the scam is perfectly legal, as well as from authorities who would react very differently from more traditional forms of online fraud.”

While a loan app scam can be time- and resource-consuming, “the payoff is more significant with extorting the victims,” James McQuiggan, security awareness advocate at KnowBe4, told The Register.

“Similar to the business world, cybercriminals will invest in something if it has a high return for them. With the high-interest rates and extorting the victims, they no doubt wanted to make their money back with the first dozen victims, and then the money started rolling in for them after that.” ®

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These are the apps that consume the most cache on your mobile and should be cleaned every so often

When we install an application, the size it occupies in the storage of our device is not fixed, during its use the size of the application grows due to its Temporary files that go directly to its cache, and that when we are running out of available storage it is the first thing we usually delete to free up space.

Not all applications consume the same cache, while some applications use a few megabytes for their temporary files, there are other applications that need hundreds of MB during their execution, and sometimes it makes sense to delete their temporary files from time to time, especially if we see that their cache has grown too much or they are applications that we use very little. Next we will see which Android applications are the ones that usually store hundreds of megabytes in your cache.

Chrome, Edge, Firefox and co.

One of the applications that usually consumes the most cache in the storage of our mobile device is the web browser of our device. While browsing, hundreds of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, videos, and other types of files are stored so that later, if we access the same website again, it will load faster. In this type of applications it is highly recommended to clear the cache and cookies every so often.

How to clear the Android cache and what we achieve with it

YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video

Video Streaming

There are some video-on-demand applications that can also store hundreds of megabytes of data, such as Youtube, Netflix either Amazon Prime Video, reaching up to 400 MB of cache. They temporarily save a large part of the videos that we have started to play. On the other hand, applications like Disney + or HBO barely exceed 50 MB of cache memory, since they only download very short fragments of their content. If we are going to spend a while without using any of these services again and our device has little storage, it is good to release the cache of that streaming service that we are going to be without using for a few weeks.

Youtube music

Youtube music

The same goes for Youtube musicwhich also exceeds hundreds of MB of cache due to the temporary files of the music that we have recently played while its main rival, Spotifyit does not usually exceed 25 MB of cache by managing temporary files more efficiently at the cost of spending more data if we want to play a song again.



While the WhatsApp cache does not exceed 25 MB either, in Telegram The opposite happens, we can find that the messaging application is saving hundreds of temporary files that we have been downloading from its conversations and groups. Here if we see that Telegram even saving too many temporary files, it is recommended to clear your cache so that your application occupies less.

google photos

google photos

If you use cloud storage google photos, its cache storage will grow as you explore the photos and videos that you have in the cloud, since they will be temporarily downloaded in that part of the storage, so that in a moment you can see how the application has gone from occupying almost double Of space. Therefore, from time to time it is good to clear your cache so that you do not have photos and videos in your temporary files that we are not going to see in the short term.

Google app

Google app

As with the web browser, in the app Google We can also find hundreds of MB in temporary data through the Discover news and the searches we have carried out, since we are practically facing another web browser.

google maps

google maps

while we are using google maps, the maps of our area, routes and sites are temporarily downloaded so that they can work offline, with which we can see more than 300 MB of temporary files in their cache. If you have made a very long trip and you do not want the map of that area and that route to be taking up storage, you will only have to clear its cache to start again.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Social Apps

Social networks now with the fashion of videos have become cache memory devourers, especially TikTok, instagram Y Facebook, that in a while watching your videos in a loop we can see more than 300 MB of temporary data in your cache. In Twitter we can also find more than 200 MB in temporary data. If your memory is tight, delete the cache of these applications after a marathon of short videos.

AliExpress, Wallapop and Vinted

App Stores

Lastly, app stores like AliExpress, wallpop either Vinted They can also reach more than 100 MB of cache through the temporary files of the search results, so if they are applications that we use little, it is interesting to eliminate them as soon as possible to free up that space.

How to clear an app’s cache

Clear Cache

Consulting and clearing the cache of an application is very simple. In most devices, after a long press on its icon, its shortcuts menu will appear, showing an icon to make the “Application Information”. there in the section “Storage and Cache” we can see the cache it is occupying with the button “Clear cache” to free up the space of those temporary files. Do not click on “Clear storage” or “Clear data”, since what this option will do is leave the application as newly installed, losing the user’s data. With “Clear cache” we only delete temporary files.

Android users warned to delete four ‘malicious’ apps immediately

Google is warning Android users to delete four apps immediately to avoid personal data theft.

The tech giant has banned the applications from its Google Play Store and is urging anyone who had already downloaded them to remove them as soon as possible.

The dangerous software was discovered by security experts at Malwarebytes. The apps were loaded with malware that directed unsuspecting users to phishing websites. Once there, the users’ data could be stolen, reported The Mirror.

READ MORE: Chorley named the safest place for over 60s to live in the UK

The four apps were all released by a developer called the “Mobile apps Group”, the Express reports. At the time of writing, the company’s website was not accessible.

The most popular app released by the developer on the Play Store was called Bluetooth Auto Connect. The app had released back in October 2020 and was downloaded more than a million times. The other apps were called Bluetooth App Sender, Mobile transfer: smart switch and Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB.

The four apps have now been removed from the Google Play store, but users who downloaded them before are being urged to delete them from their Android device as soon as possible.

The apps had managed to get past Android security systems by delaying its deployment of malicious behaviour. The first few days after installing these apps were typically smooth sailing, with any untoward behaviour typically starting later.

At this point, spam phishing websites would begin to appear on a victim’s device. While initially it could seem that these websites weren’t too much to be worried about, the pages got more insidious as time went on.

According to Malwarebytes, the malicious app begins opening phishing sites in Chrome. The content of this would vary, while some were harmless sites used simply to produce pay-per-click.

Others were more dangerous phishing sites which attempted to trick unsuspecting users. One such site included adult content which would lead to a phishing page telling the user they’ve been infected, or needed to perform an update.

The Chrome tabs are opened in the background even while the mobile device is locked. When the user unlocks their device, Chrome opens with the latest site.

Malwarebytes said: “A new tab opens with a new site frequently, and as a result, unlocking your phone after several hours means closing multiple tabs. The users browser history will also be a long list of nasty phishing sites.”


Qatar World Cup apps are privacy nightmares, says EU

2022 FIFA World Cup ball

AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site.

Soccer fans visiting Qatar for the World Cup shouldn’t download or install the event’s official apps to their iPhone or other devices, EU data protection chiefs claim, due to the immense privacy risk they pose to those who use them.

Major events like the World Cup often produce apps to help visitors and fans navigate, schedule travel, and find out other things they may need to know while in attendance. Though most of the time these apps are fine, it seems not to be the case for the 2022 World Cup.

Data protection regulators in Europe are warning about risks to user data by installing official Qatar World Cup apps to their smartphones and tablets, reports Politico. The warnings are headed up by claims by Germany that the data collected by the apps “goes much further” than their privacy notices state.

One app collects data on phone calls made on a device, including the phone number, the German regulator said, while another prevents devices from sleeping. “It is also obvious that the data used by the apps not only remain locally on the device, but are also transmitted to a central server,” the regulator added in a statement on Tuesday.

Germany went as far as to urge visitors that if it is “absolutely necessary” to use the apps, that they should do it on a black phone separate from their usual device.

Norway offered a similar warning over the access of the apps. “There is a real possibility that visitors to Qatar, and especially vulnerable groups, will be monitored by the Qatari authorities,” it said.

Authorities in France added that fans should take “special care” with photos and videos, and to install the apps only just before leaving the country, and to delete them on arrival back home.

French Junior Minister for Digital Jean-Noel Barrot raised privacy regulator CNIL’s guidelines in his advice. “In France, thanks to the GDPR, all applications must guarantee the fundamental rights of individuals and the protection of their data. This is not the case in Qatar,” the minister said.

In an event marred by controversy since Qatar was awarded it in 2010, it is feared that the data collected by the apps could be used to monitor groups that the authoritarian government deems an issue. Along with a poor human rights record and the bad treatment of the LGBTQ+ community in the country, that fear could be well justified.

Neither Qatar’s government, Apple, nor Google have commented on the privacy accusations so far.

Indians using health apps like never before: Unique visitors increased 249% since 2018

Healthcare technological advancements are enabling people to stay on top of their health. Now more and more Indians are using health apps to check their health information and track their fitness progress than ever before. Over the past four years, there has been a remarkable increase in overall traffic to health apps. Between August 2018 and August 2022, the total number of unique visitors from India to health apps increased a whopping 249%. Interestingly, consumers spent 310% more time on mobile fitness apps during the same period.

But why have Indians suddenly become concerned about their health and fitness? What has changed in the last four years?

Well, it is Covid-19 which has changed has changed our lives forever! The sharp rise in the usage of mobile health and fitness apps was largely caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Immediately after the first lockdown in India, there was a spike in the number of unique visitors to health applications in April 2020.

Comscore released some jaw-dropping data related to mobile health applications used by Indians between August 2018 and August 2022.

Source: Comscore

Top health apps in India

StepSetGo is the most popular and widely used mobile health app in India, with over 14.8 million unique visitors in August 2022. It has received more than 50 lakh downloads and 2.4 lakh reviews on Google Play Store.

With 12.4 million unique visitors during the month of August 2022, Sweatcoin comes in a close second. It is currently available on both App Store and Google Play.

Aarogya Setu, which was created by the government during the Covid epidemic, has become one of the widely used mobile apps in India. The primary objective of this app was to raise public awareness about coronavirus and provide essential covid-19-related health services. Surprisingly, within 40 days of its release, the app reached more than 100 million installs. In August 2022, Aarogya Setu had 9.5 million unique users and is still growing.

Source: Comscore

Google and Samsung, the world’s largest technology companies, have gained a lot of traction for their wearables and health applications among Indians, particularly in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. In August, the Google Fit and Samsung Health apps received 8.4 million and 7.1 million unique visitors, respectively.

Top Benefits of Healthcare Apps

The widespread adoption of smartphones and fast interest have made it easy to download and use health apps on our mobiles and tablets.

Apple, Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, and other technology companies have been launching wearable devices and mobile apps in order to help users track their personal health data. These health apps not only inform people about their heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, sugar level, asthma, and other vital information, but they also help people track their sleep patterns, water intake, work productivity, and a variety of other activities.

These 20 apps suck the battery of the smartphone, those who have it in their phone need a charger all the time.

tech news desk,At present, the use of mobile phones has increased a lot. This device has become a part of people’s life. Now when the mobile is not in hand then the person feels incomplete. The scope of technology is expanding. Now with the latest technology, different types of applications are being used a lot in these, due to which the battery of the mobile is now exhausted very quickly. We are going to tell you about those apps, due to which the mobile gets discharged very quickly.

These apps are used the most
Applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn allow additional features such as Photos, WiFi, Location and Microphone to run in the background. Due to which the battery gets discharged quickly due to excessive use of mobile. But you can save the battery from quick discharge by using dark-mode.

These applications are also enemies of the battery.
According to a study, excessive use of online dating applications drains your mobile battery quickly. These apps include apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr, Top Killer, due to which many background features keep running in these mobiles. Dark-mode is also not available in online dating apps, due to which the mobile battery gets discharged very quickly when using them.

20 apps that drain battery fast
Today the use of mobile is not limited to talking or messaging on the phone, now online payments, online shopping, online train tickets, online plane tickets, etc. through video calling on mobile from one corner of the world to another. are engaged. Due to which the use of mobile has increased a lot. According to a report, around 100 mobile applications were selected as the most used applications, giving a list of 20 most battery consuming applications.

bigo live
to like

Google warns about some apps with malware on Android: What should you do if you downloaded them?

Earlier this month, Malwarebytes issued an alert about a series of adware-infected Android apps that were downloaded more than a million times from Google Play.

This information was confirmed a few days ago by Google, a company that has already taken action on the matter to one more example of a recurring problem in all application stores.

Apple: “The level of malware on the Mac is unacceptable”

The apps in question came from a developer identified as Mobile apps Grup and were made available to users under the following names: Bluetooth Auto Connect, Bluetooth App Sender, Mobile transfer: smart switch, and Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB .

It is important to mention that the Bluetooth Auto Connect app alone recorded more than a million downloads and had been in Google Play for at least two years.

Before the report, through a statement from a spokesperson to ZDNET, Google confirmed the existence of these apps, while confirming that measures had already been taken in the face of what, obviously, is a risk to the security of users.

“The applications identified in the report are no longer available on Google Play and the developer of these apps has been banned” from the platform, the spokesperson explained.

After the Google alert, what is the risk?

It is important to mention that despite these measures taken by Google, the risk remains for users who have downloaded any of these apps.

According to the researchers, the apps now removed from Google Play were difficult to identify since the pop-ups with malicious links start appearing days after the download was made.

It is worth mentioning that these pop-ups will open even when you are not actively using the phone, as they are capable of running in the background.

Thus, the recommendation is to uninstall these apps to eliminate malware from the Android device and clean the cache as well as its history to avoid greater risks of phishing, for example.

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Top 12 Real Money Online Casino Apps for iOS & Android

If you want to play casino games on your mobile but feel tired of low-quality graphics and constant lag preventing you from having a good time, hear us out. 

We’ve created a list of the best casino apps available right now that you can use to play real money mobile games on your iOS or Android device.

We’ve rated each online casino app based on its game selection, customer support, payout speed, and overall fairness. 

Our top pick is Red Dog Casino — a beautiful mixture of massive bonuses, online slots, and a reputation for reliability and solid customer service.

Let’s dive in and see how it compares against other top-rated online casinos.

Best Casino Apps

1. Red Dog — Best Casino App Overall




  • 240% match bonus + 40 free spins
  • Tons of massive bonus codes
  • Over 150 quality casino games
  • Great live dealer casino
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Limited selection of progressive jackpot slots

Red Dog Casino is a fairly small casino app compared to some of the others on our list, with only 150ish games in their library — but this dog will not roll over and play dead. 

With tons of promotions available, a great selection of RTG games, and a solid live dealer casino (which is hidden from players until after account creation), there’s more than enough play to appease even the pickiest of gamblers.

Mobile Gaming – 4.5/5

Red Dog takes the minimalist approach to mobile casino games, partnering with just two game providers. RTG supplies all of Red Dog’s slots, keno, video poker, and table games, while the live dealer tables are handled by the excellent Visionary iGaming.

And honestly? We’re not mad about it. RTG games are known for looking and playing fantastic on just about any mobile device, whether you’re looking to play real money blackjack or online slots. And the selection available at Red Dog is great. 

Fans of classics will love Vegas XL and Neon Wheel 7s — both of which are excellent recent additions to Red Dog’s slots lineup — but players looking for something a little more exciting still have access to adventure and fantasy mobile slots like Desert Raider or Doragon’s Gems. 

And if you’re looking for that human element to your gaming, Visionary iGaming offers live dealer games like American and European roulette games, baccarat, super 6, and a number of blackjack tables of varying table limits.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4.8/5

If you’re looking for true value, take advantage of Red Dog’s fantastic warm welcome with the “ADORABLE” bonus code when you make your first deposit.

This code will get you a 240% match bonus plus 40 free spins on the absurdly cute Spring Wilds slot game. A perfect way to lighten your mood and help you kick-start your casino adventure. Both the spin winnings and the bonus are subject to a reasonable 35x wagering requirement.

Overall Reliability – 4.8/5

Red Dog Casino is fully licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority and only uses trusted gaming providers, so you can feel confident that every spin of those slot machine reels is as fair as can be. 

Top that off with end-to-end SSL encryption and top-tier customer support, and you can clearly see why Red Dog is one of our favorite real money gambling apps.

Use the “ADORABLE” promo code to get a 240% match bonus plus 40 free spins at Red Dog!

2. Ignition — Best Online Casino App for Poker




  • Double 100% match welcome bonus (150% for crypto)
  • 250+ online casino games
  • Amazing casino app for poker
  • Robust live dealer casino


  • Does not accept e-wallets

Ignition Casino has been rocking the mobile poker scene since 2016… and we do mean rocking it. It has one of the most comprehensive mobile poker apps we’ve found anywhere, as well as a ton of promotions and tournaments for the card sharp on the go.

Mobile Gaming – 4.6/5

Ignition Casino has a solid library of over 250 mobile games from over a dozen top software providers. 

Not only will you find popular slot games like 777 Deluxe, A Night With Cleo, and Golden Buffalo, but you’ll find plenty of great table games. Ignition has a great selection of video poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack (both single and multi-deck games) as well.

The Ignition live casino is similarly well-developed. While it leans heavily towards blackjack with over 20 tables of varying limits available — including two early payout tables — you’ll also find American and European roulette games, baccarat, and super 6.

And then there’s the poker. Ignition Casino’s mobile poker app makes playing real money poker against other players slick and exciting, and the fully-anonymous tables take all the worry out of the game. 

You won’t have to be concerned about whether or not your opponent is using a UI to track the way you play over the course of a few games in order to pick out your weaknesses… they never know who you are or even whether it’s you they are playing against.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4.8/5 

Ignition has no shortage of promotions for everything from their 200% “Tell a Friend” bonus to the $2,500 free roll tournaments available to Chrome-level rewards players.

But where Ignition really knocks it out of the park is its double-fisted welcome bonus. New players can sign up and get not one but two 100% match bonuses up to $1,000. You read that right.

The first bonus is usable only on Ignition’s great selection of popular casino games. This bonus comes with a very nice 25x wagering requirement and is a perfect way to get rolling on some slots.

Your second bonus is for the poker app and is unlocked by earning Ignition Reward Points by betting (and hopefully winning) real money on poker games and tournaments.

If you’re going to use cryptocurrencies to play at this online casino app, you can claim 2x increased bonuses of 150% up to $1,500 for poker and casino each.

Overall Reliability – 4.8/5

Since 2016, Ignition Casino has made it clear that its reputation matters. From their Curacao gaming license down to their anonymous tables in the poker app, everything is built to ensure a fair and fun experience for you, the end user.

Sign up with Ignition and claim your twin 100% match bonuses for casino and poker games!

3. — Best Mobile Casino App for Hot-Drop Jackpots




  • Up to $5,000 welcome package
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 250+ mobile games
  • Tons of progressive jackpot options


  • Limited promos for regular users
  • Live dealer casino could be improved is a solid mobile slots casino jam-packed with your favorite casino games. While navigating their website can be a bit of a chore on PC, the experience is a lot better via their web-based online casino app. 

With almost a full decade of experience, they’ve proven themselves to be a solid casino site, and their jackpot slots make them a shoo-in for our top five.

Mobile Gaming – 4.7/5

You’ll find a nice selection of games from some of the industry’s most popular providers like RTG, Rival, Patagonia, and BetSoft Gaming — this gives a wide enough array of both slot and table games.

Where we feel really excels, however, is in its massive selection of over 40 jackpot games. And we’re not just talking about jackpot slot titles, as you’ll also find a few jackpot video poker games tucked away in there, which is always a nice touch.

Plus, fans of progressive jackpots are going to be ecstatic to see that plays host to five exciting Hot Drop Jackpot games. Hot Drop Jackpots are a type of progressive jackpot modification you’ll find on some of your favorite slot titles. 

In this case, has chosen Lady’s Magic Charms, Reels of Fortune, Golden Buffalo, 777 Deluxe, and A Night With Cleo as its main Hot Drop Jackpot games — all of which have 3 exciting jackpots. 

The first two jackpots are timed and must drop within an hour for one and within a day for the other. The third jackpot is the Super Jackpot which will be triggered before it reaches $250,000. 

We’re big fans of this system and love that it gives us another excuse to play some of our favorite mobile slots.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4.6/5

New players can take advantage of a phenomenal 200% welcome bonus up to $1,000 on their first deposit as well as a 100% match on their next 8 deposits up to $500. This means you can get up to $5,000 in bonus money with 35x wagering requirements. 

Even better is that if you are a crypto gambler, you can get a 300% match bonus of up to $1,500 on your first deposit and a 150% match of up to $750 on each of your next 8 deposits. This totals out to a whopping $7,500 in real money bonuses, all with the same 35x rollover.

Overall Reliability – 4.7/5 is fully licensed by the Curacao gaming commission, which means it’s regulated by the same trusted organization as the other casino mobile apps on our list. 

They also have proper end-to-end encryption, 24/7 customer support, and use some of the most loved and trusted game providers in the gambling industry, so you should feel plenty safe here.

If you’re ready for $5,000 in bonuses – or $7,500 if you’re a blockchain buddy – click here and claim your massive first deposit match bonus!

4. SuperSlots — Best Blackjack Variety of All Online Casino Apps




  • 250% on first deposit up to $1,000
  • Over 400 games
  • Great selection of live dealers and online blackjack
  • Lots of weekly reload bonuses


  • High rollover on some promos
  • Doesn’t have as many jackpot games

SuperSlots is a fairly new mobile casino app, having only been around since 2020, but they’ve made great strides into establishing themselves as a great place to game. 

With a ton of promotions on tap and an almost obscene amount of accepted crypto deposit options, they’ve been climbing the mobile casino ladder swiftly.

Mobile Gaming – 4.5/5

SuperSlots doesn’t have the biggest selection of games, marking somewhere around 400 last we checked, but they have partnered with some absolutely solid providers, making it easy to not just find your current favorites like BetSoft’s Rags to Witches or Alkemor’s Elements, but perhaps something new and exciting as well. 

We had to put this casino app in our top five almost exclusively for the fantastic selection of blackjack. Not only does SuperSlots have 13 online blackjack tables — including Multi-Hand, Single Deck, Blackjack 11, Ultra One Hand Blackjack, Pirate 21, and more — but their live dealer blackjack offering is similarly robust.

You see, SuperSlots has not one but two live dealer online casinos. Both casinos have online roulette, baccarat, super 6, and a nice selection of live dealer blackjack games. 

The “Red” live casino has a variety of blackjack formats and stake levels, making it easy to find a game you’re comfortable with, while the “Black” casino has an equally competent staff, but you might find other varieties of blackjack like Latin, Russian, and Baltic rulesets.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4.3/5

New SuperSlots players can take advantage of a massive $6,000 welcome package by starting off with the “SS250” promo code. This promo code will get you a 250% match bonus of up to $1,000 on your first deposit with a 35x wagering requirement.

But that’s not all.

Once you’ve spent your first bonus, you’ll be able to use “SS100” on your next 5 deposits to get a 100% match up to $1,000 on each of those deposits – all with the same 35x wagering requirements. This is a solid bonus, and a diligent gambler will make short work of that rollover.

There’s also a crypto bonus you can get by using the CRYPTO400 bonus code (400% up to $4,000), but the rollover for this one jumps to a rather high 48x wagering requirement.

Overall Reliability – 4.5/5

A change from our other online casinos on this list, SuperSlots is licensed and regulated by the Panama Gaming Authority, which we have full confidence in as well. This means you can rest assured that, like the other mobile casinos we’re reviewing today, you can expect a safe and secure gambling experience.

Click here and use the “SS250” bonus code to get a whopping 250% match bonus up to $1,000!

5. BitStarz — Best Online Casino App for Crypto Users




  • 125% match up to 1 BTC first deposit bonus
  • 4,000+ games
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Exciting table game and slot tournaments


  • Heavily geo-restricted
  • No real deposit bonuses for longtime players

Rounding out our top five list of the best casino apps is BitStarz. A fantastic online crypto casino with award-winning customer service, a solid welcome bonus, and a huge selection of mobile games.

Mobile Gaming – 4.6/5

With 4,000 games from literally dozens of providers, it’s almost impossible to imagine getting bored on the BitStarz mobile site. 

Whether you’re looking for massive jackpot slots like the exclusive Master of Starz title, or you just want a cozy game of blackjack (of which you’ll find 10 fantastic varieties), BitStarz has you covered.

Honestly, our biggest complaint would be that with over 4,000 games – of which they have almost 45 table games – the one thing we found lacking was the video poker selection. 

Compared to everything else, it was comically light. Barring that, though, this is a fantastic place to play everything from Sic Bo to Minesweeper with a little stop in some real money Plinko and crypto slots.

Bonuses and Promotions – 4/5

New players can get a 125% match bonus on their first deposit of up to 1 BTC and 180 free spins. The free spins are broken up into 20 per day for 9 days, the first batch of which is credited to your account immediately after your deposit clears.

Both the free spin winnings and the bonus are subject to stiff but fair 40x rollover. And while the rollover is pretty standard and only attached to your bonus, the time of 7 days you get to meet is too short.

Overall Reliability – 4.5/5

We absolutely consider BitStarz a reliable online casino. 

Not only do they use a ton of well-respected game providers, but they have several games that are Provably Fair (meaning that part of the RNG happens on your personal machine, making it impossible for the game to use non-random numbers to calculate wins) and have literally won awards for their customer service.

If you would like to be spoiled for choice, click here and claim your 125% first deposit bonus up to 1 BTC and a whopping 180 free spins at Bitstarz.

How We Evaluated the Best Online Casino Apps

Mobile Gaming

It’s important that you only have the best mobile gaming experience when playing real money casino games. We made sure every casino app on our list has mobile games that play as well as they look… and plenty of them.

Of course, the rest of the casino should look and feel good on mobile, so we made sure to test all of its features on our Android and iOS devices. Even better, none of our top picks require you to download software before playing — you simply need to access their web-based casino app through your mobile browser.

Bonuses and Promotions

All of the real money online casinos for mobile devices on our list are chock full of massive welcome bonuses, reload offers, and free spins that you can claim straight via your Android or iOS mobile device.

Overall Reliability

We have also made sure that every casino on our list is fully licensed and regulated, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the outcome is rigged against you. Every casino app you find here is 100% transparent and fair.

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Guide to Using Real Money Casino Apps

Are there casino apps that pay real money?

Yes, there are a lot of casino apps that pay real money. We recommend any of the mobile online casinos outlined in this article as we’ve found them to offer fair winning odds and competitive casino bonuses, in addition to a great variety of mobile games for real money. Red Dog Casino is our top pick.

What are the best online casino apps to win real money?

Some of the best casino apps that pay out real money include:

Do casino apps let you win at first?

No. Casino apps do not let you win at first. This is a common misconception gamblers have to justify a run of poor luck. Modern iOS and Android casino apps using games from reputable providers offer consistent odds no matter whether you’re new or not.

What is the best casino app?

We feel that Red Dog Casino is the best online casino app available right now. With tons of bonus codes, a website that looks amazing on mobile, and a great selection of live dealer and online casino games, it suits us just perfectly.

Red Dog is also one of the best free casino apps, as it allows you to give each game a test drive before you bet real money.

Comparison of the Top 5 Casino Apps

Red Dog: This little casino is no underdog. Red Dog claimed our top slot thanks to a fantastic array of deposit bonus codes, a solid selection of mobile-ready RTG slots, and amazing customer support. Remember to use the “ADORABLE” code to get a 240% match bonus plus 40 free spins when you sign-up at Red Dog.

Ignition: The perfect pick for the card player on the go, Ignition Casino offers what is hands-down the best poker app we’ve found anywhere. They also sport a robust variety of slot and table games that only serve to complement the excellent poker. Sign up today to claim your 100% match bonuses for both casino games and online poker or 150% for crypto deposits. An easy pick for our top five thanks to a massive collection of progressive jackpot games as well as a few exciting Hot Drop Jackpot slots (one of our favorite ways to play, if we’re being honest). Sign up to get a 200% match on your first deposit of up to $1,000.

SuperSlots: While Super Slots has a great selection of slots with some very unusual themes, we had to put them on our list due to the sheer wealth of mobile blackjack options. With tons of online blackjack and two live dealer casinos, there are just so many ways to play. Use the “SS250” promo code to get a 250% match up to $1,000 when you’re ready to deposit.

BitStarz: Last but certainly not least is our pick for the best crypto casino app. BitStarz brings the heat with over 4,000 online casino games and a solid crypto welcome bonus. Sign up today and get a 125% match bonus of up to 1 BTC plus 180 free spins on some great slots.

How to Get Started with Real Money Casino Apps

If you’re ready to take all the excitement of Las Vegas into the palm of your hand, get started by signing up for our pick for the overall best casino app: Red Dog Casino.

Step 1: Visit Red Dog

Follow this link to navigate to the Red Dog Casino landing page and click the red GET BONUS button.

Step 2: Enter the Required Details

Create your username and password (remember to create a password that is different from any of your other accounts for the sake of security). Provide a valid email address and click “Next Step” to proceed.

Step 3: Create Your Account

Provide all your personal details like your name, date of birth, et cetera. Proceed to the next step and enter your address and other contact information before finalizing the registration process.

Step 4: Deposit & Play

Once you’ve validated your account and logged in, head over to the Cashier and enter the promo code “ADORABLE” to claim your 240% welcome bonus with 40 free spins at Red Dog.

So, Have You Found the Best Casino App for You?

Hopefully, we’ve provided enough information to help you choose which mobile casino app is best for you. 

To recap, Red Dog Casino topped our list of best online casino apps thanks to its massive selection of welcome bonuses, great library of live and online casino games, and sterling reputation. 

But any one of these mobile casinos would do in a pinch, and they all do something extremely well… so maybe it’s best to sign up for a few of them.

Just remember that casino apps should be fun, and you should always gamble responsibly.

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DISCLAIMER: 18+ only. Online gambling comes with many risks. Players are advised to gamble responsibly and only use funds they can afford to lose. Remember, gambling is only intended for entertainment purposes and is not a solution to any financial difficulties.

Gambling laws and policies vary from one region to another. Some casino sites mentioned in this review may not be accessible in your area. Always do your due diligence and check your local gambling policies. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you suspect you’re becoming addicted to gambling, seek help immediately by contacting the National Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700.

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