Tuesday, October 15, 2019

AT&T, facing $158 billion debt, to sell Puerto Rico network for $2 billion

Enlarge / An AT&T sign outside a company office in New York City.

FBI warns of major ransomware attacks as criminals go “big-game hunting”

Enlarge / Big-time criminals have come to play in the ransomware game, taking down "big game" for big bucks. ...

US wants Facebook to backdoor WhatsApp and halt encryption plans

Extreme closeup photo of a hand holding a smartphone using WhatsApp.

Microsoft says Iranian hackers tried to hack a US presidential campaign

Hackers backed by the Iranian government recently tried...

The broken record: Why Barr’s call against end-to-end encryption is nuts

Enlarge / The US, UK, and Australia want Facebook to hold off on end-to-end encrypting Messenger until they have a way to...

Attackers exploit 0day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones

Attackers are exploiting a zeroday vulnerability in Google’s...

Google adds password “checkup” into Web account password manager

Enlarge / Some people need Password Checkup more than others.

Former Yahoo engineer admits using his access to steal users’ sexual images

Enlarge / A sign outside a Yahoo corporate building in Los Angeles.

Webkit zero-day exploit besieges Mac and iOS users with malvertising redirects

Enlarge / Artist's impression of a malicious hacker coding up a BlueKeep-based exploit.
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