Rebuilding Your Life After Addiction

The point is to surround yourself with people who love and support you. Having people in your life who will pull you in the opposite direction is vital. Find sober friends – Developing a sober network is an essential component to the recovery process. Most often, the people you meet in your drug treatment program or your 12-step meetings are the ones who will become your biggest supports. Like you, they are living proof that life after addiction is possible. If any temptations or negative situations come your way, they can help you navigate through them.

Starting this early in the recovery process will encourage stronger immunity, higher energy levels, a healthy appearance and more self-confidence in all that you do. Now that you are through living a life of substance abuse, you’ll likely want to reconnect with your friends and family members on an emotional level. But, perhaps you’re realizing that many of them aren’t ready to take that step. It will be tempting to beat yourself up about the issues you experienced in your past. In the long run though, it ultimately does more harm than good. Thus, in the long run, abusing substances will likely only bring one’s self-esteem issues to light.

Rehab Aftercare Programs at Sunrise House

Joseph Gilmore has been in the addiction industry for three years with experience working for facilities all across the country. Many famous people in recovery such as Anthony Hopkins, Steven Tyler, Robert Downey Jr., and Martin Sheen attribute their successful recovery to the support of AA and NA meetings. Peer support groups will become a part of your life as these are where you discover role models whose success you can emulate as you restart a new life.

  • Most often, the people you meet in your drug treatment program or your 12-step meetings are the ones who will become your biggest supports.
  • Rebuilding your life after addiction is not easy and it takes a real commitment with treatment and support.
  • Another very critical thing to remember as you recover from substance abuse is the importance of self-care.
  • After all, recovery is the best time to focus on getting your life back on track.

When in recovery, the most important thing to understand is that everyone’s process of recovering is different from another. As addiction treatment will emphasize, diet and exercise are invaluable in recovery. The chances are that you weren’t in the best health while in the middle of addiction, but it probably felt amazing to have a wholesome and balanced meal once you got sober. When you’ve taken the time to make amends and discuss the expectations that your friends and family have of you, it’s time to follow through on your promises. Chances are that, as an addict, you weren’t known for your reliability, and this is the perfect time for you to change people’s perceptions of you.

Choose Recovery Over Addiction

Furthermore, abusing substances usually causes people to struggle more in life. This, in turn, will cause people’s self-esteem to become even lower. Continued substance abuse also causes people to struggle even more to get the mental health assistance and addiction treatment that they need. There is plenty of evidence that a CBT treatment plan for substance abuse can help you successfully recover from addiction, but that’s not all therapy can do for you! Therapy, CBT or otherwise, can be very beneficial for mental health.

Many addicts cannot hold down a job, keep their finances in order, live in a clean and organized environment, or maintain close relationships. And once you get clean, the things you’ve lost during addiction won’t magically come back. You’ll basically have to start from scratch in those aspects of your life. Or you may have to repair what’s broken, which can be even harder than starting over. This can make you feel like your life is ruined and it’s all your fault, especially if you’re an adult who already had a career, family, and home before addiction.

Coping and Communication Skills

Try to get at least eight hours of good quality sleep every night, and you’ll be surprised at the difference that it can make. Getting enough rest will help your mood, concentration levels, alertness, immune system, and much more. Most people would have gotten used to seeing you as an addict, and this is a way for both of you to establish boundaries. Talking about it will help them draw a healthy conclusion regarding your new lifestyle, and they won’t expect too much or too little from you – and vice versa. The process of recovering from alcohol dependence can be challenging.

rebuilding your life after addiction

Drug addiction affects the immune system of the body and makes it weak. People who go through substance abuse problems are more likely to catch diseases than those who don’t. Focusing on nutrition and exercise can help improve the immune system and live a better life. Having mood swings and a high temper is common in addicts, both before and during the recovery process. Living a healthy life is improve your mood and helps you live a stress-free life. After addiction treatment ends, many people benefit from ongoing therapy.

Find Sober Friends

Many sober individuals can find it difficult to explain to someone about their previous drugs abuse experience. The best strategy is being honest when asked and confirming that the recovery is complete. Your job counselor will assist you in this effort but the definitive decision on what to share and not to disclose is ethically and legally yours.

rebuilding your life after addiction

When you see yourself in a negative light, you often lose faith in your abilities and even your worth. You may start to doubt that you can get through fentanyl detox treatment and give up before you’ve even given it a fair shot. But asking for help also starts to feel impossible because you no longer think you deserve it. These kinds of thoughts can kneecap your attempts at a fulfilling sober life.

Even once the addiction is treated, the pain may be an everyday reality that significantly impacts their quality of life. Addiction can disrupt virtually every aspect of an individual’s life, from their financial stability to their interpersonal relationships. After completing rehab, they may feel overwhelmed by the changes they need to make. You will enjoy rebuilding your life after addiction when educating yourself is a part of it.

  • It is easy to become overwhelmed with a long list of to do’s, especially when crunched for time.
  • On the other hand, it’s important not to commit to too much.
  • After entering treatment, open yourself up to any opportunities that come your way.
  • This is in large part due to the negative feelings that they have of themselves.
  • It will improve your energy levels, your sense of well-being and give you more self-confidence.

Being of service to others is also an excellent way to embrace more accountability on your side. By then, resources such as treatment centers, support groups, helpful sponsors are already at your fingertips, and you can connect people to these resources. Recovery is going to be a steady, slow, and lifelong process. However, it is essential to remember that this journey will not define who you are.