Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Student creates compact Avogo tool to “eliminate avocado hand” on the go

Brighton College student Pietro Pignatti has designed a compact avocado cutter that can be used to safely open avocados while on the go.Named Avogo, the cutter was designed by Pignatti...

Fallback system can bypass internet shutdowns to give access to news

Students from London's Royal College of Art and Imperial College have devised a system that provides access to news coverage via a portable satellite modem during a government-enforced internet shutdown.The...

Game Boy gets extra life in minimal Analogue Pocket

Retro handheld gaming meets contemporary design in the Analogue Pocket, a new device for playing old Game Boy cartridges.American tech company Analogue made Pocket as "a tribute to portable gaming"....

Winston filter promises to give people control over their online privacy

A hardware filter called Winston that users plug into their modem to protect their data has launched, in response to mounting concern over digital privacy and surveillance.Created by US start-up...

Exercises for Seniors and Boomers

By Tommy Kirchhoff Exercise for seniors must be beneficial, and it cannot be harmful. Seniors simply cannot risk getting injured when they exercise. But most kinds of exercise are risky for seniors. In...
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