Top 10 App Development Companies for Your Next Project

Developing a mobile app takes time, expertise, and various resources. It usually makes more sense to outsource app development work, rather than trying to handle it in-house, and plenty of companies on the market can help with this. But who should you choose?

We’ve explored many app development companies and found ten of our favorites based on skills, price, and client reviews.

1. eFlair WebTech


As a company offering professional services that go far beyond its accessible price tag, eFlair makes the top spot on this list. From app development to UI/UX design, eFlair can complete projects that meet complex needs, all while offering the benefits of a close-knit team.

The talented professionals at eFlair boast a wide range of web and app development skills. This ranges from working with WordPress to create basic websites, to using complex databases and server systems like AWS to build robust web-ready apps.

Alongside designing and building your app, eFlair can also help you to launch your project. Hosting and server systems will be handled for you, and you can use one of eFlair’s sister companies to handle your marketing and other important aspects of your launch.

eFlair has offices in both the USA and India, making this agency truly international, while also ensuring that clients can always get support when they need it. All three of eFlair’s core teams utilize smart workflows that enable every team member to stay in the loop, no matter where they are working from.

All of this is not reflected by the company’s price tag. Working with eFlair will set you back as little as $25 per hour, and, as you will see from the rest of the items on this list, this price is near-unbeatable in the world of app development.

2. App Maisters Inc.


App Maisters Inc. is a Texas-based digital consultant with a huge range of app developers. The company can handle web and software development, blockchain technology, customer experience and design, and even digital security. Of course, though, mobile app development is one of its key areas of expertise.

Having worked with a variety of high-profile companies, App Maisters Inc. is well-placed to provide professional development services for just about any app. Pricing starts at $50 per hour, making it more affordable than many development companies, though not affordable enough to take the number one spot.

3. Messapps

messapps app development

Like many mobile app development companies, Messapps also specializes in website design and web app development. This means that this company can produce consistent projects that fit the brand you have already worked incredibly hard to create. Messapps is based in New York, but you can use its services from anywhere.

Pricing with Messapps starts at $100 per hour, making this one of the most costly options on this list, but you do get a lot of your money. This company works tirelessly to ensure that each of the apps it produces is well-designed, tested, and ready for launch as soon as the day comes.

4. The Websuasion Group

websuasion development

Founded in 2007, The Websuasion Group has been making complex websites and apps for more than 20 years. Today, mobile app development is this Georgia-based company’s key service, but full-stack web development is still on the cards for those who need more advanced features for their website or app.

Building an app with The Websuasion Group will cost you at least $150 per hour. While this price is high, it can be worth the cost for projects that require website and mobile applications that are developed by the same company. The Websuasion Group has excellent reviews across various review platforms.

5. Cosmico Studios

cosmico app development

Based in Florida, Cosmico Studios is a web and mobile app development agency with a heavy focus on e-commerce. This app developers work with popular CMS and sales tools like Shopify and WordPress and can work on e-commerce projects that include both web and mobile platforms. This is ideal for existing online stores looking to break into the mobile world.

The founder of Cosmico holds a wide range of personal skills in information technology and marketing, and this extends to the team that works beneath him. You will have to pay at least $50 per hour to take advantage of these skills, making this one of the more affordable companies on this list.

6. Mobulous Technologies

mobulous mobile app dev

Like many app development companies, Mobulous Technologies specializes in a range of fields that the company has worked with in the past. This includes taxi apps, event apps, and real estate apps, but it can also cover new fields. You can view the different apps this company has produced on the portfolio section of its website.

Building an app with Mobulous Technologies will set you back at least $25 per month, placing it in the same price bracket as our number one company. You can take a look at the companies this studio has worked with on its website, and it’s worth reading some reviews before you make your choice.

7. AppsChopper

appschopper development

Opening its doors in 2011, AppsChopper has offices based in New York, Walpole, and Boston, giving the company a wide reach across the USA. This company has a strong focus on scalability with its apps, making it a good choice for projects that are likely to grow in the future. Alongside iOS and Android app development, AppsChopper can also make apps for wearables and other niche platforms.

AppChopper’s services start at $50 per hour for app development, placing this company in a good position for those with a relatively high budget. This company has worked with brands like Motorola, HP, Unilever, and Philips.

8. Umbrella IT

umbrella it services

Umbrella IT is predominantly an IT service provider, offering consulting, development, and IT software/hardware solutions. Creating mobile apps falls well into this remit, making this studio great for companies that want more than just a mobile application. For example, Umbrella can help with customer development once you have an app up and running.

Umbrella IT is another relatively expensive service, with options starting at around $100 per hour. This will set the bar too high for a lot of projects, but it also assures a high level of professionalism and resources when your project is underway.

9. Fueled

fueled web app dev

As you can see from the Fueled website, this is a company that takes modern website and application design seriously. Fueled can develop apps for iOS, Android, React, and Flutter, while also offering web development, design, and marketing services. Web3 technologies like blockchain are also in this company’s ballpark.

Offering top-notch design and incredibly versatile development services, it’s easy to see why Fueled would command a high price tag. You can expect to pay at least $150 per hour working with this studio, but this will cover a wide range of services that make the cost worth it for many companies.

10. Rootstrap

rootstrap development

Rootstrap stands unique in the world of app development, offering additional services like machine learning and data science development. This enables this company to occupy a niche that many others can’t match, especially for clients that want to make the most of the information they collect.

This company has more than 300 employees around the world, ensuring that projects are handled quickly and professionally, while also giving you peace of mind that you will always have support. Like any other service, though, you have to pay for this, and prices start at $100 per hour.

Picking the Best Mobile App Development Company

Picking the best mobile app development company for your next app project can be a challenge. Not only do you have to look at the services on offer, but you also have to think about reviews and pricing. It’s always worth doing your own research when you choose to work with a service like this.

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