The 14 best calendar apps to organize your 2023 on your mobile or browser

We bring you a small list with The best 14 calendar applications for your mobile, with which you will be able to organize your year both on the smartphone and in the browser. We are going to focus on mobile calendars, but many of them also have web versions that you can use.

In the list you will find mostly generic calendar applications, although we have also added a couple of specific ones for specific tasks. Most of them are also free, although there are some that are paid or with paid premium features. The question is have a good repertoire to choose fromand then you are the one who makes the decision of which one to use.

And as we always say in Xataka Basics, these are our suggestions, but if you think we have left out an important app We invite you to share it with everyone in the comments section. In this way, all readers who come to find out about the article will also be able to benefit from the knowledge of our community of xatakeros.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

The Google calendar is one of the most complete applications that you have at your disposal to create calendars. In fact, in Google Calendar you can create layers that are like different calendars, such as your work or vacation calendar, and then activate or deactivate the ones you want to see at the same time.

This calendar centralizes your data through your Google account, allowing you to use it on multiple devices at the same time. And since it is a Google account, if you are a Gmail or Android user you have this service completely free for add your annotations and quotes, create reminders and, in short, organize yourself to your liking. You can also integrate other apps into the calendar to give it even more features.

apple calendar

Apple Calendar

Just as Android users have Google’s calendar as default on many of their phones, iPhone and Mac users have Apple’s calendar. It is a free calendar that you will have available just by having an Apple ID, and you can use it on all Apple devices or on the web, always keeping it updated.

This calendar allows you to make notes, save appointments that the mobile phone notifies you of, and all those classic functions of a calendar. It also integrates the birthdays of your contacts and, most importantly, automatically add event dates found in the mail app or in iMessagecreating an internal Apple ecosystem in which it allows you to detect appointments and automatically add them to the calendar. Calendar

Anydo is a very popular note and task service that also offers a calendar app to its users. Its concept is particular, since it is a kind of union between notes application and calendar, all in a single application. There is not as much depth of options as in other apps, but it does have additional functions related to organizing the content as if it were a notes app.

The application is free, although it has a paid version with additional options, such as a quick shortcut for the shopping list. It can also be integrated with Google or Microsoft calendars so that the content of these accounts is displayed in a unified way in

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is Microsoft’s email service, and in its mobile applications Microsoft calendar is included, to which you can also add things both by hand and from emails you receive. It is a good calendar in which to write down anything you want and receive notifications when your appointments are approaching.

Perhaps it may be uncomfortable for you that the Microsoft calendar does not have its own app, and that it is only a tab within the application, although as a calendar it is one of the most complete you will find. All the information is centralized in your Microsoft account to be able to consult it from any device.

Shift Calendar


This is a completely different app than the others. It does not seek to give you a complete calendar, but to allow you create a work shift schedule, so that every day you can know if you are free, if you work in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. You can also assign a color to each shift, repeat shifts or set alarms or your salary for each shift.

Calendar Com

A professional calendar app, perfect for users who want a simplified yet feature-rich experience. You must create an account to use it, which allows it to be a device and the data is synchronized with this account on all the devices where you have it installed.

The app offers all the options you’d expect from a calendar app, along with day, week, month, and year views to see your tasks and organize them. It also integrates with some services like Zapier and Zoom, has a minimalist design and you have the possibility to use it for free, although with payment plans to add more options.



It is an application designed to allow you to share calendars with other people, with social options such as being able to leave comments and likes. It allows you to create notes with or without dates, appointments and reminders, and includes holidays in 13 countries.

The particularity of this application is that the calendars are accessible from it, but you cannot synchronize them with the native calendar of your mobile. Nevertheless, Yes, you can upload the mobile calendar to TimeTree to use it in the application, although the changes they make will remain in the app without being synchronized with the main one of the device.

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A calendar app that is only available for Android devices, and has no plans to make the move to iOS. It has a design with Google’s Material Design language, an annual view to see all the appointments and events of the year, and an exclusive section for calendars.

One of the main features of this application is that it has many customization options to be able to adapt to your liking. There is also bad news, such as having to pay 0.99 euros to be able to add holidays, or 3.99 euros for its full version.

Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar

another calendar app exclusive for Android devices, and one of the best valued. Offers multiple widgets to better integrate into your mobile desktop, as well as 22 different themes to give it the look you want.

It allows you to create all kinds of posts and has an agenda system, and you can then view everything you have in views by day, week or month. You can add attachments and tasks.



It is a calendar exclusive for users of the Apple ecosystem, and one of the best you can find that integrates into all your devices. The app is designed primarily with macOS users in mind, though you can also install and use it on iPadOS, iOS, and even watchOS. So you can check it from anywhere.

Its basic version is free, although it has some functions that are only available in one of its two premium subscriptions. In addition to being able to add any appointment, reminder or note to the calendar, it also allows you to sync other external calendars. It also has an excellent design, and a function of smart suggestions or concentration filters in addition to many other extras.

Simple Calendar


An open source calendar with Android app. Instead of trying to add as many options as you can like other apps, it tries to make everything simple. You’re going to be able to customize it, but it doesn’t have smart hints or state-of-the-art designs or anything like that.



It is a free application for its main functions, but it has additions that you can only enjoy with the paid version. Even so, in the free version you have a user account, and the possibility of connect with Google, Microsoft and Apple calendars. You will also have different event types, including one-on-one meetings, and you can create other meetings, group events, and polls.

Therefore, it is an application that, in addition to being a calendar, also wants to allow you to organize your life and your tasks, even allowing you to create rules according to your availability. The negative part is that it is not very customizable.



A completely free and quite new calendar application, and designed to help you better manage your time with lots of options. Allows you to sync your Microsoft or Google calendarsallowing you to set up work locations, create meetings and events, and propose meeting times that others can accept.

For meetings, Nook se integra con Zoom, Google Meet o Microsoft Teams so you can choose the service you prefer. It is designed above all for work groups, being able to know if each person works from home or remotely and speeding up the process of proposing meetings.

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And we end up with an exclusive application for iOS. It comes from Moleskine, a company dedicated to paper notebooks and diaries, and which has also made the leap to mobile apps. TimePage is your calendar app, offering easy access to your events. The negative part is that free is only the trial periodthen requires paying a subscription of a couple of euros per month.

The application has a minimalist and clean design, allowing you to synchronize several calendars, different views with immediate access to the records, and functions such as ephemeris, intelligent weather suggestions or compatibility with Siri.

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