Best Flexible Tripod – Improve Photography

It can be challenging to find the perfect tripod. There are some angles that you just can’t get without the help of a flexible tripod.

Best Flexible Tripod

You don’t want a tripod that is so insecure that your camera will break. Forget getting a lousy photo. You don’t want to worry about your camera.

In order to improve your photography and increase your range, you can do a lot with flexible tripods.

While a standard tripod works as a secure stand, a flexible tripod can allow you to hang your camera from places you wouldn’t have initially thought of.

There are so many places you can place them, wrap them around a tree, and bend them into selfie sticks. They’re so flexible that you can bring them with you anywhere.

If you’re thinking of looking into buying one, we’ve done all the research for you. Check out this list to help you make your decision.

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Best Flexible Tripod – Comparison Table

Best Flexible Tripod – Reviews

Our Pick

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit. Compact Tripod 3K Stand and Ballhead 3K for Compact Mirrorless Cameras or Devices up to 3K (6.6lbs). Black/Charcoal.

Our rating:

The JOBY GorillaPod 3K is one of many members of JOBY’s GorillaPod range.

The 3K represents how much it can handle in weight, so anything up to 3KG shouldn’t be an issue for this variant.

Generally, the JOBY GorillaPods are designed to be versatile. You can move the legs so they stand up straight.

You can grip them or wrap them around tree branches or door handles. They don’t weigh much and are made of high-quality materials.

While they may take time to get used to and take a little longer to set up, the GorillaPod offers various angles that you won’t get with a traditional tripod.

While they won’t get the same height, the GorillaPod is definitely a range to watch.

The JOBY GorillaPod 3K is also available on Joby’s official website.


  • Versatile – You can use the JOBY GorillaPod in three ways: to stand, grip, or use as a wrapping mount. .
  • Size and Weight – Weighs 14.1oz, and it’s easy to carry around when traveling..
  • Durable Materials– The GorillaPod is made of high-quality materials, with the plastic being ABS and the rubberized rings made of TPE. .


  • Wrapping Mount Takes Time The wrapping mount does take some time to ensure your camera is secure.
  • Flexible Legs Take Time- Depending on how they’re used, the flexible legs can take time to master due to their unique shape.
  • Height Unlike Traditional Tripods – The GorillaPod isn’t like a traditional tripod, so it doesn’t have the same height as a regular stand.

ULANZI MT-33 Camera Tripod,Flexible Mini Tripod with 1/4' Screw for Magic Arm,Octopus Tripod Compatible with iPhone 12 Samsung Canon Nikon Sony Cameras

Our rating:

If you don’t want to spend too much on the JOBY GorillaPod, you can always try out the ULANZI MT series.

You can use the ULANZI MT-33 Octopus Tripod, which can simply switch between camera and phone recording easily without changing the mounting head around.

However, while good for camera and phone recording, it’s not suitable for DSLR cameras as they’re too heavy for them.

This doesn’t stop the versatility of the ULANZI MT-33, which also comes with a cold shoe that can be equipped with either a microphone or video light.

The only real issue is the tightening wheel, but this is an easy fix and doesn’t impact the ULANZI MT-33’s performance.

The ULANZI MT-33 is also available on Ulanzi’s official website.


  • Easily Switch Between Camera and Phone – You can easily switch between your camera and phone by opening up the mounting head for your phone. .
  • Versatile – You can easily mount the ULANZI MT-33 on other surfaces and can handle a variety of different cameras as well as your phone..
  • Cold Shoe for LED Light or Microphone– If you’re recording, you can add in an extra feature on your cold shoe to enhance your performance or improve lighting. .


  • Tightening Wheel– The screw isn’t always securely in the tightening wheel. It’s not a massive issue, but it does need some warning as you will need to reassemble and tighten it.
  • Not Suitable for DSLR– While the MT-33 can handle a lot of weight, it does struggle with DSLR cameras, and it can cause issues with the ball head.

KODAK PhotoGear 12” Flexible Tripod with 360° Ball Head, Compact System Converts from Tripod to Selfie Stick to Camera Mount, Bendable Legs, Rubber Feet, Smartphone & Action Camera Adapters w/E-Guide

Our rating:

The KODAK PhotoGear is versatile and has some easily adjustable legs, they’re easy to straighten up, and they’ve been praised as being better than the GorillaPod.

They straighten easily, but the base joints could have more friction instead of relying on two hard stops.

The legs can fit on anything, and the ball head is large and tightens up securely. However, it doesn’t rotate as well when your phone or camera is already secured.

The KODAK PhotoGear is also available on KODAK Photo Plus.


  • Legs are Easy to Adjust – The legs of the KODAK are incredibly flexible and bendy, and can even grab onto narrower surfaces. They’re easy to straighten out as well, which makes them much easier to use.
  • Tight Ball head – The ball of the ball head is large and doesn’t budge at all when you’ve tightened it up.
  • Versatile – The KODAK PhotoGear is not only flexible but versatile as well. It can be used with a variety of different cameras and can also be wrapped around anything.


  • Base Joints of the Legs — The base joints could have more friction instead of relying on two hard stops, as it limits the width of the stance.
  • Ball head Rotation — The ball head doesn’t rotate to allow you to use the 90-degree notch after it’s been secured to your camera or phone.

ATMO Q3 Flexible Mini Tripod Waterproof 12-in, Black - Use for Mirrorless, Compact Camera, Action Cam Outdoor, Sports, Vlog, Selfie, Tabletop Tripod - Lightweight, Portable for Travel

Our rating:

The ATMO Q3 is sturdy, versatile, and easy to travel with. It’s made of lightweight materials, so you can easily carry it around with you.

This makes it great to use while on the go, and it’s even suitable for all weather conditions.

However, it doesn’t work for DSLRs and works much better for lightweight materials. Nor does it come included with a cell phone attachment.

If you get the ATMO Q3, you should keep this in mind. Generally, it’s a good flexible tripod to start out with, especially for beginners.

The ATMO Q3 is also available on


  • Sturdy – The ATMO Q3 is not only flexible but also sturdy. It bends far and has a good grip.
  • Versatile – Great for outdoor use and has a great design which makes it great for all weather conditions.
  • Great for Travel – The lightweight design makes the ATMO Q3 a great tripod to use for traveling as it doesn’t take up too much space.


  • No Attachment for Cell Phones – Can take a while to get accustomed to
  • Doesn’t Work for DSLR – Can take a while to get accustomed to

SABRENT Universal Flexible Tripod for Standard Tripod Mount (GoPro Mount Adapter Included) TP-FLTP

Our rating:

The Sabrent is small, lightweight, and versatile. It’s an easy entry point to using flexible tripods with its low price point.

You can use it as a tripod at home or while traveling, as the legs are sturdy enough to wrap them around a variety of objects.

While it has many positives, there have been reports about the durability of Sabrent’s legs, and that they may break after a few months.

The camera mount comes with a GoPro adaptor and a cell phone mount, but they aren’t the easiest to tilt or rotate. Overall, the Sabrent Universal is a great option for a tripod on a budget.

The Sabrent Universal Flexible Tripod is also available on Sabrent’s official website.


  • Versatile – Sabrent works with a variety of different cameras, especially GoPro and other cameras. This makes it great to use if you want to work with various cameras.
  • Lightweight – comes with an array of advanced features to ensure that you get the best quality images with limited flare.
  • Maintenance kit – comes with a full maintenance kit that allows you to properly take care of your lens with ease.


  • Durability – Sabrent isn’t the most durable, and it may break off after a few months.
  • Lens cap – While it comes with a GoPro adaptor and a cell phone mount, there isn’t a huge range of motion for the mount. It’s difficult to tilt, but overall, it’s not bad.

Buyer’s Guide

Flexible tripods are a great method to change the way you shoot different angles for however you wish.

They can be great to be used outdoors, and they’re specially designed to be used in various locations.

You could strap them to your bicycle or motorbike, or you could attach them to a tree or a fence.

In order to figure out the best flexible tripods available, we looked at the highest-rated flexible tripods available on Amazon.

The weight of the tripods was essential to figuring out what would be a good tripod.

They need to be lightweight, as it makes them easier to use when traveling around.

This also makes them easier to maneuver and easier to carry when you need to travel and use your camera in different locations.

As you will want to use your flexible tripod best in an outdoor setting, you need to know how versatile it would be.

You need to know whether it can handle different types of weather and the type of cameras you’ll need.

You should also consider the camera mount, whether they work for all cameras, and how much they can handle in terms of weight.

Not all flexible tripods will be able to handle the weight of DSLRs, but many of these tripods have a larger range that can handle different weights.

You should also keep in mind what attachments come with the camera.

Not all of these tripods will come with the same features, and you should make sure that your type of camera is compatible with the attachments included.

Many of these tripods will suit a beginner as well as more advanced photographers and can be used for cell phones too.

Many of these tripods will need to be durable, and you need to make sure that they are made of the right materials.

The last thing you want is for your camera to fall off and get damaged if you have a poor tripod.

So many of these will mention the type of cameras that can handle the weight of the cameras.

This is especially true for flexible tripods, which can be wrapped around a tree or bike.

The legs are the most important part of a flexible tripod, and you need to make sure they are made of the right materials.

The legs need to be the most durable, and they need to be able to stand properly under all conditions.

While flexible tripods don’t typically have the same range of height as a regular tripod, they can be put in different locations.

This also makes them the most vital part of ensuring that your camera remains on the stand at a steady angle.

But depending on where they’re being used, you may also need to know how much time it takes to change the legs over.

The best way to use a flexible tripod is when you do landscape photography, as it makes them easier to use when traveling.

This is also why we included whether they involved ball heads as part of the tripod’s design. No flexible tripod is massive, and they were designed to be lightweight to make it easier to travel with them.

By including ball heads, a flexible tripod can increase stability and provide some more accurate rotation.

They work simply enough, as you place a camera on top of rotating balls, which you can tighten or loosen.

It’s easy enough to move them around and tighten them into a chosen position, and because of this, they’re incredibly popular with landscape photographers.

Along with landscape photography, flexible tripods can be used for a variety of different reasons.

They can be used for vlogging and shooting angles that you normally wouldn’t consider.

By using these, you can be more creative with your shoots and have a new experience in your photography journey.

Not every camera will be compatible with the flexible tripods on this list, so you should pay attention to the weight limits of each tripod you use.

While some of these tripods may be able to handle DSLR cameras being set on their mounts, this won’t be the case for all of them.

This list has primarily been made to serve as an entry point for those who are starting to use flexible tripods.

This is why many items on this list are of a more affordable nature and have used the GorillaPod as a starting point to explain flexible tripods.

As a whole, flexible tripods originated with the GorillaPod. They were the first example of a flexible tripod, and it’s why they were the first model on this list.

With their segmented legs, they patented the design and bend similarly to tentacles.

They work best with lightweight cameras, and many of the brands included on this list work great as cheaper alternatives to GorillaPod.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand why you should choose a flexible tripod instead of a regular model if you’re interested in landscape photography or have a lightweight and more accessible way to carry your tripod with you on longer journeys.

A flexible tripod can be an excellent addition to any camera bag to work on improvised shots when inspiration strikes.

They can reach areas where a standard tripod won’t usually reach and can upgrade the way you take photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that you may have regarding tripods. Look down below for any questions you may have.

What Are Flexible Tripods For?

Flexible tripods are strong enough to hold a smartphone or camera in place and they have a range of motion to adapt to various shooting angles and situations.

Can You Use Flexible Tripods For Vlogging?

Most vloggers don’t walk and hold their camera directly in their hands, but usually hold a small tripod in their hands.

This helps increase the camera’s stability and gives the vlogger more space away from their face and the space around them.

How Do You Use A Flexible Tripod?

The best way to use them is to play with their legs and wrap them around everything.

This way you can have different shots and expand on the places where you can shoot photos.

Are All Cameras Compatible With A Flexible Tripod?

Depending on the type of flexible tripod you use, all cameras can be compatible with them.

You just need to keep an eye on the weight descriptions in the product descriptions to understand the weight limits for each tripod.

A small, flexible tripod for a phone, for instance, wouldn’t work with a DSLR camera.

How Big Is A Flexible Tripod?

Most flexible tripods are lightweight and small, and they’re designed to be under a foot tall.

They’re easy to transport around different areas and you can keep them with you whenever inspiration strikes.

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