A slightly upgraded instant printer

(Pocket-lint) – Fujifilm has unveiled its latest Instax gadget, a refresh for its smallest photo printer – the Instax Mini Link 2.

The camera brings a couple of quirky upgrades compared to the older model, while hardly changing it design at all and retaining basically the same dimensions (and it still uses MicroUSB, sadly).

As before, you can link it to your phone by Bluetooth to print out photos from your camera roll, although you now have a bit more editing control in Instax’s own app.

A new feature lets you hold down a button on the printer itself while taking photos in that same app, to paint effects onto the photo in real time, which is somewhat fun but probably not the sort of thing you’ll actually use a whole lot.

Really, the core functionality is still being able to print out photos from moments when you didn’t have an instant camera handy, and to avoid the risk of a snap coming out fuzzy or disappointing by selecting your best shot from a better camera.

It’s still a nice novelty having high-quality, focussed shots spit out on Instax film, so if you’re looking for an instant film printer this probably takes its place as the new default choice, for a slightly higher price of £115. You can pre-order the Instax Mini Link 2 now in pink, white or blue.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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