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WWDC22 is almost here. We’ll be kicking off with the Apple Keynote on June 6 at 10:00 a.m. PT. Watch online at or in the Apple Developer app. You can even use SharePlay to watch with friends.

Digital Lounges are now open for registration for eligible developers. Designed to connect you with the developer community and Apple experts, they’ll feature text-based Q&As, session watch parties with the presenters, community icebreakers, and more.

In addition, a variety of developer organizations will host events throughout the week of WWDC. Find even more opportunities for learning, networking, and fun.

Visit the updated WWDC22 site

Fujifilm introduces the X-H2S with 6.2K video and ProRes

(Pocket-lint) – Fujifilm has announced its latest flagship mirrorless camera, the X-H2S, and surprisingly, it’s looking like a bit of a video powerhouse.

The X-H2S is the highest performing X-series camera so far, in both video and stills capabilities. It’s packing a 26.15MP stacked APS-C sensor, backed up by a processor with double the speed of its predecessor.

It can shoot stills, with autofocus, at a blazing fast 40 frames per second using its electronic shutter, or 15 per second with a satisfying mechanical click.

There’s five-axis in-body image stabilisation and Fujifilm claims it offers up to 7-stops of advantage.

The X-H2S has a magnesium body with a prominent LCD display up top for checking settings. Unusually, there’s no shutter speed dial on this release, possibly signifying the shift toward a more video-oriented camera, and this is reinforced by the addition of a stand-alone video recording button.

On that front, the LCD monitor is a fully-articulating flip-out style display with a 1.62 million dot resolution. It can be used in any orientation without hitting the microphone input or full-sized HDMI output.

The X-H2S can shoot video at up to 6.2K 30fps with an unusual 3:2 aspect ratio (for added editing flexibility) or a meaty 4K 120fps in the usual 16:9 variety.

The new processor allows for shooting in 4:2:2 10bit Apple ProRes internally, with a variety of codecs supported including ProRes 422 HQ.

To keep up with these storage munching codecs, the X-H2S features a CFexpress type B slot, alongside the usual SD card.

To avoid the overheating woes that have plagued the likes of Canon in recent times, Fujifilm is selling an optional cooling fan that fits to the rear of the X-H2S for extended video shooting.

The Fujifilm X-H2S will be available in July 2022, with some retailers accepting pre-orders from today.

Writing by Luke Baker.

Broadcom plans a “rapid transition” to subscription revenue for VMware

A Broadcom sign outside one of its offices.
Enlarge / A sign in front of a Broadcom office on June 03, 2021, in San Jose, California.

Broadcom announced last week that it was seeking to drop $61 billion in cash and stock to acquire VMware. We still don’t know exactly what changes Broadcom plans to make to VMware’s products or business model once the acquisition completes. Still, Broadcom Software Group President Tom Krause made it clear in Broadcom’s earnings call last week: an emphasis on software subscriptions.

As reported by The Register, Broadcom plans a “rapid transition from perpetual licenses to subscriptions” for VMware’s products, replacing discrete buy-once-use-forever versions, though “rapid” in this case will still apparently take several years. Broadcom CEO Hock Tan said that the company wants to keep VMware’s current customers happy and take advantage of VMware’s existing sales team and relationships.

Subscription-based software has some benefits, including continual updates to patch security flaws and ensure compatibility with new operating system updates—virtualization software that requires low-level hardware access gets broken more often by new OS updates than most other apps. But a move toward more subscription-based software licensing could still be unwelcome news for individuals and businesses who prefer to pay for individual upgrades as they want or need them, rather than continuously for as long as they need the software.

VMware would be far from the first company to prioritize subscription-based software-as-a-service and its more consistent, reliable income stream over perpetually licensed software. Adobe infamously moved its Creative Suite apps to a Creative Cloud subscription model nearly a decade ago, with no remaining options for customers who prefer perpetual licenses. Microsoft still offers perpetual licenses for its Office apps for Mac and Windows (Office 2021 was released in September), but it doesn’t provide all the same features as the continually updated Microsoft 365 version. Even services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass are replacing one-time game purchases with ongoing subscriptions.

Broadcom currently plans to use the VMware moniker to replace the Broadcom Software Group branding once the acquisition goes through. The Broadcom Software Group also includes the companies formerly known as CA Technologies and Symantec, which were also billion-dollar buys for Broadcom.

VMware reportedly has 40 days to find a buyer willing to pay more than the $61 billion that Broadcom is offering.

Apple hid AR trading card booster packs in the WWDC event page

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An interactive set of AR cards can be found on Apple’s WWDC event webpage in yet another example of its web-based AR format.

Apple has been known to hide whimsical AR objects in its event invite webpage, but this is the first that is fully interactive. Tap on the Memoji characters gathered around a laptop on an iOS or iPadOS device to begin the AR experience.

You’ll be presented with a booster pack showing the Apple WWDC 2022 logo. Tap on it to see it ripped open to reveal three cards.

Each of the three cards have a different Memoji character on the front and a silhouette on the back. Tapping on each card presents a the card so it can be viewed from any angle.

Three interactive cards appear and can be tapped to view directly

Three interactive cards appear and can be tapped to view directly

Previous examples of Apple’s AR invites include a warp speed tunnel you can move within and a pinhole Apple logo with an entire mountain valley hidden inside. Apple doesn’t usually leave hints within the invites, but people are sure to speculate.

Use the link in the tweet below to jump directly to the AR .usdz file in Safari.

WWDC 2022 will begin on June 6 and will be streamed live on the Apple TV app, YouTube, and Apple’s website. Apple is expected to introduce new operating system updates like iOS 16 or possible new hardware like an AR headset.

More than 3,000 school voucher applications approved

CHARLESTON, W. Va. (AP) – Officials say more than 3,000 applications for nonpublic school vouchers have been approved in West Virginia and more are being reviewed.

A spokesman for the state Treasurer’s Office told the Charleston Gazette-Mail that the agency had approved 3,010 applications as of Friday and had another 469 applications that were still under review.

A law enacted last year creates a publicly funded savings accounts program called the Hope Scholarship.

It allows state money to be put into a special account that parents could then spend on private school tuition, homeschooling and other educational needs.

The law is being challenged by parents of children who attend public schools.

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Apple unveils new Apple Watch Pride Edition bands

Amazon Prime Day 2022 camera deals: The bargains we’re expectin

(Pocket-lint) – If you’re in the market for a new camera, Amazon’s Prime Day sale is one of the best times of the year to pick one up.

You’ll often see a range of discounts across mirrorless, DSLR, action cams and compacts, so whatever you’re looking for, there are great deals to be found.

Here’s everything you need to know about the camera deals you can expect on Prime Day 2022.

When is Prime Day 2022?

The Prime Day date is a closely guarded secret. We’ve seen the date move around a fair bit, but it most frequently falls in the summer months. This year, however, Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day will take place in July. Our best guess is possibly 12 or 19 July.

The Prime Day sales are a natural counterpoint to the Black Friday sales giving Amazon the opportunity to shift stock in a mid-year sale and, more excitingly, giving customers the chance to bag a bargain.

What devices will be discounted on Prime Day?

There are usually discounts across a range of manufacturers including Canon, Panasonic, Sony and more.

Canon’s mirrorless offerings saw a multitude of discounts last year, both in the accessible M-series and the high-end R series. So, if you’ve got your heart set on one, you might be wise to wait until the Prime Day sale before you make a purchase. We think the latest APS-C sensor toting R-series cameras are probably a little too new to see any significant discount, but we’re expecting some decent deals across the rest of the range.

Last year, we saw some serious price drops on Sony’s superb RX100 compact cameras. We wouldn’t be surprised to see some nice deals on the Mark VII this Prime Day.

If you’re looking for something a little more rough and ready, GoPro’s lineup often sees some solid discounts and bundles for Prime Day, too.

We have left some examples of devices discounted in 2021 below for your reference.

Best US camera deals | Best UK camera deals

Are there genuine deals on Prime Day?

It’s important to shop carefully on Prime Day. While some of the cited discount percentages might be questionable, the prices offered are usually pretty competitive. Many times the prices will be the lowest that a camera has been offered, but they may have seen similar prices in previous sales, around Black Friday for example. 

Prices frequently fluctuate and it’s important to keep your eyes on when Prime Day actually starts, as it’s a short event and you normally only have 24 hours to make your purchase because the cameras will return to the full retail price.

Do I need to be a Prime member?

If you want to take advantage of all the great discounts on offer, it’s an exclusive event for Prime subscribers. That means you’ll need to get yourself Amazon Prime to get access to the best prices on the day. If you’re not already a Prime Member, there’s a 30-day trial, so you can sample the benefits – free delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and more.


Best US camera deals | Best UK camera deals

Best Prime Day UK camera deals last year


• Canon EOS M200 with 15-45mm lens – save 25%, now £419: This compact-like mirrorless system is great for point-and-shoot with the utmost quality delivered. And for a cut of the price. See the deal on Amazon

• Canon EOS M50 with 15-45mm lens – save 23%, now £499: Save a bundle on this kit bundle of Canon’s smaller-sensor mirrorless model. Pick up a bargain here

• Panasonic Lumix G9 with 12-60mm lens – save 25%, now £979: As Micro Four Thirds cameras go, this is a top-spec one that’s super-fast and superb for capturing still and moving subjects. Check out the deal here

Full-frame mirrorless:

• Canon EOS RP mirrorless with 35mm f/1.8 macro lens – save 17%, now £1299: The entry-level in Canon’s full-frame mirrorless range opens the door to a very versatile system camera, complete with close-up macro lesn. Check out this deal

Advanced compact:

• Sony RX100 Mark III compact camera – save 56%, now £352.99: The best accessible high-end compact camera series is the RX100. This third-gen model pairs a 1-inch sensor size with pop-up viewfinder. And with £451 off it’s a bargain pocketable compact if you’re looking for better-than-phone photos. See the Sony RX100 III deal

Canon PowerShot G7 X II – save 17%, now £489.99: This starter kit comes with leather case and SD card, plus a chunk of change off the asking price. Until 22:00 BST only! See the Amazon exclusive deal here

• Sony RX100 Mark VI compact camera – save 39%, now £699: The sixth-gen edition to this high-end compact adds a longer zoom lens than the MkV, while retaining the small build quality that makes it such an appealing pocketable camera. The quality is great from its 1-inch sensor too. Check out the Sony RX100 VI deal

Best Prime Day US camera deals last year

Action Cam:

• GoPro Hero8 bundle – save $70.99, now $279. This bundle add the Shorty tripod, a head strap, 32GB SD card, and extra batteries – all for less money than the action camera alone! See the Retail Bundle deal here

Writing by Luke Baker.

Broadcom will pay $61 billion to become the latest company to acquire VMware

Broadcom will pay $61 billion to become the latest company to acquire VMware


Chipmaker Broadcom will be acquiring VMware for $61 billion in cash and stock, the companies announced today.

Broadcom is best known for designing and selling a wide range of wired and wireless communication chips, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips and the processors that power many routers and modems. But the company has spent billions in recent years to acquire an enterprise software portfolio$18.9 billion for CA Technologies in 2018 and $10.7 billion for Symantec in 2019. The VMware buy is much larger than either of those purchases, but it fits the pattern of Broadcom’s other software acquisitions.

Once the acquisition is completed, the Broadcom Software Group will adopt the VMware name. If approved, Broadcom expects the transaction to be complete in 2023.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone paid a lot of money for VMware. EMC first purchased the company back in 2004 for $625 million (or just under $1 billion, adjusted for inflation). EMC itself was acquired by Dell for $67 billion in late 2015, and VMware was part of that acquisition. Dell sold many of its shares of VMware in late 2021 to help pay off debts, though Michael Dell continues to own about 40 percent of VMware’s stock and remains the chairman of VMware’s board.

VMware makes most of its money from subscriptions to its enterprise software products, which handle the virtualization of PCs and apps, networking, and security. Ars readers may know it better for its consumer virtualization products, which include VMware Fusion for Mac and the free-for-home-use VMware Workstation Player.

Early WWDC Deals Knock Up to $210 off Apple iPad Pro Tablets

Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)


$0.00 Apple Magic Keyboard for 11″ iPad Pro (Black)



$10.00 Apple Magic Keyboard for 11″ iPad Pro (White)




  $0.00 128GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray


$100.00 128GB, Wi-Fi, Silver


  $50.00 256GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray


  $100.00 256GB, Wi-Fi, Silver


  $100.00 512GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray


  $99.01 512GB, Wi-Fi, Silver


  $100.00 1TB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray


  $200.00 1TB, Wi-Fi, Silver


  $200.00 2TB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray


  $210.00 2TB, Wi-Fi, Silver


  $210.00 128GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Space Gray


  $34.00 128GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Silver


  $34.00 256GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Space Gray


  $50.00 256GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Silver


  $50.00 512GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Space Gray


  $64.00 512GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Silver


  $64.00 1TB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Space Gray


  $84.00 1TB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Silver


  $84.00 2TB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Space Gray


  $149.01 2TB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Silver



The 8 Best Mobile Apps to Keep Track of Your Dreams

Did you know that keeping a journal of your dreams can positively impact your life when you’re awake?

Dream journals can have similar benefits to writing in an ordinary journal. A couple of these pleasant benefits include reduced stress, enhanced creativity, and successfully processing your emotions.

At present, there are mobile apps for practically everything you can imagine, including dream journals. This makes it so easy to download an app and use it to keep track of your dreams. Here are eight reflective dream journaling apps you should take a look at right now.

1. Dream Catcher

Sometimes, dreams are so incredibly vivid that you think they’re real. But then, as soon as you wake up, they begin to disappear from your mind. Just like using an easy online journal website, the Dream Catcher app is a dream journal with a simple interface where you can quickly input your dreams before they vanish.

A new dream can be added instantly. All you have to do is enter the dream’s description, any tags pertaining to the dream, as well as how it made you feel. Depending on several dream factors such as clarity, lucidity, recurring, and whether it was a nightmare or not, you can then analyze your dream patterns.

It’s even possible to set Dream Catcher to send you a gentle reminder when you open your eyes, meaning that you won’t forget to enter your dreams.


Download: Dream Catcher for Android (free, subscription available)

2. Dream Journal Ultimate

Journaling your dreams can help you get to know yourself better. Imagine, though, if you could share your dreams with others and discover who has the same dreams as you? Dream Journal Ultimate is an amazing app that allows dreamers all over the globe to reveal their dreams in a massive dream-sharing database.

Now, you do have the option to add your dreams and keep them private. Otherwise, you can share your dream on the Dream Wall to get feedback from others. Essentially, Dream Journal Ultimate consists of a dream-based social network where you can like or comment on whatever mysteries are unfolding in other people’s dreams.

Download: Dream Journal Ultimate for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

3. Dream Dictionary Dream Journal

A dream journaling app needs to be straightforward so you can record your dreams while they’re still clear in your mind. The Dream Dictionary Dream Journal app allows you to painlessly document your dreams as well as all the little important details.

Whenever you add a new dream, you can specify the dream mood you experienced. This ranges from euphoria to anger or sadness. Two other details to add are your quality of sleep as well as how clear your dream was.

Dream Dictionary Dream Journal offers much more than an ordinary dream journal. It features a dream dictionary to learn what objects mean in your dreams, as well as a calendar to learn what a dream means on a particular day of the month. Additionally, you can listen to a selection of relaxing sounds to sleep more peacefully.

Download: Dream Dictionary Dream Journal for Android (free, subscription available)

4. Lucid

Dream journaling can help with anxiety, problem-solving, and creativity, but you need to remember to keep track of your dreams to reap these benefits. The Lucid app allows you to set up a helpful reminder so you don’t forget to record your dreams when you wake up.

Another awesome aspect is that it is an app to help you lucid dream. This riveting experience is when you’re aware that you’re dreaming, and thus you can control aspects of your dream. The Lucid app sends you reality check reminders throughout the day, which is a lucid dreaming technique used to train your brain. This training makes it possible to tell the difference between sleeping and being awake.

In addition to syncing your dreams to the cloud, Lucid also lets you record voice memos, so you don’t have to manually type everything out.

Download: Lucid for Android (free, subscription available)

5. Dream Diary (Dream Book)

Using dream journaling apps can be unnecessarily complicated, which makes it difficult to recall a dream experience quickly before it fades away. The Dream Book app is simple, effortless to use, and leaves out unneeded features.

On the app, you can add new dreams in addition to adding a few details about the dream, like the date, description, and category it belongs to. A few examples of the categories include family, friends, food, love, and so on. The best part is that it’s totally free and extremely easy to use!

Download: Dream Diary (Dream Book) for Android (free)

6. Somnio

The Somnio app is a lovely little home for all your dreams. Not only is it sleek and designed in an aesthetically pleasing way, but it’s so easy to use. With this app, you can record your dreams, save them to the cloud, and you’ll never lose anything you’ve previously recorded.

As an added bonus, if you find it difficult to remember to input your dreams every morning, Somnio can send you a friendly notification as soon as you wake up from your slumber. Remember, it’s the little things in dreams that count, so you can sort your dreams with hashtags relating to specific details.

Download: Somnio for Android (free)

7. DreamApp

What are your dreams trying to tell you? Do the symbols have any significant meaning? If you want to find clarity, DreamApp is the app that can help you discover what your mind-boggling dreams mean.

DreamApp allows you to privately recall and describe your dreams in full detail. From there, it studies your dream and provides you with a detailed analysis.

The only downside to this app is that you only get access to all the features, such as a dream therapist, when you sign up for a subscription. For example, after you’ve recorded your dream, you won’t get a full dream analysis. So if you want to make use of the app in its entirety, get the premium version.

Download: DreamApp for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

8. Freud

The Freud app is named after Sigmund Freud, the man who theorized that dreams express our unconscious wishes and thoughts. This app allows you to write down your dream in detail, choose the emotions you were feeling, and then analyze your dream’s meaning.

In contrast to other dream journaling apps, Freud does not feature set reviews for what appears in your dreams. You need to record the emotions, keywords, and hidden themes yourself to identify your unconscious feelings and understand more about yourself.

Download: Freud for Android (free)

Log and Analyze Your Inner Self With These Handy Dream Journal Apps

Forget about carrying around an actual dream journal with you. It’s not convenient, and you could misplace it or forget it at home. Because almost everything is available as an app these days, it’s possible to keep a handy dream journal on your phone.

With a dream journal app at your fingertips, you can effortlessly record all your dreams, organize them, and figure out what they are all about.

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