Polaroid has new red and black versions of the Go

(Pocket-lint) – Polaroid is releasing two new versions of its smallest-ever instant camera, the Go. It means you can pick up the camera with a red or black shell for a completely different look as you shoot.

With the original white colourway, there are now three to pick from, but in all cases, the real focus is how impressively tiny the camera is.

Polaroid is also expanding the range of accessories you can pair with the Go, including new black-bordered instant film for it that will give a very different look to whatever you’re shooting.

PolaroidPolaroid has new red and black versions of Go, its smallest camera photo 7

There’s a new set of lens filters, too, to let you add a colour warp to your shot without much hassle, something that you’ve previously not been able to do. They offer blue, red or orange tints, unlocking plenty of creative possibilities.

The film that a Polaroid Go spits out is absolutely tiny, so it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but we’ve really enjoyed using it for how convenient the camera is relative to every other instant option.

Being able to genuinely pocket it is a real boon, turning instant photography from something that can need some setup to a really impromptu event.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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