We are looking for a third staff lead and partner for our new mental health mobile app start-up. The candidate will take on the R&D role in the company, which primarily involves the development of a fully-functional mobile app from scratch (the app prototype has been created). We are looking for someone who can turn this app into a reality and participate in the product launch as a team member!


Who is a good fit?


  • You are able to work part-time and remotely
  • You have a minimum of two years’ experience working on app development

o  Expertise with front-end and back-end mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms

o  Familiarity with functional aspects of what enables apps to run optimally

  • You are collaborative, communicative, and hard-working

o  Can provide updates on progress regularly

o  Can contribute insights, both creative and operational, on how to improve the app

o  Enjoy working in a team

  • You will receive a compensatory package of company share(s) and fixed salary (details will be negotiated)

Bonus (not required) skills

  • You are familiar and proficient with data management and storage, cloud services (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure), and data encryption
  • Knowledge in machine learning and data mining 


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