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Discover fun, interactive ways to learn about the latest technologies and frameworks. Solve a puzzle using memory debugging techniques or script a short film in AR with Apple’s speech synthesis engine. Design SwiftUI views with a time-hopping twist. Explore Create ML or build visualizations in Swift Playgrounds. No matter your level of expertise, challenge yourself to explore something new — and share your creations with others through the Developer Forums and social media.

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Speech Synthesizer Simulator
Accessibility & Inclusion
Simulate a conversation using speech synthesis.

Challenge: Speech Synthesizer Simulator

Build an app that recognizes custom audio through ShazamKit
Audio & Video
ShazamKit lets you use custom audio catalogs inside your app to recognize that same audio “in the wild.” Dream up your own ShazamKit audio matching experience as you work off a starter sample project.

Challenge: Build an app that recognizes custom audio through ShazamKit

Create your first 3D model with Object Capture
Augmented Reality
Object capture provides a quick and easy way to create lifelike 3D models of real-world objects using just a few images. Use the new Object Capture Swift API to build your very own 3D model from scratch.

Challenge: Create your first 3D model with Object Capture

Design a quiz in Swift Playgrounds
Design a “How well do you know me?” quiz using Swift Playgrounds to see who knows the most about your quirks and interests.

Challenge: Design a quiz in Swift Playgrounds

Achievement Unlocked — Fabulous Fails
Graphics & Games
Creating achievements that surprise and delight players as they make their way through a game can help provide a strong feeling of accomplishment, and even make people laugh. We challenge you to create or share a Fabulous Fails achievement that is fun, strange, and delightful.

Challenge: Achievement Unlocked – Fabulous Fails

Build an app using built-in Sound Classification
ML & Vision
With Sound Classification, you can create experiences for camera, video, productivity, and game apps on all Apple platforms — and for this challenge, we’re inviting you to explore a sample project and build your own.

Challenge: Build an app using built-in Sound Classification

Animated artistry in SwiftUI
SwiftUI & UI Frameworks
Put trigonometry to good use and show us your artistic side by creating a stunning graphical animation in SwiftUI.

Challenge: Animated artistry in SwiftUI


Large Text Challenge
Accessibility & Inclusion
Design for large text sizes by modifying the user interface of a simple app.

Challenge: Large Text

Design multi-step shortcuts
The best shortcuts help us get repetitive things done more easily: Develop a multi-step shortcut for designer or programmer productivity.

Challenge: Design multi-step Shortcuts

Design for declarative device management in your MDM solution
Education & Enterprise
Calling all MDM developers and enterprise administrators! Explore designing new declarative device management solutions that move management policies from the MDM server to the device.

Challenge: Design for declarative device management in your MDM solution

Create a musical instrument in Swift Playgrounds
The first part to composing a musical masterpiece is making your own instrument from scratch! Use graphical tools to create a musical instrument that will leave your audience floored (and waiting for an encore)!

Challenge: Create a musical instrument in Swift Playgrounds

Achievement Unlocked — Title Teasers
Graphics & Games
Some achievements can pique a player’s interest into exploring something new in your app — even if the achievement only has its locked text visible. We challenge you to write a Title Teaser achievement that gets people excited about what they might uncover.

Challenge: Achievement Unlocked – Title Teasers

Throwback with SwiftUI
SwiftUI & UI Frameworks
Whether you’ve been coding for 40 years, you’re new to the SwiftUI scene, or you’re a designer — everyone loves a good throwback. Give in to the nostalgia and imagine what your app might look like if designed for the Mac or iPhone interfaces of yesteryear.

Challenge: Throwback with SwiftUI


Voice Control Synonyms
Accessibility & Inclusion
Challenge yourself to make your app accessible through Voice Control and provide support for voice-based interaction.

Challenge: Voice Control Synonyms

Framework Freestyle
Augmented Reality
One ARKit sample app. One framework of your choosing. What can you create in 100 lines of code or less?

Challenge: Framework Freestyle

Memgraph capture the flag
Developer Tools
One of our engineers has hidden a memory easter egg in our secret app. We need your help to find it, but all we know is that it has the format flag_<unknown_string_here>@WWDC. Using only macOS command line tools, investigate the memory issue, recover missing symbols, and capture the rogue flag.

Challenge: Memgraph Capture the Flag

Create amazing documentation
Developer Tools
Explore Xcode’s new documentation features and learn how to add documentation to your own framework or package — or to your favorite open source project.

Challenge: Create amazing documentation

Create fun visual effects in Swift Playgrounds
Ever wonder how to make it seem like confetti is raining down from the sky? Or how to create a kaleidoscope effect using code? This challenge gets you to create an artistic rendering using only shapes and your imagination.

Challenge: Create fun visual effects in Swift Playgrounds

Achievement Unlocked — Series Finale
Graphics & Games
Whether your game is divided into chapters, levels, or challenges, you can use achievements to help progress your narrative in unique and interesting ways. In our last challenge of the week — our series finale — we invite you to create a series of achievements that tell a story and encourage people to complete a set of tasks.

Challenge: Achievement Unlocked — Series Finale

Focus on Focus in SwiftUI
SwiftUI & UI Frameworks
Focus can help people move through your app efficiently, whether they’re using the keyboard, Siri Remote, Apple Watch Digital Crown, or accessibility features. Find an interaction within your app and show us how you would use the SwiftUI Focus APIs to fine-tune that interaction.

Challenge: Focus on Focus APIs in SwiftUI


VoiceOver Maze
Accessibility & Inclusion
Navigate to the end of a dark maze using VoiceOver as your guide.

Challenge: VoiceOver Maze

Explore spatial audio soundscapes
Audio & Video
Use spatial audio to tell more immersive stories in your app and explore the demo used in the “Immerse your app in spatial audio” session.

Challenge: Explore spatial audio soundscapes

Create an engaging tutorial
Developer Tools
Learn how to write an interactive tutorial to show developers how to use your own project — or add a tutorial to an existing open source project.

Challenge: Create an engaging tutorial

Sense the world around you in Swift Playgrounds
Just like our senses, our devices constantly gather data from their environment, and can use that information to do interesting and important things. In this challenge, you’ll harness this device sensor data to create a visualization or experience of your choosing.

Challenge: Sense the world around you in Swift Playgrounds

Prototype with SwiftUI
SwiftUI & UI Frameworks
While SwiftUI is a powerful framework, one of its key features is its simplicity. Designers with very little knowledge of code can easily create prototypes with human-readable syntax and interactive Xcode Previews. As we say goodbye to WWDC21, we invite you to say “hello, world” with a brilliant SwiftUI-based prototype.

Challenge: Prototype with SwiftUI

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