(Pocket-lint) – Whether you believe in aliens or not, there have been a lot of photos of unexplained flying objects over the years. Many are blurry, partially obscured or just a bit unconvincing. There have also been a lot of mass sightings and events with interesting stories though. 

We’re collecting some of the best we’ve seen for your viewing pleasure. 

UnknownBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 7

The great alien reconnaissance (1952)

In 1952, a number of “bright lights” were seen in the skies over Washington D.C. 

They were seen both in the skies and on the radar screens of multiple nearby airports and US Airforce bases as well. 

These sightings were added to the list being investigated by the Government under Project Blue Book but nothing further was revealed.

L.A. TimesBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 1

The battle of Los Angeles (1942)

In 1942, during the age of World War, a flying saucer-like object was seen over the skies of Los Angeles. 

The armed forces, still reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbour suspected more enemy action. They fired 1,400 anti-aircraft shells into the sky to deal with the threat but then hit nothing. 

Bjorn HaugeBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 2

The Hessdalen lights (2007)

In 2007 some weird and wonderful lights were spotted in the skies over Hessdalen in central Norway. The lights are thought to be extra-terrestrial visitors by many. 

Though scientists believe that they are actually just a chemical and electrical reaction in the atmosphere. 

CBS 5 NewsBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 3

The Phoenix Lights (1997)

This simple photo represents one of the biggest UFO sightings to ever take place. In 1997, over 300-miles of the American Southwest thousands of people spotted unexplainable vessels in the sky. 

A massive v-shaped craft was seen passing over head and no one was able to offer a reasonable explanation as to what it was or where it came from. 

US Navy sightings

It’s not just average people who have spotted Unidentified Flying Objects. Those in military service have also regularly reported seeing unusual crafts in the skies. 

There are many accounts of US Navy pilots and other pilots having seen UFOs. These people are naturally more aware of what should and shouldn’t be in the skies with the,. 

The US Department of Defence officially released videos captured by its pilots in 2020. The explanations are wishy-washy of course, but the visuals are certainly interesting. 

NASABest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 6

Unexplained Mars object (2017)

In 2017, the Mars Curiosity Rover captured an image which appears to show an unidentified object on the surface of Mars. 

There’s bound to be a logical explanation for the object (like debris from the Rover itself) but it’s still nice to imagine it might be an alien spacecraft visiting the red planet. 

Paul TrentBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 8

The McMinnville UFO photographs (1950)

Paul Trent snapped some photos on his farm in Oregon in early 1950. He claimed the photos showed an alien craft floating in the skies above his land. 

He witnessed the happenings along with his wife and the two maintained their statement until they passed away several decades later. It’s often suggested that the images are fake but people also still like to believe. 

Morristown UFO hoax (2009)

In Morristown, New Jersey, at the start of 2009 there were a number of sightings of red lights inexplicably seen in the night skies. 

Thought by many to be another UFO sighting, it actually turned out to be a hoax and “social experiment” carried out by Joe Rudy and Chris Russo. 

The hoax was carried out to show how unreliable people could be as witnesses and to show how easy it was to fool so-called UFO-experts. 

The Trindade Island UFO hoax (1958)

At the end of the 1950s, while sailing on the Almirante Saldanha, one of the crew, Almiro Baraúna took photos that appeared to show a UFO off the coast. 

The imagery was investigated by Project Blue Book and established to be a hoax. The photographer admitted as much decades later in 2010. 

ELYKTRA PHOTOARTBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 11

S-Shaped Fin UFO (2013)

In 2013 Corinne Federer was at Muiderslot Castle in the Netherlands. While there, she captured this photo of a tube-shaped UFO with an S-shaped fin.

Naturally a blurry image (aren’t they always?) but one that stands out from the crowd for at least not being a saucer or just some lights floating in the sky. 

George Knapp/Mysterywire.comBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 12

The flying acorn (2019)

From 2019 comes a photo taken by an FA-18 pilot who had spotted an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena while dying over Oceania. 

This recent sighting is just one of many reported in recent months and years. Many by credible witnesses. Can they all be explained away?

Celestial phenomenon (1561)

UFO sightings are not exclusively a modern phenomenon. 

There have been many reported events over the years, with some records dating back as far as 1440 BCE.

In 1561, a mass sighting happened with sights seen over Nuremberg. Residents apparently saw an aerial battle taking place above the city. With a large black triangular object appearing too and then a large crash too. 

Hundreds of spheres, cylinders and other objects were seen by many and then depicted in this broadsheet news article. 

RYAN GUILLENBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 14

White dots in the sky (2014)

In Breckenridge, Colorado in 2014 a multitude of people reported seeing three mysterious white dots in the sky above the town. Those people include police officers and others who apparently said the UFOs were hovering above the town, then darting about before disappearing. 

The photograph isn’t much to write home about, but at least the story is

Harold TrudelBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 15

Rhode Island (1967)

In 1967, Harold Trudel claimed to have seen flying saucers in the skies above Wrentham Road near East Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Determined to capture them on film, he set out with his camera to get some snaps. He apparently managed to take seven photos of the craft flying above some power lines. These images went on to become some of the most iconic in history. 

Randy EttingBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 16

Newtown Lights (1987)

In the nighttime hours of late May 1987, Randy Etting saw a UFO bathed in multi-coloured lights buzzing overhead. 

The UFO was said to fly over Interstate 84 where it was seen by around 200 people who called the police to report it. 

Apparently, the thing was huge, with some saying it was larger than a football field. 

J.S. Henrardi/Wikimedia CommonsBest UFO photos and sightings captured on film photo 17

Flying triangle (1990)

Early in 1990, a flying triangle was spotted over Belgium. It was picked up by military radar stations and the bases sent out two fighter jets to intercept. The pilots didn’t see it, but their equipment did and was able to lock on to the target. The UFO then disappeared, moving away so fast the jets couldn’t keep up. 

The military never gave a viable explanation of the event and it remains a mystery. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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