On the morning of October 19, 2020, just after Bob, then 58, was put under anesthesia, one of the doctors in the operating room read aloud a note from Bob. It was addressed to “the medical staff about to perform my heart procedure.” 

“As I lie here in my hospital bed awaiting my Ablation today, I thought about what I would want to know if I were you. Namely that the person with the beating heart you are about to address is very grateful for all the schooling, training, and experience that each of you have.” 

The note continued: “Unlike a lot of your patients, I had no idea fate would bring us together today…Thank you in advance for making me another one of your success stories. Let’s do this!” 

Bob’s procedure went extremely well and now, only a few months later, he’s back to running alongside his dog. He and Lori credit his Apple Watch for changing their future. 

“We truly believe that it saved his life,” Lori says. “It doesn’t get any bigger than that.” 


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