To celebrate Black History Month, Apple commissioned more than 30 Black photographers to capture and share their hometowns with the world through their unique lens, all shot on iPhone 12 Pro. All across the US, these photographers set out to showcase the people and the pockets of their cities that embody their local culture.

For Julien James, a local photographer in Washington, D.C., iPhone 12 Pro helped him expand the world around his subjects. “iPhone is my favorite camera to shoot with because it’s in my pocket and I can take it anywhere,” he says. “I typically shoot at 50 millimeters because it’s the closest to the human eye. I want everything I shoot to represent or be as close as possible to what we see naturally, so I was surprised to really see how iPhone 12 Pro actually shot Ultra Wide.” 

From Washington, D.C., the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, Manhattan Beach in Southern California, Downtown Detroit, and the Bronx, New York, five photographers give a glimpse into their local communities.


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