Eve is preparing to launch a weather-monitoring device with HomeKit support, FCC filings reveal, one which will include support for Thread, a connectivity option built into the HomePod mini.

FCC filings published on Thursday revealed an unreleased device called Eve Weather, a device designed to monitor the environment and to provide data on various elements. Seemingly a major upgraded version of the Eve Degree, the Eve Weather appears to update the design of the compact weather station, as well as its functionality.

Supporting documentation in the filing reveal the device is quite similar to its predecessor in terms of design, with it consisting of a square puck with a large screen on the front for displaying the temperature, humidity, and weather trend. It also has IPX3 water resistance, making it usable outdoors and able to withstand light rain.

The manual mentions the ability to connect the device to a HomeKit network using the Eve for HomeKit companion app, which will allow HomeKit and Siri to perform queries and functions based on the humidity and temperature it detects. This includes setting up automations using the temperature or humidity, which could feasibly trigger other devices into action in certain situations.

One of the big changes is also the smallest update in the manual, namely a reference to the use of Thread. A new IP-based smart home connectivity standard, Thread lets embedded devices create a separate mesh network, expanding the reach of the smart home network beyond a device’s typical Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range, and without requiring a bridge.

In the case of Apple’s hardware, only the HomePod mini currently has Thread connectivity. Since the HomePod can be used as a base for a HomeKit network, this means the HomePod mini can enable Thread to be used within HomeKit.

Eve has yet to officially announce the Eve Weather, but the presence in FCC filings suggests a launch could be on the way very soon.

Eve Systems has been working to roll out Thread support to other devices, with updates at the end of 2020 adding support to the Eve Door & Window. Other manufacturers like Nanoleaf are also incorporating Thread into their smart home products, to take advantage of the technology’s potential benefits.


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