Speck’s new lineup of Presidio Kickflip AirPods Pro cases offer complete protection for active AirPods Pro users thanks to a unique design and strong locking mechanism.

Presidio Clickflip AirPods Pro cases in violet, blue, and black

A long-time case maker for Apple products, Speck has just unveiled a family of new cases tailored specifically for the AirPods Pro. They’re crafted to stand out with their designs while offering good protection all around.

Unlike some AirPods Pro cases, the Presidio Kickflip cases have a secure locking mechanism. That means if you drop your AirPods Pro on the ground, they won’t scatter free from the case. Speck also designed the Presidio Clickflip to be thin enough to allow for easy wireless charging of your AirPods Pro.

The cases are made with a soft-touch matte material that features a grippy texture and have an IP5X rating for protection against dust and debris. They’re also treated with Microban, an antimicrobial that offers a 99% reduction in stain and odor-causing bacteria.

“When you need a case as unique as you are, our innovative design lets everyone know which headphones are yours,” Speck said while introducing the cases. “Plus, you’ll always be able to feel it in a busy bag while on the go”

The attached carabiner securely attaches your AirPods Pro to your bag

The attached carabiner securely attaches your AirPods Pro to your bag

Available in three colors, Speck says that the cases are also fun to fidget with, as the closing mechanism has a satisfying click while you fiddle. The cases will resist up to four-foot drops against scratches and bumps and the included carabiner keeps the cases securely attached to whatever bag or keychain you carry.


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