Every other youngster wants to become an entrepreneur today and sculpt their careers their own unique way; however, how many of them actually taste success in business industries where most of them are fiercely competitive?

It takes immense love, passion and determination to become what one aims for. Steven Correa is all about this and much more, who even in a saturated market of the digital world, did not lose hope and with his consistent efforts, kept on climbing the ladder of success as a young digital entrepreneur.

To make a distinctive name for himself, Correa chose a different path to excel as a digital entrepreneur and hence, built his full suite creative agency called THRV in the year 2017, by focusing on software development and design.

Correa did not build this brand overnight; just like any other newcomer goes through a lot of trials and errors in life, Correa too with his unremitting efforts, built his brand all from scratch, learnt the art of digital solutions like mobile applications to enter all prepared to take the industry by storm.

Correa has been a computer engineering student from the Florida International University, but his deep desires were only towards the ever-evolving digital world. Hence, to fulfill his quest to do something bigger and better in the same, Correa jumped into the same with Avante Garde digital products and digital solutions that would help businesses and brands have a lasting impression on their customers and their respective industries.

Many new technological advances and trends put the focus more on the necessity of smart mobile apps and devices that today make everything easy and accessible for people. This has resulted in the emergence of many user-friendly and convenient mobile apps and software solutions that can better the overall experience of the customers.

Correa and his learned team of professionals through THRV does exactly that; they help businesses in enhancing the experiences of its clients through their one of a kind digital solutions and products.

To cater to a different set of clients from diverse fields, Correa also focused on the personalization approach, where he offers his digital solutions as per the individual needs and requirements of multiple businesses. He has not only helped newcomers but also helped achieve more success to the already established firms.

THRV has achieved so much success in just a few years because it has never compromised on the quality of its products and solutions and has always ensured prompt delivery as well.

The host of services through which THRV today rules the industry, including media and visual productions, app development, platform creation and consulting, graphic design, digital marketing, web design and many more such effective services and solutions.

Working with the aim to take his clients to taste more success, offering the best quality and affordability, Correa at 25 years of age, has made THRV become one of the most flourishing software development and digital solutions companies that have redefined the industry, taking it to a much higher level.


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