The first clue that developer Charlie Monroe discovered about his ejection from Apple’s development program was users complaining that their apps stopped working — despite still being available on the Mac App Store.

As Apple continues to face controversy over its App Store policies and fees, software developer Charlie Monroe has told AppleInsider that the company has killed all his apps with no warning. Each of his ten macOS apps, and two that are also iOS, remain available to buy in the App Store, but Apple has stopped them launching.

“I woke up this morning only to find a full inbox of issues that my apps can’t be launched and are crashing on launch,” Monroe said in a message to AppleInsider. “Looking into it, I found that Apple revoked my distribution certificates, which generally kills the apps remotely.”

“When I sign in to my developer account, it asks me to enroll to the Apple developer program and I don’t seem to be in the Apple developer program anymore,” he continued, “even though the apps that I have on the App Store are still available.”

He says there was no prior warning, nor any explanation from Apple since. “No one wrote to me any reasoning, no one called me, no one warned me prior to the certificate revocation.”

Monroe says that he has tried all available ways open to developers of contacting Apple, but that none have worked, including telephone support that is supposed to be the quickest. “They offer contact by phone,” he explains, “you fill your number, they say they’ll call within a minute and nothing happened, no one called and it’s been over six hours.”

“It’s not normal that you wake up one day with your business gone with no explanation or any warning,” he says.

AppleInsider has reached out to Apple for comment.


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