Following months of drama about Apple’s App Store policies and procedures, your AppleInsider Podcast hosts talked to Mac developer and founder of Rogue Amoeba software, Paul Kafasis, to get the developer’s point of view.

After the House antitrust hearing, developers have spoken out against statements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook. On this special episode on the AppleInsider podcast, longtime Mac developer and founder of software company Rogue Amoeba, Paul Kafasis joins us for a special interview.

With over 20 years of experience in software development, Paul comments on several claims made by Tim Cook during the hearing, Apple’s 30% revenue cut from App Store purchases, and on the opening of iOS and iPadOS to side-loading apps.

Our thanks to Paul for coming on the show. Be sure to check out the incredible audio apps from Rogue Amoeba, including Audio Hijack, Loopback, and others on

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