Use the Virtual Phone on desktop.

Use the Virtual Phone on mobile.

Long Beach, California, July 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, one of the most recognized conferencing and collaboration brands in the world, announces the release of their Virtual Phone software. Users of the conferencing brand with an account will automatically receive an upgrade that includes the Virtual Phone software.

Hundreds of thousands of organizations around the globe, including nonprofits, businesses and charities, rely on the free communication services provided by to stay operational and responsive to market change.

As more businesses shift to working remotely, the virtual phone provides a solution to the problem old in-office desktop phones have created for employees and customers. Rather than miss calls when employees are not in the office, the new virtual phone allows businesses to bolster their communication tools and answer incoming calls on any computer or smartphone through the desktop or mobile app. This offers greater flexibility for employees looking to use their laptops, desktops and smartphones as a business communication device.

The Virtual Phone adds another communication solution to an already robust toolkit that includes audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and chat, giving users an all-in-one flexible collaboration and communication platform.

Virtual Phones come included with a standard account. The enhanced software’s features will offer users the ability to receiving any number of inbound calls from within the United States. Each Virtual Phone comes with a standard US-based phone number.

In addition to the Virtual Phone’s free functions, users have the option of upgrading their accounts to include market-comparable features at a fraction of the cost. Starting at $9 per month per line, users unlock the following upgrades:

  • Outbound calling
  • Voicemail
  • Call Elevation
  • Enabled Calling Hours
  • International calling plans
  • Choose a permanent number welcomed over 10 times the number of users in the months of April and May, helping communities all across the world access free reliable communication tools and stay connected amid the global pandemic. The conferencing brand attributes its success and continued growth to its strong, loyal community.

About is the most recognized conferencing brand in the world with users in more than 800,000 businesses, including nearly all Fortune 500 companies.

Unlimited-use service offerings include high-quality HD audio conferencing, screen sharing, video conferencing, audio and visual recording, customized greetings, security features, desktop scheduling and mobile applications. Users that sign up with and use the service contribute to the brand’s mission to help people all over the world access free global communication software and tools. was founded by David Erickson in 2001 and is based in Long Beach, Calif.

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