Samsung Smart TVs produced from 2018 and onward now feature the option to view time-synced lyrics when listening to Apple Music.

The new time-synced lyrics feature rolls out July 7 and allows users to sing along with their favorite music as the lyrics play across the screen. Users will be able to learn the words to all the greatest hits and newest jams just by listening on their Samsung Smart TV.

To access the feature, users will need to have an active subscription to Apple Music. Users can download the Apple Music app from the Samsung Smart TV App Store, log in with their Apple ID, and begin playing their favorite music.

If a song features time-synced lyrics, each verse will automatically appear on screen in time with the music.

If a user doesn’t have an Apple Music subscription yet, they can get a three-month free trial right from their TV.

Launched as part of iOS 13, live lyrics enables Apple Music listeners to sing — or lip-sync — along to their favorite hits with a visualizer that scrolls through song lyrics in real-time.

Not all songs support the feature, though a majority of Apple Music’s top hits and popular tracks have been transcribed and subsequently coded into Apple’s live lyrics database.


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