NEW YORK, June 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BrainBit, Inc, a Silicon Valley and NYC-based tech company specializing in smart wearable IoT devices for sport, wellness, and entertainment applications, has announced the launch of its Demo App for potential partners. The free app, available in both the iOS and Android versions, helps visualize and understand multiple processes inside the human brain, enhances meditation practice with brain insight, allows improvement of focus, play mind games, and much more.

The BrainBit app provides medical quality EEG data in real-time and allows monitoring of the current functional state of the brain (relaxation, concentration, or normal), set one of three available meditation levels, and analyze stages and quality of sleep (currently in demo mode).

“We’ve developed the BrainBit Demo app to show BrainBit’s advanced EEG capabilities and software development kit (SDK) to our potential partners. BrainBit provides accurate real-time data and analyzes the brain for applications in meditation, education, BCI (Brain Control Interface), health and fitness, sleep, games, and much more. We are looking to expand our partnership base with this new app,” said BrainBit’s advisor Valeri Melekhov.

The mobile app also features brain heatmapping, quantitative and qualitative indicators of brain activity, adjustable scale, and a timespan for signal monitoring, and artifacts detection.

The BrainBit demo app works in tandem with BrainBit EEG headband. BrainBit follows the international 10 – 20 electrode placement protocol, with electrodes mounted inside the headband. Each electrode makes direct contact at the T3 and T4 temporal lobe regions as well as at the O1 and O2 occipital lobe regions.

About BrainBit

Launched in 2016 with the vision to re-imagine the way consumer and industrial brain-sensing wearables perform and feel, BrainBit Inc specializes in portable, smart wearable IoT devices for prolonged wear and individual use for sport, e-sports/gaming, wellness and entertainment applications. BrainBit was founded by a team of scientists and engineers that have been developing professional medical equipment for over 25 years. Monitoring brain activity with BrainBit on a daily basis allows for enhancing routine and building a more complete healthy lifestyle.

Courtesy: BranBit


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