A possible Services bundle for Apple, iOS 14 feature rumors, how Apple’s AR glasses could make watching sports more interactive, plus how Tim Cook has contributed to the debate about racism and injustice, on the AppleInsider Podcast.

A recent patent application reveals that Apple is researching ways to enhance viewing of live sporting events with augmented reality. Using the rumored “Apple Glass“, viewers may be able to choose their preferred camera angle or even pause the game to look up information on a shoe or other object within the game.

iOS 14 may bring xApple Pencil support to Safari and built-in translation to websites. While third-party services like Google Translate can be loaded onto a website, this feature would allow users to translate any website they view using the iPhone’s built-in web browser.

A snippet of code in the iOS 13.5.5 suggests Apple may still be considering bundling some of its services. While a Family Sharing group on Apple’s products can utilize one subscription to Apple Arcade or Apple TV+, this kind of bundle might give users who subscribe to multiple Apple services a discount — and encourage them to adopt more.

Next we discuss the Apple TV+ original, “Defending Jacob,” and we give a brief, spoiler-free review. Then we close out the show reading some of Tim Cook’s letter addressing racism and injustice in the US.

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