[Courtesy of UNIST]

SEOUL — Researchers from a state research institute have developed a user-friendly system based on artificial intelligence that allows untrained people to create applications and software for smartphones and personal computers.

The demand for user-friendly applications is high. but creating an app is a painstaking process that requires skilled and intuitive developers. It is virtually impossible for ordinary business operators to create their own apps with quality if they do not have professional development and design skills and know-how.

The Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) said that its research team led by professor Ko Sung-ahn has utilized artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies to develop a system capable of autonomously assessing the graphical user interface (GUI) of a mobile app and suggesting better designs.

“We have put in a lot of effort into the visualization part so that anyone can easily learn how to design and utilize the skill in web development,” Ko said, adding the new AI-based app-creating system could be used in teaching people how to paint if more data is collected.

UNIST said its AI-based system will analyze the layout and design of an app and provide design suggestions that feature better font layouts and an easy-to-read interface. The app can also effectively optimize the allocation of slogans and links inside the app to help people navigate more easily.

Thanks to the huge global smartphone distribution, the global mobile application market is projected to reach $407.3 billion by 2026 with an average annual growth rate of about 19 percent.


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