Mobile Technology has seen a massive upsurge in the recent years. And, in the future also, the mobile technology will be adopted extensively.Mobile technology has benefited the businesses as well as the regular users, therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that everything related to mobile technology will be high in demand, specially, the mobile applications. We see so many mobile applications these days, the App Store or the Play Store are full of applications.

There are so many similar kinds of applications as well, making it difficult for us to choose the best one. The only reason why we see so many applications is the rise in demand. We all want to use mobile applications for different purposes, like buying grocery to clothes. Now, there is so much digital entertainment in the mobile applications as well.

The variety of mobile apps and the constant evolution

Mobile applications are not new. They have there in the industry since quite some time. And, we have seen quite a bit of evolution in the mobile technology used to develop latest apps as well. For example, the use and inclusion of the latest technology, like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The evolution of the mobile applications is dependent on various factors, like changing industry and customer demands, technology advancements and a plenty of other things.

Every business that wants to build a mobile application carefully explores all the mobile technology trends before going for the development of the applications. For example, Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest trends of the mobile industry. The international (IoT)industry might touch the $194 billion mark by 2020. Therefore, it is a fantastic technology for the mobile app developers, just like cloud computing.

Cloud Computing, the hottest mobile technology trend?

Cloud computing is grossing like anything. The whole world is running after the clouds. In fact, practically speaking, the world is able to function, specially, in the current pandemic situation, because of cloud technology. Therefore, for mobile application development as well, cloud development seems to be the apt choice. And, it is quite interesting as well. Although, the developers might have to gain enough knowledge regarding cloud and the mobile applications before actually moving forward.

As, most of the development firms and the teams have been making tons of native mobile applications since ages, therefore, the inclination towards the mobile technology might not be a cakewalk. Specifically for the Android app developers.

Android mobile applications have turned out to be the game changers for the businesses. Therefore, tons of businesses started to opt for the Android applications for the growth of their business. However, mostly native apps were used. And, now, the focus is shifted towards the cloud based Android mobile applications.

Here’re a few of the things that make cloud based Android applications can spruce up your business?

Developing a cloud based Android Applications is quicker than the native one

Mobile application development is a time consuming activity, specially, when it comes to the development of the native mobile apps. However, in this highly fast paced era, no business would like to waste so much of time. Therefore, the best bet that we have is the cloud based Android applications. The development of such apps takes very less time as compared to the development of the native apps. Sometimes, making a native application might take a year, so would you like to wait for such a long period?

However, if you opt for cloud, the development time reduces significantly. Therefore, you can start seeing the results faster, if you opt for the cloud apps. Speed is important to gain competitive advantage as well.

The cost factor

A lot has been said about the cloud factor of the application. Cloud based applications are relatively lesser expensive than the native ones. The cost of Cloud based Android app development is lower. The overall development of the cloud based applications is not very expensive. Therefore, of the businesses want to save cost, then they should go for the cloud based app development. Also, there are many service providers that offer cloud based Android application development services to the clients.

No need to install them

Cloud based mobile application do not need any kind of installations. Isn’t that cool? So, you don’t have to worry about installing or even downloading them to use the features of the app. The users of the mobile applications can simply get access to the interface. The process of using the app becomes extremely simple.

All you have to do is, access it through the browser of your mobile phone. However, we know that the native applications need proper installations. Thus, isn’t it correct to say that the cloud based applications are perfect for the future?

Why businesses need cloud based Android mobile apps?

The main reason why the businesses want to adopt mobile applications is because they want to take their brand to a whole new level, they want to reach out to more people and basically, they want to boost their revenue. Therefore, the best option that the businesses have is to develop a mobile application for the target audience.

Also, mobile marketing is on a rise, there are a plenty of new and exciting ways to market products and services that are sold and offered via an application. The businesses would be able to sell their products and the services to more people through the cloud based Android app.

Cloud based Android app development is a hot trend of 2020, therefore, we will surely see more and more of such applications in the market.


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