Doubtlessly, Mobile internet usage has hit enormous momentum ever since it kicked off. Today around 2.73 billion individuals are using it, with the numbers rapidly rising. In this aspect, mobile applications have absolutely revolutionized the way for businesses to market their products, provide value to their clients and earn their loyalty.

Across the world, Small and large scale businesses from Startups to Multi-National giants are making effective use of appealing mobile apps to attract more clients and increase their sales. For growing businesses, it’s indeed challenging to make a mark on the app market due to the relentless competition on the Apple App Store/Google play store. However, if your mobile application has an eye-catching design with attractive features, you will be definitely able to stand out.

Indeed, in such a competitive market, only those application can thrive that possess the most relevant and cutting-edge technologies. Although, the ultimate look of the app is based upon several features, including business requirements and the user needs, however, the most significant aspect in this regard is its design. The IT professionals and graphic designers must be well-aware of the trending design and innovation in order to develop a vibrant application.

Why is following an implementing the latest App Design so important?

Taking inspiration and implementing recent application design is of great importance for any business. The biggest benefit that comes with it is that it outsmarts your competition. With it, your application will literally trend on Apple App Store/ Google Play Store. Also, it allows smoother navigation which means a better user experience, and better reviews. It will make your brand trustworthy and will build lasting relationships with your users. Consequently, people will prefer to choose your brand over instead of your competitors.

Developing an attractive app design isn’t optional anymore- It’s essential! Mobile app design trend keeps on getting changing, and if you are going to be stuck with an outdated design, it will not attract clients. You must coordinate with your developers to constantly update the application with recent design trends. This allows higher engagements from your users. A latest and updated application design influences better user experience, which ultimately gives your application a distinct and definite branding.


Top 7 Emerging App design Trends of 2020

Do you also want to steal your users’ heart with your mobile app? Fortunately, you are at the very right place as here presented and discussed seven emerging designs that are trending in 2020, which your users will love!

Let’s get started!

Voice-activated Interfaces

Indeed no one prefers typing long commands. Consequently, Voice control has become a major trend in the industry and is being readily absorbed by companies. User convenience is every company’s top-most priority and allowing voice interface development is the best strategy any business may adopt.

We all are aware of the incredible success of various voice-controlled smart speakers integrated into our home systems and multifunctional mobile devices. Therefore, voice user interface is the next thing in the market. This technology may be widely developed for popular E-commerce and streaming multimedia, along with other categories. Microsoft’s Cortana and Google maps are already using this technology for their best benefit.

The primary reason for its tending is that they extend the possibility of using the application in other situations, such as while driving, cooking, ironing or even exercising. However, voice recognition still requires experience and developments as when used under certain conditions such as open space, and it may not work ideal.

Personalized Content Recommendation

Content Personalization is one of the most significant trends that you must follow in 2020. Content in the application must meet users’ interest and avoid sharing non-interested content. Various surveys conclude that user prefers buying from a company that provides them with a personalized experience. A good user experience eventually leads to improved brand Loyalty & better digital engagement, which elaborates the reason for it being one of the trending mobile app designs of 2020.

The ultimate way to provides users with exceptional personalization is by leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence (AI). Designers must specifically focus on this to ensure maximum user personalization. They may adopt the following tactics including:

  • Behavioral profiling
  • SIC/NAICS codes
  • Machine learning
  • Geo-location
  • Geo-fencing

The most significant examples we have in this regard is of virtual stores lie Ali-express and Amazon, that  uses personalized data to suggest things someone may like such as products to buy. The more the user sees the content of their taste, the more they feel connected to your platform. Doubtlessly, this is the ultimate hack to make your business earn brand loyalty.

Animation & Micro-interactions

The right animation makes your application super catchy and vivid to the user. If you look at stats, you wouldn’t be amazed to find that successful applications definitely include sophisticated and attention-grabbing animations. Even minute elements such as changing the color of the button after the user hovers over it, or headings getting changed as you scroll down, make the interface more fluid and pleasant for the user. With that, the animation may also be used in different feature and functionalities of the app, including:

In order to provide Visual Feedback

  • Acts as a transition between Zoom Feature.
  • To lighten up the navigation.
  • Makes use of Parallax design.
  • Confirmation and user responses.
  • To show how system updates.
  • Help users in starting up.

Animations play a major role in branding, as they showcase the story of your business, products and help you stand out from the competitor. Meanwhile, micro-interactions are also available in most of the application, which is often unrecognizable by people but has a very significant impact. Even the simplest features like Messengers “Like” button, can make the app smooth and noticeable for users.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR are indeed one of the hottest trends of 2020. AR allows you to transform specific functionalities from virtual to the real world. Fortunately, it isn’t new to the application design, as since last year many applications have already made use of it. It has been widely used the gaming and entertainment industries with games like Pokémon Go and Sky Siege. It is expected to work wonders in other categories as well including E-commerce, e-health and distance learning.

AR specifically focuses upon the interaction of real-life objects and works by speeding up the process of data accusation and implementation. Most importantly, its super simple to use as mobile users just need to position a camera in a specific way and it automatically overlaps the surrounding objects and sounds.

Similarly, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR have also gained immense popularity as in the past few years. In VR, functionalities go beyond our phones and surrounding and can be located anywhere. Therefore, doubtlessly Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) together have entirely revolutionized the application development, and have successfully blended digital and the physical world.

An easy-to-eye Environment- Dark Theme

Most of us spend hours gazing at our phones every day, which eventually provoke severe damage to our eyes and brain. With an increased awareness among the general public regarding this concern, people now prefer dark mode themes in the application they use. In dark mode themes, the light (but not stark white) text is contrasted against dark-colored (black usually) backgrounds. This doesn’t just protect your eyes from strain, but comparatively uses less battery.

Not only that, but Dark theme may also give your application a visually stunning look, and will undoubtedly be able to grab users attention. The ideal blend of neon and glowing gradients, with bright colors against dark backgrounds, make elements pop up, which ultimately gives you application the perfect aesthetic look!

We have already witnessed how Designers of various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube recently introduced dark themes on their platform, and indeed all of us loved it! Consequently, Dark theme is a must if you want to retain your users’ attention!

5G Technology –A Media Rich design

The trends in mobile app design are greatly affected by the quality of the Internet connection, and with recent plans to shift worldwide network from 4G to 5G, compatibility with a 5G technology has become an essential element for every application.

5G technology will amaze people by functioning programs super efficiently and smoothly. It will significantly reduce the loading time of application, thus improves overall quality. Also, such advancements will enable users to stream 4K/8K videos without lagging. The most incredible feature of 5G technology is the clarity of the user interface it provides. This allows developers to create a more vibrant and multimedia-rich platform. It may require some high budget to implement 5G in your application design, but it’s certainly worth it!

Captivating 3D graphics- To represent more information on the page

Undoubtedly, competing against an already established application is quite challenging, especially if you are new to the market. However, the ultimate way to give your competitors a tough time is my initiating 3D Graphics on your app. It allows designers to transfer much more information on the same page, and display more products. Not just that, 3D graphics also:

  • Eliminates the need for physical representation
  • Simplifies the perception of data
  • Describes the visualization of the product
  • Helps user to understand the specification of the product better.

When a three-dimensional image is portrayed on screen, it ultimately evolves user experience. It creates a physical world for the user and develops a better connection with the app. Although, when 3D graphics are overly done, it may slow down the loading time. But, if done the right way, it can certainly work wonders for any developer!


2020 is and will be the year of innovation! The new techs and latest design will literally blow you away. Hence, your developer must keep on following the recent trends, and make effective updates accordingly. The convenience of the user must be any applications ultimate priority; therefore, designers must focus upon verbal and visual interfaces.

The above mentioned trends are being already used by various businesses, and the results so far are incredible. Therefore, if well implemented, they can help you stand out in the market! Always remember, better design means more engagement, more conversions and eventually more sales!

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