Mobile app user interface design is one of the most crucial parts of mobile app development. The mobile app user interface and user experience can make or break any reputation of any mobile app. Let’s have a quick look at some most important statistics that clearly depicts the importance of mobile user interface:

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Therefore, for any software development company, it is crucial to keep themselves abreast of the latest mobile app design trends to ensure that they can deliver only the latest design mobile app to their customers. In addition to this, it is equally crucial for businesses to choose only those app development companies that can create apps as per the latest trends in the market.


In this blog post, I have mentioned some mobile app design trends that you need to look in 2020:


  1. Custom illustrations for better product picture

Digital illustrations properly test this phrase, making it one of the fastest-growing mobile app design trends. Digital images effectively convey a direct perception of screen or page information. Amulets, icons, and pictures can enhance the look of any screen or page.


Banner drawing is just one of the latest ways to showcase your company’s services or blog feed. Vector headlines are now old things in the era of creative, visual, and digital illustration. Instead of creating boring banners, repetitive graphic designers try to create their own digital illustrations to better convey the concept.


  1. Seamless Interface is getting popular among users

One of the key features of app development trends is to provide an ideal and friendly view to its users. The app page should be able to be downloaded completely without any infection, and all content should be accessible from the first page.


UX mobile app design will only be effective when it engages its visitors, and the best way to achieve user interaction is to display everything on the homepage. This way, if users are visiting for the first time, they will spend a few minutes, and you will be able to attract attention.


  1. Storytelling with Character Design

Today, more and more apps are moving to the narrative idea of ??a company’s product disclosure. Instead of uploading a lot of content about what they have, what they do, and what they offer, companies are now moving towards creating self-portraits.


Original characters are used to connect with people and establish a strong visual connection to the real world. Instantly redirects visitors to your business. Characters can play an important role in turning any regular program screen into a dynamic screen, but it all depends on the configuration.


  1. Buttonless UI is good keeping in view the latest phone designs

The button-less user interface is the most popular mobile application designing trend of this era. Is it really possible to have an app interface without any buttons? The time has come when you accept the fact that it will actually be realized, it is around you, but you do not realize it. This is one of the latest trends in market-driven UIs.

Think Instagram! Is there a button to change stories on the page? No, you can do this by touching anywhere on the screen. There is no specific button to change the story forward or backward.


Another design of a good mobile UI for the buttonless user interface can facilitate user functionality in the retrieval process via email. Some UX / UI designs allow you to drag your purchased item into the cart instead of clicking the Add to Cart button.


  1. Simple navigation

Mobile applications with a clean interface, clear printing, and visually enjoyable aesthetics are popular with mobile app users. The navigation icon and submenu or dropdown menu of the mobile app will help make browsing better for the user.


Browsing is an indispensable part of every interface of websites and mobile apps. Furthermore, this can be done in a plethora of ways, using a variety of styles and shapes: vertical, horizontal, perhaps minimal, or very detailed & graphic. User-friendly navigation is the primary goal of mobile app designers.


  1. Rounded corners


This trend of mobile app design is the result of another trend coming from the hardware point of view. These days all smartphones, Android phones, and iPhones from Apple Watches to iPad have shared circular angles. When the edges of each device are rounded, the user interface naturally looks the same.


From round cards to Google search bars in the iOS messages, all mobile apps are starting to use more rounded corners. If you want to give your mobile app the most modern feel and look, this is a way to complete the elements.


  1. Dark Mode

A new trend has emerged in programs and programs called Dark Mode. If you have not seen it on your phone or computer screen yet, the idea is to change the color from dominant color to white and black to bright colors, which has been the background for many of your app layouts. It was initially used to read apps, but we know it accepts almost all kinds of apps, like video content apps like YouTube for streaming apps like Skype or chatting like Skype, Messenger.


  1. Data-Driven Design


This is common nowadays when mobile app design is based not only on the vision of the UI or UX designer but also on quantitative analysis. By using machine learning, psychological approaches, and in-depth analysis, user research takes designers to a new level in user interaction.


The term “data-driven data” includes questionnaires, a / b testing, behavioral research, application analysis, and other technologies and tools found on the Internet. This concept is often experienced by web app developers, where many analytical tools exist in order to study visitor behavior, but this particular approach is useful for other products as well. It provides a comprehensive overview of user interaction with the mobile application, most interaction areas,information that mobile phone users are looking for, and tasks needed.


Although we do not completely replace this qualitative analysis of the design process, we also believe that the growth trend of data-driven quantitative analysis will remain for some years.


Let’s Wrap Up:


I hope in this article, you get a clear idea of mobile app design trends that need to be followed if

you want the success of your mobile app. There are many software development companies where you can hire software developer who follow these app development trends to make their applications out of the box. If you are an entrepreneur, ISVs or small business owner you need to make sure these mobile app trends should be followed precisely so that you can enjoy the success of your mobile app.


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