DJ Oreb, EVP, Managed Mobility Services

A digital transformation pioneer is helping organizations advance their security updates with AIM

Server Migration Solution.

FREMONT, CA: “With over a decade of experience in mobile solutions, DMI helps enterprises understand and envision business transformation with its distinctive approach to mobility,” says DJ Oreb, Executive Vice President of the Commercial Managed Mobility Services Division of DMI. “DMI provides a seamless mobile experience, delivering the finest mobility uptime, performance, service, and security through its cloud and managed services.” Global mobility solutions and digital transformation leader, DMI, has unveiled an Automated Intelligent Migration (AIM) solution. This solution will support organizations that are still running applications on legacy Windows Server 2008. As Microsoft will end mainstream support for Windows Server 2008 on January 14, 2020, there will be no further security updates. AIM is an industry-leading toolset that is designed to help companies automate the movement and migration of applications, automating the applications from outdated Windows servers to modern Windows Server operating systems or into the cloud.

AIM saves enterprises 80 percent of the time and over 70 percent of the costs associated with traditional manual migration or app re-development efforts. DMI helps organizations understand why automation delivers a marked improvement in the number of applications that can be re-installed and put into production. The company helps in deriving business value and productivity returns from moving old applications to new, faster, secure environments. DMI defers the high costs associated with re-developing, remediating, or re-platforming applications. “Growing at a tremendous pace, DMI is looking to realign the way its business runs, creating models that revolve around customers’ needs and satisfaction,” adds Oreb.

DMI has found its mention in the Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Consulting/Services Companies by COReview. DMI is a pioneering end-to-end mobility and business transformation company, integrating the skills and services required to deliver mobile enterprise solutions. Built to rejuvenate business for the connected world, the company has experience in enterprise-strength web and app development, digital commerce, IoT, analytics, brand and marketing, and secure device and app management. DMI’s unique, integrated strategy to mobility has resulted in its exciting growth and an expanding client base, comprising of hundreds of enterprise clients.


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