Mobile app development has witnessed a massive surge in recent years with people downloading millions of apps every day for their daily purposes like entertainment, banking, finance, health, food, booking taxi etc.

The demands of mobile apps have increased multiple folds. As Android rules the market of mobile apps, it is important to choose the right programming app for Android app development. 

Whether it is beginners, or intermediates or even the experts, all of these are certainly stuck on the same dilemma over Java and Kotlin. So, which one should developers focus their specialization on? Hence, they have to weigh in the advantages as well as disadvantage of both of these programming languages and also look forward to the actual future of both of these languages as well as their demand.

Then only they can know who one is best from each other. If you are an Android app development company, then you should hire Android developer who has studied deeply the language which is more suitable for Android application development and one which client, as well as the user, would generally prefer. 

So, let’s begin our analysis with the Java programming language.

Java Programming Language

When it comes to developing an Android application, the first notion that immediately pops up is the Java programming language.

A plethora of Android apps is essentially written in Java which is certainly and gradually changing. Java is an experience, established and reliable programming language which has a massive community of developers.

This certainly means learning as well as troubleshooting different issues in the case of Java is quite easy. Along with this, the popularity of Java has grown, and it’s not slowing down any time soon.

Over these years of utilization and dependency, Java has managed to create a huge market for itself. Java seems to be the among the object-oriented programming language which has attained the second-highest active language position on the GitHub.

Pros of Java

1. The learning curve associated with Java is quite short, as well as easy.

2. The entire Android application development process is quite faster than Kotlin.

3. Handling of the large projects is quite easier with Accelerated assembly with the utilization of Gradle.

4. It is essentially open-source due to the adoption of the Java Virtual Machine for the case of Android.

5. It is best suited and preferred for cross-platform app development.

6. It can easily adapt to almost anything, from a browser window to even a virtual machine. Hence, it proves it is a great language when there is a software update or if the developer of a mobile application development company wishes to reuse the code.

7. Android is certainly dependent on Java since the Android SDK mainly consists of different standard Java libraries. 

8. Mobile applications developed with this language are highly compact in comparison to those developed with Kotlin. These different apps are much lighter and even work more efficiently without any type of bugs as well as the crash on the device of the user. 

Cons of Java

1. It requires more memory and works quite slow in comparison to other programming languages.

2. It requires much more coding that makes it quite prone to errors as well as bugs. Hire a JavaScript developer who can avoid these errors and bugs in an efficient way.

3. It is an ancient language and no longer a modern one which means it certainly has many limitations that create certain issues with the entire Android API design.

Kotlin Programming Language

This language consists of a statistical type and also designed to run on JVM or Java Virtual Machine easily. The great part is that it can easily be compiled with a JavaScript source code or even make utilization of the LLVM compiler architecture.

It is a new and modern language with complete support from Google. 

Pros of Kotlin

1. It received massive attention from the entire Android community, and the best point is that it can easily be utilized in the entire backend development such as Spring 5. 

2. In comparison to Java, it is much more concise, and hence the entire chances of errors are quite low.

3. Android developers are quite privileged to utilize the Anko library, and at present, there are over two thousand Kotlin projects present on GitHub.

4. A developer can easily make a switch from Java to Kotlin easily. The process is quite sweet and short.

Simply install Kotlin plugin, and then add the plugin to the present Gradle build files and then simply select convert. It is as simple and easy as this.

5. The developers can easily build much cleaner APIs by easily inculcating the smart extension functions.

6. Kotlin consists of null in its own type system. Nullability is essentially the most common concern with the application developed with Java.

As Android usually utilizes null to represent the lack or absence of a value, Kotlin makes it quite easier by putting null in the type system directly.

7. Another major advantage of Kotlin is that it works perfectly well with Java. The developer can easily create new modules with the use of Kotlin, and it will certainly work quite well with any existing Java code.

Cons of Kotlin

1. The compilation, as well as the auto-complete of the Android Studio, essentially run quite slow in comparison with the applications developed with pure Java.

2. In the case of compilation, Kotlin is extremely slow in comparison to Java.

3. The learning of Kotlin takes increased time as it is comparatively new as well as challenging, and it has concise syntax.

4. The entire developer community for the Kotlin programming language is quite small and getting the answers for different queries is not quite easy since the language is new.


Mobile apps are certainly becoming an essential and integral part of people, and with Android apps leading the app market, Android app development services have to develop robust, smart, faster and brilliant apps to fulfill the demand. They have to hire Android developer who can create apps as per the clients’ and users’ requirements. 

For Android app development, Java and Kotlin are two great options. We have learned the pros and cons of both languages.

However, it is difficult to pick which one is better for app development. In case the developer is a beginner, Java is the best way forward as it is easier to learn and has a massive developer community which can resolve all the queries, the developer has.

In case the developer of Android app development company is an expert, then the developer should start learning Kotlin and also work on it. However, the type of project, as well as the requirements of the clients, are also quite crucial factors in choosing the right programming language for Android app development.

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