MUMBAI: A police raid on a bookie from south Mumbai has brought to light a new modus operandi on the use of mobile applications for betting on cricket matches.
The DB Marg police on a specific tip off on Monday raided a shop at Balram Street at Grant Road and arrested Vicky Suresh Jain (30) and Rajesh Mangilal Jain (35) who were allegedly accepting bets on the one-day cricket match between Afganishtan and West Indies. The police said that the two were accepting bets through the mobile applications. The police seized Rs 3.85 lakh and four cellphones from the accused.
The accused had taken the shop on a rental basis on agreement that they would run a motorcycle spare parts shop but were instead running a betting racket. “They were placing bets on mobile apps such as lotus247, AB exchange, crick Adda, Lotus IO, RB exchange and sky exchange. These apps are illegally downloaded on android phones. Once the payment is made to the bookie through payment apps, he would provide the user id and password to place bets,” said an officer.
The bookies and punters earlier used mobile phones and landlines and the conversations would be recorded as evidence to retract or refusal to pay, saying that they had not placed bets on that particular team or players. But now with the new mobile apps, the entire betting system has gone hi-tech, making it difficult for the police to track them down.
The officer said that the accused had also taken care of making payments of bookies through various apps. The police are trying to ascertain the real identities of bookies and punters who are known as P Chopda, Rakesh, Chehak Tiwari, Vinayak 27, RR 7786, RV, Keyur, Piyus and Rao. It has also transpired that the betting rate of Afghanistan was 16 paise against Re 1, and 17 paise against Re 1 on West Indies and they were also taking bets on how much one would make runs in one over.


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