Holding a Galaxy Note 10+ for the first time gives the impression it is a sophisticated smartphone with the latest technology fit for working purposes, rather than just for fashion and style. Many users often demand their gadgets work fast whenever and wherever they are under whatever conditions.

The Galaxy Note 10+, already released in Indonesia and powered by Exynos 9825 with an Octa Core processor, measures 77.2 by 162.3 by 7.9 millimeters and weighs 196 grams. Its 6.8-inch display screen with a resolution of 3040 by 1440 pixels (498 ppi) uses an HDR10+ certified Dynamic AMOLED display and Dynamic Tone Mapping. This screen comes in an Infinity-O design, having a small hole for a selfie camera lens in the upper middle position.

This smartphone has an internal storage capacity of 512 gigabytes (GB) and an internal 12 GB random access memory (RAM), which are very useful for the collection of thousands of photos and videos including 4K videos and for downloading games or applications.

The main camera is equipped with a wide configuration of 12 MP (f/1.5-2.4) plus a telephoto 12 MP (f/2.1) lens and an ultra-wide 16 MP (f/2.2). It functions as a depth vision camera to produce 3D virtual pictures that can be assumed as a time-of-flight (ToF) camera with VGA resolution. This camera can be utilized to gather detailed information around the object useful for the live focus effect of videos and the calculation of measurements in real time. This feature is basic in the Galaxy A80.

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Its video capacity has interesting highlights. The super-steady feature already included in the Galaxy S10 has been improved. Now it also offers a “Hyperlapse” mode for stable time-lapse videos. The live focus can produce a background blurring effect on videos. Interestingly, the background can be changed with several attractive effects. Its “Zoom-In Mic” gives audio enhancement to frames and reduces noise around them to aid the sound focus desired and now users can easily edit their videos using an easy editor directly on the device.

The main difference of the Galaxy Note from other smartphones is the presence of its S-Pen stylus. Besides the remote S-Pen, it is added with a 6-axis sensor, including an accelerometer and gyroscope. With these, the Air Action feature that can control the gadget from a long distance only by waving the S-Pen in the air with a certain motion, has been redesigned with the ability to convert handwriting to text. Now users can not only take notes, but also instantly change their handwriting to digital text in Samsung Notes and keep it in various formats, including Microsoft Word, JPEG and PDF.

The main difference of the Galaxy Note from other smartphones is the presence of its S-Pen stylus.The main difference of the Galaxy Note from other smartphones is the presence of its S-Pen stylus. (Courtesy of Samsung/File)

The connectivity feature of the Samsung DeX for PC is also smarter. Users can now work with the smartphone and PC or Mac more easily. With a compatible USB connection, users can drag and drop documents between devices and make use of favorite mobile applications with a mouse and keyboard.

With these diverse advantages, there are also some shortcomings, most regrettably is the front camera that only has an aperture of f/2.2, while the Galaxy S10 appearing previously already used an aperture of f/1.9. It means that when used indoors and under minimum lighting conditions, the pictures produced would not be so good.

The second shortcoming is the absence of a 3.5-mm audio jack. Despite its replacement by a Type-C audio jack to USB, users have to choose either to listen to music or to charge the battery. The third is the baseless screen that often causes trouble when photographing or video recording as other buttons are accidentally touched with nothing to grasp at its edge, though this may be only out of habit.

In Indonesia, the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ are sold at prices ranging from Rp 13 million (US$919.51) to Rp 18 million. A Note 10 and Note10+ promo is being held from Oct. 19 to 31, when purchasers can get a special gift worth up to Rp 3.5 million. (kes)


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