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Hello and welcome to the September 2019 edition of Android Developers Monthly, where we’ll be recapping all of the excitement from the last 30 days.

August 2019 will forever be remembered as the month that Android Q became Android 10, but it’s also the month we got the stable release of Android Studio 3.5, new gestures, and more. You’ll find all the highlights below, along with lots of tutorials and features from Android Authority and the web at large.

Features and news from Android

Save 83% on our Android Development for beginners course – You might have heard that we’ve been running a complete beginner course for Android development, run by the venerable Gary Sims himself. If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to act as you’ll be able to grab a massive 83% off if you’re quick. The offer ends soon, so don’t hang about!

Building your Android UI: Everything you need to know about Views – Android UI design largely revolves around arranging different views within activities. This post details all of them and how to use them effectively.

Inside Google’s massive Android rebrand – David Imel explains Google’s decision to rebrand Android. This is undoubtedly a relevant topic for Android devs that want to play nice with the new look and feel. The big shock news? No more sweeties! Android Q is now Android 10. Bummer.

Create a scrollable widget for your Android app – A comprehensive guide to making widgets for your apps. This is a great way to increase functionality and engagement.

Android Developer News August

How to become an Associate Android Developer, and is it worth it? – Android developers hoping to charge big bucks for their time need to prove they have the skills. Associate Android Developer status is one option for doing this.

Unity certification for developers: is it worth it? – This is another option for Android devs that want to bulk up their resumes, mainly pertaining to game devs specifically.

I want to develop Android apps – What languages should I learn? – This updated posts explains all the different options and routes for learning to code your own Android apps.

Dark theme, Thermal API, and Bubbles: Getting your app ready for Android 10 – Jessica runs over everything you need to do to prepare your app for Android Q AKA Android 10.

I made $50,000 from Android apps and you can too – My personal account of moderate app success. Hopefully there are some useful takeaways for other devs here.

Android development tools

What is ethical hacking? Learn how to hack and earn money – Another money-making avenue for techies and devs!

News and updates from Android Developers Blog

Android Studio 3.5: Project Marble goes into stable – Android Studio has been upgraded again with 3.5 no longer in beta. This isn’t the most exciting of updates on the surface, but brings improved stability, polish, and speed. You can get all of the gory details in this post.

Google releases source code for Google I/O 2019 for Android – As the title suggests, Google is sharing the source code for its Google I/O 2019 app. Seeing as the app comes from Google itself, you just know it’s going to have all those best practices nailed down. So study up!

Gesture Navigation: A Backstory – It turns out that gesture navigation is a somewhat controversial subject! This post explains Google’s reasoning and provides some behind the scenes for interested devs.

Final Beta update, official Android Q coming soon! – Just a few tweaks in the final weeks, mainly involving gesture navigation.

Features, news, and projects from around the web

Unity 2019.3 beta is now available – Game developers take note: the latest version of Unity is now in stable. This brings Asset Pipeline Version 2, updates to physics and graphics, and more. For Android developers though, perhaps the most exciting part is the Unity Runtime Library that will allow them to insert Unity features into their native apps.

Motion Intelligence: Build smarter animations – A post explaining the best ways to implement animations in a modern Android UI.

Android development news

Better dependency management in Android Studio 3.5 with Gradle buildSrc Versions – One developer shares an open-source project for managing dependencies, which has been fixed with the updated Android Studio 3.5.

Feature Flags – Why you should care – A useful post on using feature flags in your code.

Android 10 will not get a dessert name, Google reveals new branding – takes on the changes to Android’s brand and nomenclature.


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