Along with the GoPro Hero 8 leak, it’s been discovered that the company is working on a camera called the GoPro Max, which seems to be a directly replacement for the Fusion

Photo Rumors uncovered the patent along with the images, which describes it as a camera for shooting 180, 360 and ultra-wide video, clearly indicating that it is, indeed, a 360-degree camera. 

As for the photos, they make it even clearer. The body of the camera is square, with a round, domed camera lens on the front and the back. Essentially, it looks like a GoPro Fusion, except the one side has a display on it.

Photo RumorsGoPro Max trademark and image leak suggest Fusion replacement is coming with a screen image 2

GoPro Fusion, of course, had no display except for the small monochrome panel to tell you which mode you were shooting in, and so you were shooting blind. 

The GoPro Fusion was the action camera maker’s first attempt at making a 360-degree camera, and launched around two years ago to a lot of excitement. 

It promised easy immersive 360-degree video, but what made it special was the ability to build in transitions and crop parts of the full image to make it work well on a flat screen. 

With the GoPro Max, it seems the company is wanting to take what it learned from the Fusion, presumably taking in what its most loyal ambassadors and users said about the experience and improving that. The addition of a screen/monitor certainly helps. 

With the Fusion, one of the trickiest parts – except trying to edit the footage on a flat screen – was shooting everything in the first place. Adding a monitor might help with that. 

As you’d suspect, none of this is official just yet. GoPro hasn’t mentioned or teased either of its supposedly upcoming new cameras. Once official word comes, we’ll update you with the full story. 


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