Everything You Need To Know About Ionic Framework!

Mobile application development is one of the trendiest and most exciting roles of the technology industry. If you’re a web developer or an aspiring tech professional who wish to make a career in app technology, you must have heard of the ionic framework- the latest name in the field.

This robust framework helps web developers and designers build mobile apps for all major app stores as well as the mobile web with a single code base. Ionic framework, is, in fact, one of the most popular frameworks for Android and iOS apps. It is built on AngularJS features and various other popular web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It allows for the creation of aesthetically appealing, highly interactive, cross-platform and mobile applications that can be deployed across operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Additionally, these hybrid applications include customizable tools and various functionalities to enhance the overall user experience.

The ionic framework course allows app developers to leverage this revolutionary mobile app framework to build the most useful, sophisticated and interactive mobile apps.

Features of ionic framework

  • It is an open-source HTML5 development framework widely used for building hybrid mobile applications.
  • Ionic apps use various languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • It is similar to a UI framework handling UI interactions of applications with support for native mobile components.
  • The recent version of Ionic known as Ionic 3 is built using Angular.
  • The ionic framework offers both light as well as a dark theme for mobile applications.
  • The framework has a host of features including an extensible base theme, various mobile components, typography, and interactive paradigms.

Benefits of Ionic Framework


Among the top 5 of this revolutionary framework include-

  1. Excellent User Interface

Ionic comes with easy-to-use and customizable themes and components. The framework is designed in a way that allows components to easily adapt the platform on which the app is running.

  1. Simple to adopt

All one needs to adapt and develop apps using ionic framework is familiarity with CSS, HTML or JavaScript. It is extremely simple to make a switch to ionic especially if the need is for hybrid app development.

  1. Excellent performance

Ionic along with native mobile app code in PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) offer robust performance as compared to other hybrid applications. Additionally, Ionic uses CSS transitions to leverage the GPU and enhance performance as well as maximize available processor time.

  1. Allows cross-platform app development

The framework supports different platforms including ios 7+, Android 4+ and universal Windows platform for developing Windows 10 apps.

  1. Ionic is built on AngularJS

The ionic framework uses AngularJS to offer various functionalities to mobile app developers. It allows Ionic to give a robust structure to easily manage the code and build rich and robust applications.

What will you learn in ionic framework course?

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Among the concepts that you will learn in ionic framework certification include:

  • The building blocks of ionic-JavaScript, CSS, Angular JS, and HTML5.
  • How to use Cordova plugins to be able to access several of native device features on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • How to build various cross-platform apps with a host of advanced features.
  • Using the  Ionic framework to improve the overall aesthetics- look and interactivity of your mobile apps.

Prerequisites for Doing Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework course is ideal for aspiring web developers who wish to enhance their skill sets and learn advanced technologies to stay updated and relevant in ever-evolving mobile app landscape. For doing this certification, you need to have-

  • Prior experience and knowledge of the main programming languages including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Knowledge of mobile apps, their functionality and familiarity with various mobile devices.
  • Having knowledge of Angular and command line interfaces is an added advantage.

The Way Forward

Ionic framework is an excellent alternative for building native functionalities within a mobile application to run on various devices having different operating systems. The primary advantage of Ionic is its simplicity that requires developing an app only once instead of multiple times for separate devices/operating systems. The nature of the framework is such that it makes app development fast and cost-efficient while reducing the need for maintenance.

Expertise in ionic framework allows developers to make app development fast and cost-efficient with a much-reduced need for maintenance. Leveraging the specific skill sets offered by the ionic training, you can ensure to build a flourishing career in the mobile app development space.



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