The new year started with a pretty self-obsessed viral craze – with everyone posting 2009 vs 2019 comparison photos to show just how much or how little they’ve changed over the years.

One master of Photoshop took the challenge in a different direction though. Ard Gelinck (aka @photo_time_traveling) started posting images of celebrities and well-known faces on Instagram alongside images of their former selves. 

In some cases, decades have passed since the original photos, the comparisons are something really special. Journey with us through history as we present a selection of our favourites. 

Sean Connery

It’s a subject of much debate on the internet, but in our mind, Sean Connery is the best Bond. He’s also an incredible actor and a handsome devil. This Photoshopping of him standing next to his younger self only goes to show how he’s only getting better with age.

Michael J. Fox

We’re huge Michael J. Fox fans and even more so of Back to the Future – what self-respecting geek isn’t? So this image of Mr Fox hanging out with Marty McFly is truly a thing of beauty.

Christiano Ronaldo

It turns out that footballing legend Christiano Ronaldo has always had a bit of a cheeky grin. We bet when he was this young though he never dreamt of what the future would hold for him.

Tom Cruise

A cheerful Tom Cruise wraps an arm around his younger and much more serious self. Many years have passed, but Cruise may well be proof that some men get better with age. 

Amy Winehouse

English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse may have tragically passed away in early 2011, but here she lives on with two beautiful visions of her past in one brilliantly crafted photo. 

Robert De Niro

The brilliant Robert De Niro hugs his younger self. A throwback to an era when he had a much more impressive head of hair. We wonder what these two versions of him would talk about if they could really meet up like this. 

Freddie Mercury

Another British singer-songwriter gone, but not forgotten. This photo works as a brilliant homage to the lead vocalist of Queen who was also recently paid tribute to in Bohemian Rhapsody, the superb biographic starting Rami Malek.  

Richard Gere 

Richard Gere started acting in the 1970s, he’s come a long way since. He’s even been seen as a sex symbol a few times over the decades. Thanks to Ard Gelinck, we now get to see him like we never have before. There are probably at least twenty years or more between these photos, yet they’ve been convincingly Photoshopped together. 

Tom Selleck

We’re not sure what Tom Selleck’s secret is, but this side-by-side photo of him seems to show his moustache getting better with age. There’s no denying he’s magnificent and this brilliant Photoshopping is a wonderful piece of art that we’re sure he’d love. 

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood might be pushing 90 years old, but he’s still in the acting game and going strong too. He started acting in the 1950s and later moved on to directing and producing too – creating quite a brilliant filmography over the decades. This amazing Photoshopped image shows a weathered but not broken Clint Eastwood with his young self happily and grumpily posing for the camera. 

Ralph Macchio

Wax on, wax off. Years on, years off. A brilliant “then and now” vision of acting legend Ralph Macchio, best known for his role in The Karate Kid. It looks more like a photo of a proud father and his son, but we love how the younger version appears to be looking off into the middle-distance, perhaps wondering what lays ahead in his future. 

Will Smith 

The Fresh Prince kicks it with a suited and booted grown-up version of himself. We really enjoy the little touches to this Photoshopping – like the way the image has been seemingly taken with an old Polaroid camera. 

Julia Roberts

A classic snap of Julia Roberts during her role in Pretty Woman. Hilariously, the original photo showed Julia Roberts embracing co-star Richard Gere, but she’s now hugging an older version of herself thanks to the power of Photoshop.

Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler might be best known as Fonzie from 1970’s sitcom Happy Days, but his smile is just as awesome today as it was all those decades ago. This is one happy chappy, who’s still got acting chops too – we loved him in HBO’s “Barry” in 2018. 

Mel Gibson

Action hero star and acting legend Mel Gibson is yet another addition to this list of brilliantly handsome men who have just got better with age. We love the happy results of this Photoshopping too. It might not be as convincing as the others, but it’s hard to see past the piercing gaze anyway. 

David Hasselhoff 

Don’t hassle the Hoff. Never hassle the Hoff. Unless, that is, you’ve created an awesome Photoshop image of him that he’ll no doubt love. 

Tom Hanks

They say that you should never get on a plane, boat or space ship with this man as he doesn’t make for a great travelling companion. He does, however, make an amazing actor. He also makes another great “then and now” photo. 

Sylvester Stallone

This Photoshopping seems perfectly timed considering the rekindling of the love for Rocky and its rebooting with spin-off film Creed. Sylvester Stallone keeps on throwing great punches too. 

Michael J. Fox (again)

We’ve always had a soft spot for Michael J. Fox. He’s not had an easy life thank to his battle with Parkinson’s but he’s not let it hold him back from doing great things. This Photoshopping is not quite as fantastic as the man, but certainly a good tribute to him. 

Daniel Radcliffe 

A thoroughly enjoyable vision of a young Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe) with his older and more worldly self. We thoroughly enjoy this Photoshopping and how it’s presented with the young Radcliffe sitting taller above his older self. 

George Clooney 

This is one then and now photo that really stands out from the rest. Somehow, the younger George Clooney almost doesn’t even look like the same man. 

This is just a taste of the amazing works of Ard Gelinck, be sure to stop by his page and follow him for more in future. 


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