Internet of Things

Nabaztag Rabbit
Nabaztag Rabbit, an IoT device.

Its not fluffy, but sure is damn cute. The Nabaztag Rabbit reacts to what’s happening online. Just program the device to react and you got yourself a 23cm tall Internet beacon. The Rabbit communicates by lighting up using 100s of different colors, wiggling its ears (you can buy colored ones too), and by singing and talking. The Rabbit is always connected via WiFi so you can place it anywhere in your home.

Check out the product page for additional information.

  • WIFI Required (802.11 B or G standard)
  • WEP encryption capable
  • Visual and/or audio information (Wake-up rabbit! Weather channel, traffic, Stock market, Air Quality, Talking Clock, email alert… Spoken-word information or musical Channels, New services added continuously…)
  • Spoken and musical messenger (Incoming messages sent via the web, email, SMS, phone, spoken messages, MP3 music clips, Text-to-speech, rabbit-to-rabbit communication through ear movements)
  • Ability to create and program your own content and events (You can create your own Nabcast channels and broadcast them to other rabbits; API for programming and interfacing with other applications)

Available here for about $110 (French website, but offer international shipping)

Story via AvingNews
Picture courtesy of PDAFrance


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