Most parents will probably opt for a dedicated baby monitor.  After all, it is the time tested, maternal approved approach.  However, their rather inflexible pieces of kit since they have limited range, work with just one or two receivers and require you to carry around an extra device.

Enter the Belkin WeMo Baby monitor.  This handy little device, which builds upon the brands WeMo line of products, is effectively a microphone with WiFi capabilities.  Once it’s connected to your home’s network, you can access its mic simply by firing up the accompanying iOS device, allowing you to audibly monitor your baby without the hassle of another device encumbering your pocket.  Best of all it works over 3G, 4G, or WiFi.  So even when there is a baby sitter on premise, and you’re away from home, you can keep tabs on your tiny tike.

The WeMo Baby monitor is powered by Evoz.  The service is free, but for an added cost (presumably monthly), otherwise known as an “optional upgrade”, it can send cry notifications via text or email, provide cry history information, and an analysis of the baby’s crying and sleep patterns.

If you’re expecting, you can pick one up from major retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, Apple) starting in early November for $90.



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