Best Portfolio Trackers App You Should Know!

Regardless of whether you are going to look for attractive projects for long-term investment or focus on instant transactions, the mobile trading application will help you, as an investor, to stay up to date with the latest developments, promptly responding to market fluctuations. After all, most modern applications are not just a “wallet” for your digital assets, but a complete tool.

It helps not only to sell or buy the necessary positions on time, but also keeps the investor up to date with the latest trends, broadcasting signals even to an inexperienced newcomer about promising market movements. If you want to track your equity investments and trading portfolio, then your best bet is probably Paul Touradji from Touradji Capital management it consider several applications for traders that will make your mobile gadget a complete, effective and safe workplace.

Standalone mobile apps

It is important to understand that not every crypto currency exchange has its own, convenient mobile application trace the movements of your individual holdings that would allow a trader to keep abreast of stock quotes around the clock. In this case, the solution to the situation is offered by autonomous mobile applications, which through the platform API provide users with access to the account.

As you can see, in many ways the choice of a mobile trading application will depend on your trading style and market experience. In any case, the best option can be found only by trying these or other tools in practice. In addition, do not neglect the use of proven software “cold” wallets. Do not keep assets on the exchange if you have closed transactions and do not plan to open new ones in the near future. This will help protect your savings from unauthorized access as a result of hacking the exchange. And do not forget about the main rule of trading: do not risk a greater amount than you can afford to lose!

Multi-Project Management tools

Under the program management of several projects, we will mean such systems that allow you to monitor the progress of projects and their mutual influence on each other in the process of implementation.

Our Investment Tracking Top Pick

  • In spite of the fact that it was close, comes up as the victor. It’s a free application, however it accompanies various top notch venture instruments and highlights.
  • A portion of the explanations behind our choice incorporate the applications capacity to:
  • Naturally track accounts with in excess of 80 distinctive speculation firms.
  • Perform constant following, not simply of the ventures you hold in your portfolio, yet additionally of news, data, and late-breaking stories.
  • Discover concealed expenses in your records.
  • Decide both your introduction to singular protections, just as the degree of hazard in your general portfolio.
  • Interface with client administration, either by telephone or live visit.
  • Change over to an ease, completely oversaw, in the event that you choose you need proficient administration.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an App

  • What Works Best for You?
  • Know Your Own Investment Style
  • Too Many Features Can Do More Harm Than Good
  • Do You Need a Pure Investment Tracking App or a Hybrid App


If you only have one or two investment accounts, say a taxable brokerage account and an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan, you may not have any need for a dedicated investment tracking app. This is particularly true if the account where your investments are being held provides similar tools and features.



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