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Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy Mural

Update: a helpful commenter noted that this is in fact a eta-2 Jedi Star Fighter.

Create the ultimate Star Wars experience in your bedroom with the Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy Mural that starts at $15,000! But for this kind of cash, you get a design that’s completely unique to your space and personal design request. The starship bed can be designed to your unique specifications, and the supporting wall mural can depict anything your imagination desires, from an army of elite soldiers marching into battle to a squadron of deep space fighter ships. Meant to be for children, you can order it for your inner child, but only twin and full beds are offered.

Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy Mural 1

The package includes a concept sketch and preliminary design with up to 3 revisions and ensures your space on the calendar of the artist helping you with the design. Murals start at $6,000 per wall and that includes materials and most travel expenses, while ceilings start at $2,400 for a light design like clouds and goes up in price depending on how intricate you want the design to be. If you have the funds, you’ll definitely want to indulge in this awesome Star Wars-like bedroom makeover!

Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy Mural 2

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