Ever since Mission: Impossible popularized the idea, it’s something we’ve always wanted to do; own a mask so lifelike we can fool other people. Sadly, doing that is a lot harder than you might think: Just ask the Mythbusters. But you can still get the mask, or something like it, thanks to PopMask.

Face Front

PopMask comes from the rather quirky company that also brought you PillowMob, which is essentially slapping your face onto a pillow and then leaving it on your couch to freak people out. And, realistically, the technology is much the same, just with masks instead of pillows. Still, the results are… something special. Also potentially very creepy, depending on the situation and which photo you choose, because really, you’re running around wearing somebody’s face. That’s probably something you don’t see very often. At least we hope not.


As far as the process itself goes, you submit a photo of the face you want to wear. You’ll need to make sure that the face in question is evenly lit so that all the detail will transfer properly: Think passport photo, not casual snapshot. Then, you just mark off a few points to ensure that the mask makes sense and that you can wear it, and then you ship it off. A short time and $20 later, you’ve got somebody’s face you can wear and potentially a few new entries in some other databases.

Face To Face

Screenshot from 2013-10-01 08:05:29

OK, I’ll stop with the face puns. I will say I’m wondering how the, ah, subjects of this process will feel after they get a load of your face mask (Hey, it’s not a pun if it’s true.) But, if you’ve got no qualms about wearing somebody else’s face, and can get a good photo of them and $20, you do can play creepy pranks on your friends!

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