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Catching a nap in a public seating is a bit like trying to spread peanut button on bread while riding a roller coaster. It’s possible, but the experience will be difficult, if not near to impossible.  The answer?  The Ostrich Pillow, which first appears in June of 2011.  At the time it was merely a concept.  Then the team took to Kickstarter and netted over $100,000 from those seeking better siestas.

And now they’re better with a cheaper version of the pillow: the Ostrich Pillow Light.  It’s a surprise they didn’t follow the now popular trend of mini, but in this instance Light better describes the product since it is in fact lighter, cheaper, but not exactly mini.

So what’s different about the Light version of the Ostrich Pillow?  Gone are the hand pockets, as is the whole head incapsulating design.  Now, instead, the Ostrich Pillow Light is akin to a giant sweatband complete with special silent silicon coated micro-beads to enhance sound reduction.  According to its maker, the sourced material, which I assume is cotton, is “extremely soft”.

And if you’re concerned about size, don’t be.  There is an elastic strap that allows you to instantly adjust its circumference to virtually any head size.  And when you’re not using it to sleep, just loosen the strap and you can stow the Ostrich Pillow Light around your neck, like a scarf.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now.  If you want one in red or blue, you’ll need to drop $44.

Ostrich Light-2

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