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camera flask


Holiday parties are around the corner, as well as tailgating parties and lots of sporting events with hockey, football and basketball in full effect, which means lots of chances to get your drink on! But if you don’t want to dish out loads of cash on watered down drinks at the stadium or drink crappy cocktails at parties then hide your favorite booze in the Camera Flask!

No one will suspect you have alcohol with the realistic camera flask that can hold 5 oz of your favorite beverage. Security will never know what’s in there! Friends will be very impressed with your sneaky ways and might want to partake in your alcohol, while others might even ask you to snap a picture of them. The flask comes with a small funnel to pour the beverage in and a hand strap to provide even more evidence that it’s “just” a camera. Amazon has it for only $15 so grab one for yourself and gift it to all your alcohol-loving friends this holiday season.

camera flask

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