The James Bond of then and now sleeps with a gun under his pillow.  Why?  In the event that a henchman creeps up upon him mid slumber he can quickly defend himself.  And while that’s surely a problem I wouldn’t want to have, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to pretend I’m a suave MI6 agent.

The Secret Agent Projection Alarm Clock is designed to be placed under your pillow.  When the alarm activates, it vibrates waking you up.  And if you’re not sure what time it is you can point and pull the trigger, which projects the time on the wall (or ceiling).

I’m not sure how you set the gun’s alarm or clock, but ThinkGeek says there is a snooze function, you know, for those spies that just can’t get enough shut eye.

You’ll need two AAA batteries to operate this handy spy gun, I mean alarm clock, which are not included in the $24.99 asking price. 

I much prefer the Gun O’Clock, which requires you to aim and hit the target in order to snooze the alarm.


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