During the week we don’t always have time to cover everything, so here are a few releases this week that went under the radar including a new iOS compatible dive computer, a futuristic Hot Wheel set, and more.




SCUBAPRO has launched a new mask-mounted dive computer that works wirelessly with iOS devices and Macs.

The Galileo HUD dive computer is built on the popular Galileo 2 wrist-worn dive computer but built into a more convenient heads-up display. By bringing a display right into view instead of affixed to your wrist or your console, divers can keep their surroundings in view. It allows divers to see their critical dive information such as bottom time, NDL, ascent/descent rate, and remaining air through their mask on a full-color OLED panel.



Galileo HUD is both Trimix and Nitrox compatible thanks to the included gas-integration transmitter. It can be mounted to many popular SCUBAPRO masks.

Post-dive, dive information can be transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth through to an iOS device or Mac (as well as Android and PCs) with the SCUBAPRO LogTRAK software.

The Galileo HUD dive computer is available on Amazon for $1,699 with the air transmitter bundled.

Hot Wheels id

Hot Wheels is bringing its popular cars to the future with Hot Wheels id. Available exclusively at Apple Stores, this new track and car set still features high-quality die cast cars but with embedded NFC chips that allow you to add them to the app and keep track of stuff like their speed around the track.

Hot Wheels id

There is also a new track available that has been redesigned, while still somewhat working with pervious Hot Wheels track.the new track works with the Race Portal which is how you add cars to the app and helps monitor their speed, total distance traveled, and more. The new track also enhances jumping, racing, and — of course — crashing.

Each car will run you $6.99, the Race Portal comes in at $39.99 and the Smart Track Kit is $179.99.

Orico M.2 transparent SSD enclosure

Orico has unveiled a transparent series M.2 NVMe SSD hard drive enclosure. The new enclosure supports UASP and TRIM, and connects through USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port. Orico claims that the enclosure can read & write up to 950 megabytes per second, assuming the drive is fast enough.

Drives up to 2TB are supported, and the enclosure fits the 2230, 2242, 2260, and 2280 sizes.

The enclosure retails for $39.99 without a drive, and is available with a heatsink in a variety of colors. A USB-C to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C cable is included.

Targus Quad 4K Docking Station

The new Targus DOCK570USZ docking station uses DisplayLink to allow a single host to connect to four DisplayPort monitors at 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz, or HDMI displays at 3840 x 2160 at 50Hz. Beyond just the displays, the dock provides up to 100W of power to an upstream device via the USB 3.1 type C connector, and has four USB-A ports connecting at USB 3.0 speed.

Network connectivity is supplied by a Gigabit Ethernet port, and it also has a 3.5mm combination audio in and out port.

The Targus DOCK570USZ retails for $399. It debuted at the InfoComm trade show, and will be available for purchase “later in 2019” according to the company.

Other notable releases


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