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If you’ve ever been snorkeling then you know how hard it is to master since breathing out of your mouth isn’t a skill we have all mastered. It definitely takes a few tries to get the hang of things. The new Easybreath Snorkel Mask will change that rough start to snorkeling since it’s specially designed to let you breathe normally through your nose. The mask keeps your mouth and nose open, while its double airflow system makes sure that the moist air you’re exhaling in the mask is quickly removed.

The snorkel tube that stays above water to suck in fresh air and released exhaled breath is still a big feature of this mask, but it also has a special valve that seals when the mask is completely submerged so that you don’t gulp down any water. And as an added benefit, the mask won’t fog up while you’re underwater, allowing you a great view of fishes and more. If you’re going on any tropical vacations soon and know you’ll be snorkeling, pick up an Easybreath for $55.


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