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Giant Robot Slippers

Robots are cool and we wouldn’t mind putting on the Giant Robot Slippers from ThinkGeek and stomping around our home pretending we’re made of bionic strength! The bootie-style slippers make your feet look and sound like a robot, allowing you entertain your kids, pets or even humor your significant other or roommate. Thanks to its sound effects (step-reactive vrrrrrr-clank, to be exact), you’re catch everyone’s attention when you enter a room. You can even pretend you’re a gigantic robot smashing down on some poor city.

They’re one-size fits adult slippers, so you can easily loan them out to other silly friends. They measure  8″ wide x 13″ long and even if your have small feet, they’re made to hug your calf, so they’re hang on just fine as you stomp around. And because no one wants you slipping as you stomp around, the booties bottom fabric is coated with no-slip dots. To make the fun noises, you’ll have to insert four AA batteries that aren’t included. Get your robot on for $29.99.

Giant Robot Slippers

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