Your first hint that something is wrong is, well, all the blood stains. But then, the teddy bear starts talking. And then it gets so much worse! Thank UndeadTeds for the pure nightmare fuel.


UndeadTeds, as you may have guessed, is a company out to subvert the teddy bear. Fans of the Naughty Bear games will probably be right at home as these bears tend to be themed around the idea that teddy bears have skeletons and can be skinned. Like, say, zombies, beheadings, serial killers, other fun stuff like that. This, however, brings them to a new level, especially in terms of haunting your dreams.

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Robobear Fears No One

Probably the most unnerving aspect of this particular bear, aside from the fact that it rips its own face off, is the fact that this is actually just a modified toy that’s actually on the market. Seriously, all they did was change what the robot inside the toy was wrapped in. Everything else, right down to the voice chip, is pretty much stock and can be found in malls across the country in a “clean” version. Which is both incredibly clever on the part of the UndeadTeds team and pretty unnerving in the sense that all it takes is some red paint to make this incredibly creepy.


When Hell For Teddy Bears Is Full…

If you’d like a nightmarish little fuzzball of your very own, you can go to the Undead Teds site and look around; they have a rather large variety of gory little plushies. And, of course, expect more robotic creatures in the future: After all, if it’s just a matter of changing what’s on the outside, there’s all sorts of creepy things that can be done. Just… don’t make anything involving Talky Tina, guys. That’s just asking for trouble.

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